Wrath (The Faithful and the Fallen, #4) by John Gwynne

Wrath (The Faithful and the Fallen, #4)

Events are coming to a climax in the Banished Lands, as the war reaches new heights. King Nathair has taken control of the fortress at Drassil and three of the Seven Treasures are in his possession. And together with Calidus and his ally Queen Rhin, Nathair will do anything to obtain the remaining Treasures. With all seven under his command, he can open a portal to the Otherworld. Then Asroth and his demon-horde will finally break into the Banish...

Details Wrath (The Faithful and the Fallen, #4)

TitleWrath (The Faithful and the Fallen, #4)
Release DateNov 17th, 2016
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews Wrath (The Faithful and the Fallen, #4)

  • Petrik
    Masterpiece.Mark my words, if this series ever gets adapted into a television series with the same production value given to Game of Thrones, it will create a myriad of fan bases all over the world. Watch out George R. R. Martin, while you’re waiting for the breeze from the Winds of Winter to come, John Gwynne has appeared out of nowhere and he has conquered the genre; the apprentice has become the master.Wrath is, in my opinion, the best out o...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I'm prepared for everything to be set to rights and for me to have my happy ending in this book. Not!The beginning bits of this book and other parts of this book made me so freaking happy I thought I was going to fall over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Brina! I love you, I love you, I love you! And for certain people dying!!!! Yessssssssssssssssssssssss! And then there were the moments toward the end that you couldn't even speak to me. I was to...
  • James Lafayette Tivendale
    If you follow the frequency of my reviews then you will be able to analyse that I have devoured the stories from John Gwynne's fantasy epic saga, The Faithful and the Fallen at an inhuman pace, and the reason for this is that they are spectacularly envisaged works of art. I always find the final book in a series that I have committed about seventy hours of my time into reading is the most difficult to write a review about. This is due to no longe...
  • ☽Luna☾
    Another buddy read with my besties at BB&B 5 BRIGHT STARS ★★★★★(ง •_•)ง'DEATH TO OUR ENEMIES,TRUTH AND COURAGE' ‘I’m coming for you, Lykos,’ Maquin bellowed through cupped hands, ‘and neither demons from the Otherworld nor flesh and blood will stop me.’ Seriously how does one right a review for such an incredible book? This book has changed my life and this review will be emotional mess with a lot of word vomit.This b...
  • Samir
    Actual rating: 4.5 stars.A glorious ending to a masterful series! Well, it is, but that wasn't the first thought that crossed my mind as I closed the book. Actually, my mind was something more like this: "Fucking hell!", and not in a "This was so awesome!" way but in a "I want to punch something!" way. I was so angry that I almost knocked off a star but I couldn’t because I love this series too much. It’s like waking up next to your partner a...
  • Deborah Obida
    Truth and courage Astonishing, amazing, beyond all expectations, this series is just the best, love all the books in the series.The battle scenes were just amazing! The different POVs made it even better, don’t even get me started on the depictions, I still can’t believe that this is a debut series, I can only think of a few authors that write this great. The friendship and loyalty of the characters is the best I’ve ever read. All but one o...
  • Eon ♒Windrunner♒
                            What a superb finish to this series. This is fantasy with heart. Wrath continues the story exactly from where Ruin’s…ruinous ending left everything hanging precariously in the balance. I kid you not when I call the closing chapter devastating. My poor heart was tested to the limit with a seriously heart-wrenching scene. Pain shuddered through Corban’s chest, as if someone were gripping his ...
  • Celeste
    Full review now posted!Rating: 6/5 starsThis is the most satisfying finale I’ve ever read.I just spent some time rearranging my bookshelves, because this series has become one I desperately want in my living room. I want it to be one of the first series people see when they walk in my house. It’s now gracing a shelf with Harry Potter, The King Killer Chronicles, and Tolkien’s Middle Earth books. The Faithful and the Fallen has truly usurped...
  • Bentley ★ Bookbastion.net
    See this review on www.bookbastion.net__________And so ends the most epic journey in fantasy fiction I've been on so far this year. In terms of sheer fantasy awesomeness, this book has it all: battles to the death, memorable character moments and a culmination of 4 books worth of material that I won't soon forget. John Gwynne has solidified himself in my mind as a powerhouse name to remember in the fantasy genre, and I will forever keep an eye ou...
  • Choko
    *** 4.65 ***A buddy read with the Fantasy Fanatics at FBR Group...“Truth and Courage!” "..."‘This day,’ he cried, shouting now, ‘we will live or die, but whatever the outcome, this will still be the day we avenge ourselves for those we’ve lost, the day we right the wrongs done to us, or die in the trying. It will be a dark day, a bloody day, a proud day, for this is the day of our WRATH!’"..." Our little boy, our naive and carefree...
  • Paul
    Wow. Just...wow.Almost 20 years ago, a friend and I went to the theater to watch "Saving Private Ryan." We walked out of the theater in awed silence, and drove 30 minutes home before either of us spoke.I felt the same way after finishing Wrath last night. I closed the book and just stared at it for a long time. My wife asked me if I was ok; I didn't even answer her. What a series! And what an ending! Some smiles, some heartache, some surprises; b...
  • Orient
    An awesome BR with Craig and Michael :) Best comrades ever!!!!! You are the best ;) What a book, what a series with an epic finale. The Faithful and the Fallen is a series, which started quite slow for me, but it was a struggle only with the first part of book one. Overall it’s a great mix for readers stumbling into fantasy genre anew and a wonderful journey for those, who consider themselves “Old Wolves” of this reading genre. I just can...
  • Paul O'Neill
    TRUTH AND COURAGE!A truly satisfying ending to one of the best fantasy series ever. Seriously, why isn’t this series getting more hype? A great cast of characters, twists and turns to rival GRRM, a vivid setting and some unforgetable moments. A must read for any fantasy fan. In today’s world of grimdark fantasy I found this to be refreshing but it’s definitely not worthy of the ‘old fashioned’ labels I’ve seen describing the series. ...
  • TS Chan
    I am proud to stand beside you. I know that none of you fight for riches, nor for glory or for fame. We fight for those we love. On this day we will march out to meet our enemies, those who have slain our kin, stolen our homes and would take our lives, and we shall show them what drives us. TRUTH AND COURAGE.It will be a dark day, a bloody day, a proud day, for this is the day of our wrath. That was a breathtaking and truly satisfying conclusio...
  • Solseit
    Tragedy all over the place. I actually cried here and there. The pacing of the book is just amazing - I just don't like the endings in general, they tend to feel "permanent". I wonder if there is going to be a sequel story, I would be ready to experience a brand new story in this word!
  • Kareem
    Some months back I was asked by Mr Gwynne himself if I would like to beta read for his upcoming series, Of Blood and Bone. After dancing several jigs and hopping around the house I replied, stating that I would of course love to offer my services. John seemed happy, I was over the moon and that was that. I was told I'd receive the manuscript once it had been completed.Disclaimer: I've been an enormous fan of The Faithful and the Fallen series eve...
  • Jody
    I am sad to see this series end, but end it must. Wrath was an amazing conclusion to an already epic tale of The Faithful and The Fallen. After four books of emotional ups and downs that include heartbreak, rage, joy, hatred, love, and many many other feelings, I have come to the conclusion that I could not ask for a better ending. It has pulled on my heartstrings and fueled the fire of my inner warrior that I wanted to go shout “TRUTH AND COUR...
  • Mayim de Vries
    I can hear your collective *how-dare-you!* gasp GoodReads, but here it is. A one-star review for one of the worst books I have read in a while. I won’t pretend, I have had hopes. Ruin had some merit to it, and at times I really enjoyed reading it, so I thought that perhaps Mr Gwynne is an author who needs time. Authors do change, they develop and mature. Not everyone is like Scott Lynch, who sprouted a masterpiece as his first book (and did not...
  • Emma
    Continuing on from the devastating events of Ruin, this last instalment delivers blow after blow while never quite managing to beat all the hope from you. It’s a book of convergence, as the disparate strands of the plot twist together, the various groups meet in solidarity or blood, there’s little in-between. Some people get what they’ve been needing since Malice, others broke my heart. But in every sense, this is the book readers have been...
  • Stefan Bach
    To Whom It May Concern,You have been followed same trodden path with footsteps of all those who came before you. As did I.You have probably been wanting and most definitely expecting even before you made your first step on this final journey.As did I.So that’s why I write to you this letter with gleam of hope you’ll find it somewhere on your way.A letter of encouragement. Even persuasion, perhaps.Take your time. There will be specter of emoti...
  • Marielle
    8/6/2018: Wow! It's still as impressive as the first time around. Tears and joy, what an amzing end to The Faithful and the Fallen... 24/11/2016:This will not be a very long review since I literally just now turned the last page of Wrath, there are only a few things I would like to share...This series has easily become one of my all time favorites and I loved every book in it. Wrath... just wow...!! It completely lived up to my (very) high expect...
  • Michael Britt
    As always, this review can be found at Tome Raider. Takes deep breath, cracks knuckles. Okay, let's do thisBuddy read with the best buddy readers Orient and Craig!!I think the greatest compliment you can give an author is that you had a deep, emotional response(s) to his/her book. I think I experienced every emotion possible in this one book. I was happy, sad, laugh out loud, grieved, and felt overwhelming joy. Something as simple as "I was wai...
  • Veronica
    The time is upon us. The God-War is reaching its end, moving towards its last great battle, which will decide the fate of this land, and all who dwell within it.So, we’ve come to the end of the line with Corban and his motley warband. I can safely say that no other series I’ve ever read, EVER, has moved me to shout “Damn it!!” so many times while reading. Reading this series has been an exercise in the power of taking deep, cleansing brea...
  • Mark Harrison
    I am only giving this 5 stars as you cannot give 6. Brilliant end to the most magnificent series. I have done little else but read this for two days but it was so worth it. I can not talk about the story as anything I say may spoil the experience for another reader. I have cheered, yelled, thrown the book down and unashamedly wept. This IS one of the finest series I have read in my 40 years reading fantasy. I envy anyone discovering the books for...
  • Liam Degnan
    "How pathetic you humans are. So much emotion wrapped up in weakness, leading you to attempt the impossible, lying to yourself, time and time again. Hope, I think you call it. And yet you always fail." A Full 5 Stars: ✰✰✰✰✰ This series has officially gained the #3 spot on my favorite series of all time list, just below Stormlight Archive and Mistborn Eras 1 and 2. But I must say that I felt that this conclusion did not quite live up t...
  • Kaitlin
    This is the conclusion to the epic battle and series I started quite a while ago, and I am so very glad I finally got re-immersed in the world and characters again. I really enjoyed this book and it felt like a very solid ending to the series which wrapped up all the story threads.Once again, this follows the eternal battle between the Ben-Elim (essentially angels) and the Kadoshim (essentially demons) which they have brought to the Banished Land...
  • Brayan
    TRUTH AND COURAGE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!Last time I read a book so epic in scope and high stakes I was reading The Hero of Ages a year ago. This series was sooo soo soo good!!. There were times in which the direction of things seemed a little predictable but it did not hold it back from being truly unique in terms of it's major themes. This series had everything; tales of: love, friendship, revenge, war, honor, courage, ambition, loyalty and much mor...
  • Patricia Crowther
    Wow! Just wow! Now THAT is how you write a final battle, a series finale, A GOD DAMN SERIES!!! AMAZING! I mean I’m crushed. Seriously devastated with real tears and everything but also in absolute awe of what I just read. Anyone know how to move on?
  • Nils | nilsreviewsit
    ‘It will be a dark day, a bloody day, a proud day, for this is the day of our wrath.’Wrath by John Gwynne is the last book in The Faithful and Fallen series, and my god what an EPIC book to end on. I cannot gush enough about how much I loved this goddamn book. It’s definitely one of the most exciting, edge of your seat, nail biting, heartbreaking but satisfying conclusions I’ve ever read.This whole book is about vengeance and justice. Rev...
  • Lema
    I can't believe I have no more Banished Lands to read about... What a wonderful, exhalarating and kind of depressing ride!If you followed my previous reviews of the first three books (Malice, Valour, Ruin) you know how much I've come to love this series and these characters, and Wrath was the perfect ending to a most epic series (FYI the ending being perfect doesn't mean I'm very happy with it, and had a few misgivings about it, but like I said i...