When I'm Gone by Emily Bleeker

When I'm Gone

Dear Luke,First let me say—I love you... I didn’t want to leave you... Luke Richardson has returned home after burying Natalie, his beloved wife of sixteen years, ready to face the hard job of raising their three children alone. But there’s something he’s not prepared for—a blue envelope with his name scrawled across the front in Natalie’s handwriting, waiting for him on the floor of their suburban Michigan home.The letter inside, wr...

Details When I'm Gone

TitleWhen I'm Gone
Release DateMar 15th, 2016
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary

Reviews When I'm Gone

  • Megan Johnson
    Emily Bleeker's new novel, 'When I'm Gone,' is about Natalie Richardson. But the thing is, Natalie is dead. But through letters and secrets slowly being uncovered, she's continuing to control the way her husband and those that she left behind are able to live. Yes, they loved Natalie dearly, but this new information is making it hard to believe that Natalie was the person that they all felt they knew. What would you do if you started to receive l...
  • Candace
    I picked up this audiobook with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. This is the second book that I've read by this author and I have to say that I enjoyed this book quite a bit. As expected, it was a very sentimental read. However, it wasn't the depressing tearjerker that I had imagined it would be.Luke Richardson has just buried his wife, Natalie. He is now a single father, trying his best to hold it all together when he really just wants to curl ...
  • a.
    I am shocked by the positive reviews this book has. It should have been a lifetime movie. I feel dumber having read this trite and tired exploration of grief and relationships. Easily the worst book I have read in many years. This is what I get for choosing a book based on the cover. Skip this one, friends. It's terrible. Dear Luke, I should have stopped reading this book when I realized the characters weren't fully developed, and the plot belong...
  • Elyse
    "Are you afraid of death, or are you afraid of leaving your family?"......the above sentence brought tears to my eyes ...( I took in the magnitude of the question). Enjoyed it!Took value from itPlan to explore a few questions for myself I didn't give a rats ass if the writing had a few flaws ( hell, so does life)...overall...I found the entire premises intriguing....I liked the characters that I got to hang out with...I looked inward. My very clo...
  • Melissa
    I stumbled across this book on audible and the synopsis reminded me of one of my favorite movies of all time - P.S. I Love You; so of course, I couldn’t resist. Aside from the similarity of the letters, both from spouses that passed, this is an entirely different story. It's sad and told in a contemplative tone, but somehow still manages to be quite melodramatic in parts. Luke just lost his wife, Natalie, to cancer and he has to find a way to k...
  • Esil
    Last year I read Wreckage by Emily Bleeker, which I quite liked, so I was willing to give When I'm Gone a try. I can get into the occasional sentimental book, but this one was a mixed bag for me. At the beginning of the book, Luke's wife Nathalie dies of cancer, leaving him with three children and a few secrets to uncover. Nathalie had arranged for her best friend Annie to check in on Luke, for 21 year old Jessie to help with the kids, and for le...
  • sue
    This book is one I have not only read but digested.Its emotional, its intriguing, its kind of concerning.Emotional because Luke had to bury his young wife who suffered cancer and didn't win.Leaving behind three children for him to bring up.His sadness along with helping his children is an everyday struggle that Annie [his wife's friend] helps him with. But then comes a letter through his letterbox, its a letter from his dead wife.I began to think...
  • Jay
    The first two words that come to mind are 1.) unbelievable and 2.) melodramatic... Let's add 3.) predictable.I noticed another review mentioning 'heart' but unfortunately, When I'm Gone, lacks just that. While the summary was one that clearly made me want to read the book, the actual content was void of character development. The author describes certain things in painstaking detail (i.e. a mailbox & dirt road) while others that are far more sign...
  • Krista
    Good god, the only thing missing in this book was a natural disaster. I didn't enjoy it much. Too much on the go. Too many coincidences. Too much flowery writing.
  • Taryn
    Melodramatic at parts, but it has a lot of heart. It is a story about a family working through grief, centered around a mystery. I had a hard time putting it down!Natalie Richardson passed away after a year-long battle with cancer and her husband Luke is now faced with the daunting task of raising their three children alone while they all deal with immense grief. When Luke returns home from her funeral, there is a letter on the floor…from Natal...
  • Erin
    Audio book narrated by Dan John Miller 9h 58 min I am over it! The whole dead wife leaving letters to her husband and trying to manage things beyond the grave like some type of master puppeteer! I often wonder if that is some strange secret desire of married female friends.Update:Well, I have taken two days to allow myself to mull over what worked for me and what didn't. There is no doubt that Emily Bleeker can write an emotionally charged contem...
  • Larry H
    I'd rate this 3.5 stars.Full disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review. Many thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for making it available.How well do we really know the people we love, those we've built a life with?If you ask Luke that question about his wife, Natalie, he'd say he knows her better than everyone. They dated in high school before he had to move away, and once they...
  • Catherine McKenzie
    I was lucky enough to read an advance reader's copy of this book. I loved Emily's first book, WRECKAGE, and this book was great too. Emily has an ability to unwind a mystery like a coil so that you're always guessing what's going to happen. In WHEN I'M GONE, she does this inside what could otherwise be a familiar plot: a woman's untimely death brings certain secrets to life. Her twist is that the departed wife is actually stage managing what gets...
  • Benjamin
    This was a nice read. It required allot of patience to read (don't most books?). At points I felt uncomfortable with the way I thought the plot was heading, but then I was easily warmed and intrigued with the story as it unfolded. Once you make it through to the end, I would ask a simple question. Why wouldn't you like this book?
  • Jeff
    More of a Lifetime movie than a novel. I kind of hate myself for finishing it.
  • Tannaz
    یکبار شروعش کردم. شاید تا صفحه ده! بعد گریه ام گرفت چون عجیب یاد مامان افتاده بودم!پریروز دوباره شروع کردم به خواندن و دیشب تمام شد و وای که چه داستان قشنگی!
  • Heaven
    I honestly just kept swiping the screen hoping, praying there were more pages, there's no way the book ended the way it did.This book begins with Luke and his three children returning home from his wife's funeral. Luke just buried the love of his life and his children just buried their mother. Soon after, Luke begins to receive letters from Natalie and almost obsesses over them, they are one of the only things keeping him going.Honestly, I though...
  • Jeff
    I envied Natalie being dead because that means that she won't have to read this terrible book. The premise was enticing but be advised that the author grows bored with it and barely uses it after the first half of the book turning instead to story lines from a bad soap-opera. Poorly plotted, poorly written, poorly edited, this was not even worth the $1.99 I paid. And if you still think it sounds good, consider this line: "he was watching her defe...
  • Judy Collins
    A special thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Emily Bleeker returns following her debut, Wreckage with another bittersweet story WHEN I'M GONE, domestic suspense; human emotions, family, and secrets between a husband and wife.As the book opens Luke Richardson is returning to his suburban Michigan home, with his children after Natalie’s funeral. Cancer. They have been married for sixt...
  • CL
    Luke and Natalie date in high school, go their separate ways and reconnect in college, getting married with a family and the rest of their lives ahead of them, that is until Natalie’s cancer diagnosis. After burying his wife, Luke Richardson returns home, to find a letter with his name written in wife’s familiar handwriting waiting for him. As he prepares to begin raising their 3 children on his own his wife’s letter is the first of many th...
  • Ghazaleh
    بین دو یا سه ستاره موندم!قرار بود داستان جنایی باشه؟عاشقانه باشه؟یا چی؟به طور کلی فقط اگر مثل من در حال حاضر خیلی بیکارید و کتاب دیگه ای در دسترستون نیست بخونیدش.
  • Adrienne
    I purchased this book on Deal of the Day on Audible for $3.95 and want my money back. I only made it about 30 minutes in before I started throwing up in my mouth. I sat down to read some reviews and this one might be the best ever:More of a Lifetime movie than a novel. I kind of hate myself for finishing it.I saw more reviews mention this should be a Lifetime movie and that someone has already done this - P.S. I Love You.I can't take cheesy love....
  • María Belén
    The premise of the book reminded me of P.S. I Love You. And that along with the positive reviews made me want read it.I'm in the minority here but really, this was bad.The characters are one dimensional. There's no character development whatsoever. And the little boy Clayton, his character was completely unrealistic. He's a 3 year old that talks and behaves like an adult! It was so unbelievable that his lines made me laugh. The plot is good. Ther...
  • Tudor Vlad
    A light read that even if not memorable, was exactly what I needed after I nearly fell in a reading slump. This book is about loss, how a person that is gone can still shape your live even after s/he is gone and most importantly, it’s about letting go. It was quite melodramatic at times, the main character even if believable for most parts, comes out sometimes as extremely winy which of course, leads to more drama. There’s also a mystery but ...
  • Lynn Mccarthy
    Luck Richardson lost his wife to cancer and now has to care for his 3 children on his own.On the day of the funeral he finds a letter on his front mat from his wife which she wrote during her illness telling him how to look after the children and how mush she loved him from then he starts to get a letter once a day.As the letters keep arriving Luke begins to wonder if he knew his wife as he thought he did as secrets are told.The ending of the sto...
  • The Reading's Love Blog
    RECENSIONE COMPLETA QUI: https://thereadingslove.blogspot.it/2...Questo romanzo è una grandissima sorpresa, non mi aspettavo minimamente una storia così profonda, emozionante e piena di dolore che rispecchia la realtà nei suoi aspetti positivi e negativi della vita. Non vorrei lasciarti mai è uno di quei romanzi inaspettati che ti piovono nelle mani, che leggi attentamente, che assapori lentamente e che dopo averlo finito, tra lacrime e ansia...
  • ❤Marie Gentilcore
    I enjoyed this book. I debated whether to give it 3.5 or 4 stars because the beginning was a little slow but I ended up going with 4 stars because the pace quickened and I liked the ending. It is the story of a man named Luke who loses his wife to cancer. He is raising his daughter and two sons alone when he starts to get letters from his late wife Natalie. I really liked this premise and I thought it was executed well. It turns out Natalie had s...
  • Rain
    When I'm Gone follows Luke, returning from his wife's funeral to an empty house, finding himself alone without the woman he shared his life with for sixteen years and with the task of raising their three young children. Soon after, blue envelopes with letters handwritten by his wife, Natalie, start showing up at his house with no indication of who's sending them. She started writing them on the first day of her cancer treatment a year ago and in ...
  • BookOfCinz
    I was a little distracted reading this book and that my have impacted my rating a little. While the book is interesting, I found the read a little cliched and over dramatic at times. Some parts were not necessary to the book and in the end, everything was tied up in this really nice fancy, happy ending bow. Not that I have a problem with happy endings- it was just a little bit too happy/cliche for me. Other than that, the writing was really good,...