Echo After Echo by Amy Rose Capetta

Echo After Echo

Debuting on the New York stage, Zara is unprepared—for Eli, the girl who makes the world glow; for Leopold, the director who wants perfection; and for death in the theater.Zara Evans has come to the Aurelia Theater, home to the visionary director Leopold Henneman, to play her dream role in Echo and Ariston, the Greek tragedy that taught her everything she knows about love. When the director asks Zara to promise that she will have no outside com...

Details Echo After Echo

TitleEcho After Echo
Release DateOct 10th, 2017
PublisherCandlewick Press
GenreGlbt, Young Adult, Contemporary

Reviews Echo After Echo

  • Melanie
    🌈📚✨: Email proof of preorder purchase from any bookseller to and receive this breathtaking promo poster by Cori McCarthy (US addresses only): ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Buddy Read with Elise ❤ “This is the Aurelia Theater. It feels like coming home.” Echo after Echo is an own voices novel, that has such a beautiful f/f romance, surrounding a Broadway theater...
  • Elise (thebookishactress on wordpress)
    The thing I keep coming back to about Echo after Echo is the sheer power of the writing. Almost everything about this book is awesome, but the writing is stunning. It is "I will remember this for the rest of my life" stunning. I genuinely do not remember the last time I read a book written so beautifully. I wanted to highlight every other sentence but I didn't want to put it down because it was so. fucking. engaging. I am going to read every sing...
  • theo ⚓ Reading & Rambling
    **Thank you so, so, SO much to NetGalley and Candlewick Press for providing me with a free eARC in exchange for an honest review.**This was one of my most anticipated books of the ENTIRE year, so obviously as you would think I went in with some fairly high expectations. And let me tell you, this one by far did not disappoint. Echo After Echo was absolutely INCREDIBLE. If I were able to do an interview with the author, Amy Rose Capetta, I thin...
  • Shelly
    This was just amazing. The perfect amount of suspense/mystery mixed in with the theatre elements and the romance was just extraordinary. Add it to your TBR immediately!
  • Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries)
    Echo After Echo has that spooky atmosphere like Phantom of the Opera and I love it. The book is perhaps a bit too long at 432 pages, but it's still damn good.Also, Echo After Echo confirms that mediocre white men are a plague upon the arts and must be gotten rid of. All those in favor of starting with Woody Allen, say aye!Diversity: Eli is Puerto Rican and a lesbian, Zara is bi, there are a few other QUILTBAG characters about. Must consult highli...
  • Sabrina
    This was so so beautifully written. The romance, ohmygod.And! one! of! the! characters! is! bi!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! RTC.
  • Shay McClean
    It's an LGBTQ love story / murder mystery set in a theatre on Broadway. IS THERE ANYTHING ABOUT THAT SENTENCE THAT ISN'T AWESOME
  • KTReads
    Heeeee! I read this before most of you, and it's so so good! Pure dark sparkle magic, with sexy sprinkles on top.
  • Ann
    Gorgeous, intricate, evocative. Love the characters and the setting. Adored the romance at its center. You will smell the greasepaint, feel the heat of the lights, see the streets of the city when reading the beautiful writing. Loved it.
  • Madalyn (Novel Ink)
  • Tirzah Price
    Gorgeous, romantic, and thrilling!
  • Sam Musher
    At first I found this book wearying, another story of theatre people who are so very pleased with themselves for being theatre people. As the mystery picked up, I got sucked in and ended up finding it quite satisfying. But I never got a handle on Zara, the main character. The other characters wrote on her whoever they wanted her to be, that's the point, but to such a degree that I'm not sure the author ever really knew who she was. The thing this...
  • Bethany
    Echo After Echo had so much potential. I was heartbroken when I couldn't justify purchasing it for the teen collection at the library where I work. But then! I was elated and so excited when I found out I could request an egalley of it! But like a middle school theater production, it was cringe-worthy, haphazardly constructed, sometimes hard to follow.Echo After Echo's narration is third person limited and switches between "chapters" (which are a...
  • Sandra
    I enjoyed this one. I confess I was continually pulled out of the play parts by my brain arguing about Echo-personally I would have preferred a fake myth with fake names instead of telling the remnants of classics classes in my brain to shut up. But the hints of romance were pretty cute, the atmosphere dire and appropriately dramatic, and I admit I didn't see the solution to the mystery. In my own defense I was running out of time at lunch break ...
  • emma
    it'd be really great if i could stop being so picky, bc this sounded interesting, but i'm just not in the mood for a murder mystery. did i love the writing? yeah. did i love the wlw plot? yes. i'm quite disappointed in myself, so i'm keeping this on my (physical) shelf to rediscover later.
  • Caitlin Kling
    Absolutely beautiful.
  • Be A Rebel
    The love story between Zara and Eli is the bright point of this story. The length of the book, the uneven pacing and the creeper of a play director make it a hard book for young adult readers.
  • Alana
    I thought this was going to wow me, but I kept losing interest as it went on, and that ending felt inappropriate. Good mystery, almost-great romance. Well-developed characters. Bad made-up play.