Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 (Fruits Basket #1) by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 (Fruits Basket #1)

A family with an ancient curse...And the girl who will change their lives forever...Tohru Honda was an orphan with no place to go until the mysterious Sohma family offered her a place to call home. Now her ordinary high school life is turned upside down as she's introduced to the Sohma's world of magical curses and family secrets.

Details Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 (Fruits Basket #1)

TitleFruits Basket, Vol. 1 (Fruits Basket #1)
Release DateFeb 10th, 2004
Number of pages204 pages
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Romance, Young Adult, Comics

Reviews Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 (Fruits Basket #1)

  • Kat (Lost in Neverland)
    I just have one thing to say;
  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    Fruits Basket is probably my very favorite manga that I have read to date. Now, I wholeheartedly admit that the premise is weird and unlikely, but, hey, it's fantasy. Anyway, if you can get past the initial outlandishness, you discover a story full of heart and darkness. This is my fourth or fifth time through the series, and I just love it more every time.Having read through a few reviews on Goodreads, I know that this series, and the character ...
  • Jenny
    This really was an adorable book! I hadn't read manga before this one, and I only picked this up based on some of my friends' reviews with no expectations. But it really didn't disappoint! I fell in love with the characters and the story from the beginning. -There's Tohru, who is very cute, but also awkward with a lot of things, and that resulted into some very hilarious moments. And if there are guys like Kyo and Yuki, I don't need anything else...
  • Demo
    Has anyone else noticed how the characters grew up over the path of the series? Namely Kyo, Yuki, and Momiji. They look almost completely different by the end of the series compared to how they did in the beginning. Especially Kyo (who looks alarmingly like Tohru's dad). I mean look at this:Kyo in the beginning:Kyo towards the end:Yuki in the beginning:(he kind of looks like a female alien)Yuki towards the end:Momiji in the beginning:(d'aaaawww)M...
  • Steph Sinclair
    I LOVE this series. It's really cute! This was one of the first manga series I've read. I own a few of them. As always, I won't add all of the books to my self. Way too many.
  • Rita
    Initial thoughts:1. I felt so nostalgic reading this manga again!2. Toru is such an adorable, although naive, character. Love her!3. Shigure and also Hanajima and Uotani are hilarious!4. The fights between Yuki and Kyo seem to never end.5. Amazing artwork!Check out my full review on my blog!
  • •ҠЄЄ ♔ ҨԱЄЄИ•
    [This review only covers volumes 1-12] It was last year when I realized that I am so done with shoujo manga stories (especially in a school setting). It wasn't as if it was a constant presence in my life growing up or anything, but after a while I realized that its formulaic sweetness and often predictable climactic moments just doesn't appeal to me anymore. In fact, there are only three shoujo manga stories I was really into and two of them were...
  • Regan
    Total impulse read! 4.5 I really just felt like continuing this story! I watched the anime about 5 years ago now, and the ending is still bothering me, and I just need to know what is going to happen next! Cute, funny, typical rom com anime/manga. However, I hear it gets darker, which should be interesting.
  • Theresa ♫
    ALRIGHT! I am redoing this review!I wrote a review for this long, long ago, but I really want to redo it, mostly because . . . . . . . I'm trying to read the whole series again.It's just that I watched the whole series of the ANIME, and1. They don't show all of the characters.2. Anime is WAY WAY SHORTER than the manga.3. I just WANT TO KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT!I forgot most of the story . . . I only know up to the point where the anime stopped, but I...
  • Anna
    I know I am writing this as the minority point of view, but I hated Fruits Basket. At first, I found it mildly dull, but as the story failed to progress interestingly, I found myself grinding my teethe waiting for the plot to pick up. It's about a cloyingly sweet, kind, selfless, gentle, beautiful high school girl named Tohru Honda. She lives in a tent in the woods (really, Takaya?) because her grandfather can't keep her and her mother died. Swee...
  • Cath
    5/5 Stars.This was a reread for me and it was just as good as the first time I read it! I love this story so much, it melts my heart.A great introduction to manga in my opinion.
  • Ferdy
    SpoilersThis is the second manga I've read, the first being Deathnote. I didn't enjoy this quite as much as Deathnote but it was still pretty brilliant.I found the premise a little odd but not in a bad way. The heroine, Tohru, lives in a tent (her mum died and her granddad sort of threw her out)… She doesn't want to be a burden on anyone so she works hard supporting herself and keeps all her misery to herself. Yes, she's a huge Mary Sue. Anyway...
  • Mebarka Fekih
    “Just be yourself and you'll be fine” Such a refreshing adorable book! As i said before this is my first manga read experience and it was So much Fun, and I only picked this up because i don't have so time to read (am working on my magister thesis) so I've been looking for something light ,then i came across the first dubbed episode of this baby and you know what it was HILARIOUS . “My Darlin'My SHIRT!”From the first moment I fell in love...
  • Shep
    **Review for the entire series**This is the first manga series I ever read. I spotted the first book randomly in a small bookshop on Balboa Island, a charming little place that I can never get enough of. Something about the book drew me to it, but I can't exactly say what. Looking at the book description now, you probably think it's a little ridiculous. What? When they're hugged by the opposite gender they turn into ANIMALS???I know, I know. But ...
  • The Crimson Fucker
    The F Twins gave this one 5 stars!My little sister gave it 5 stars too!Noran dropped another 5 star on it also!Why I don’t like it then!!!? WHY!!!!? This don’t make sense!!! It even has cats! Well one cat! And some of the characters remind me of goodreaders! like Tohru at the beginning living in her tent… in the woods! That’s totally K.I. Hope!!! She is all sad… because she lives in the woods! Then there are the side “random blah blah...
  • Nicole K.
    One of my friends introduced me to the world of manga, and this story in particular. (And I'm so thankful that I cannot express it in words, only sounds that would more than likely scare people.)If you're even wondering about this, I suggest you let your mind wonder and wander until you finally give in. If this doesn't change your life, I'll judge you harshly. Ha.(No, but really...)I'm rereading this series for the third time, and I love it just ...
  • Ashley
    Update: Here's my full review! was so freaking cute! I absolutely loved how the Chinese Zodiac has been incorporated into the main storyline. It was a light read and easy to get through. I think what was most interesting was the manner in which the Sohma boys all have different personalities based on their Zodiac affiliation. Tohru is amazingly cute. She's just a bundle of sweetness and I think she's g...
  • Marissa (Laudable Lit)
    Rating based on entire series.I'm so sad it's over! I never wanted it to end! RTC
  • Kate ~SuPeRhErO~
    This happens to be the very first manga I've ever read! So my memory of it may not be all that good but I do remember most of my feelings towards it. I will be reviewing each volume separately since I feel it is only fair.Granted, Tohru isn't the smartest character in the series, but she is very sweet and caring. I really enjoyed all the character diversity and it's doing good for the first volume. It's good because you start to get a sense of th...
  • Damar hening Sunyiaji
    The best shoujo manga ever!Saya punya anime nya di laptop komplit dua puluh enam episode. Suka sekali dengan theme song pembuka dan penutupnya.Honda tohru, seorang yatim piatu yang terpaksa harus mandiri setelah ditinggal ibunya wafat dan kediaman kakeknya direnovasi sehingga tohru disuruh menginap di rumah teman. Tohru justru tinggal di tenda di hutan. Aneh memang, tapi tohru yang naif polos dan lugu menurut saya wajar. Orang jepan tahu kok cara...
  • Myste
    I don't care who you are, male or female, whatever age, into manga or not, this series is WELL worth the read. My favorite manga of all time, untouchable, I cannot even begin to explain the magic of these books. The characters are the most lovable and relatable I have ever EVER come across. The depth of their individual personalities cannot even begin to be described in words. Natsuki Takaya created a world so believable despite its unrealistic a...
  • Linda Abhors the New GR Design
    I bought this as a gift for a friend's son, he's into manga. I think manga's not for me. It took more than a few pages to get into the "from right to left" bit, because you also have to deal with the "upper/lower", and I'm not sure this one works consistently in that sense. The translation is weird, and the story line takes major leaps........there's a whole backstory which goes ignored for the first chapter, then they give it to you, and the sto...
  • Sarah Churchill
    Fun. Cute. Innocent. All of those things. But there's also an underlying wit that shows through sometimes, and maybe even a complexity to some of the characters that is yet to be revealed. Now if I could just remember their names...
  • Jenn
    This was adorably cute. Definitely made me want to read the rest of them :)
  • Hannah Heath
    This manga is adorable. So much cuteness and hilarity.
  • Cécile
    Quel plaisir de retrouver ce manga, ces personnages, et Kyooooooo ! :-) <3
  • Rain Misoa
    First, let me start off by saying I love this manga! Fruits Basket is one of the best shoujo manga ever created and that's saying something coming from me! I actually hate shoujo. I'm not really into girly things and a lot of shoujo manga just bore me to tears because most of the "drama" is mediocre things that I couldn't care less about. It's much the same with chick lit; nothing but boy problems and how to look pretty. However, this manga is no...
  • Miranda Richardson
    By most people's standards, this graphic novel series is a trashy romance. And in some ways, it certainly is. HOWEVER:The artwork, in classic manga style, is beautiful.It's got a different sort of melodrama to most Western stuff-- it's somehow more direct...? But if you can embrace the 'corny', the romance and the sadness and the happiness can be the sort of intense that has you stopping to cry violently before continuing. In a GOOD way.The thing...