The Silver Suitcase by Terrie Todd

The Silver Suitcase

It’s 1939, and Canada is on the cusp of entering World War II. Seventeen-year-old farm girl Cornelia has been heartbroken since the day her mother died five years ago. As a new tragedy provides Cornelia still more reason to reject her parent’s faith, a mysterious visitor appears in her hour of desperation. Alone and carrying a heavy secret, she makes a desperate choice that will haunt her for years to come. Never telling a soul, Cornelia pour...

Details The Silver Suitcase

TitleThe Silver Suitcase
Release DateJan 26th, 2016
PublisherWaterfall Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Christian Fiction, Audiobook

Reviews The Silver Suitcase

  • Erin
    Find this and other reviews at: http://flashlightcommentary.blogspot....I took note of Terrie Todd’s The Silver Suitcase the moment I laid eyes on it. The jacket description, with its reference to a war era diary, teased my imagination and sparked enough curiosity that I flagged the book as a must read for 2016. I’d never heard of the author and I’d no real expectations going in, but I soon realized that my excitement was severely misplaced...
  • CL
    The cover hooked me not to mention the diary aspect of this story. Corrie has kept diaries for many years where records her secret desires and fears. Not to mention her other secrets as well. When her granddaughter Benita discovers these diaries in a “silver suitcase” Corrie’s secrets are discovered. Benita is dealing with her own crisis and as she gets to know the real Corrie she is able to get thru her own crisis. Great Read!! I would lik...
  • Darlene L.
    Secret DiariesThe Silver Suitcase by Terrie ToddMost teenagers love to write their thoughts in a diary. Their secret desires, high school crushes, heartbreaks, wedding dreams, etc. They write them never thinking anyone would ever read them. This is exactly what happens to Cornelia (aka Corrie). Years after she’s put her pen to paper and after her death, her granddaughter Benita, finds these diaries inside a silver suitcase. And Cornelia’s sho...
  • Dawn
    Two women, decades apart, joined by the secrets in one suitcase. In 1939, Canada is teetering on war. Farmgirl Cornelia's heart hasn't been the same since she lost her mother five years before and blames God. When a young man named Henry arrives for the summer, the two become close. When tragedy strikes again, Cornelia doesn't know what to do. She's alone with a secret, so she makes a choice that will haunt her for decades to come. Unable to talk...
  • Mindy Erickson
    After cracking open The Silver Suitcase, I was unable to close it again. In exchange for many hours of sleep, I simply had to read it through in one sitting. Gripped by the story and the characters, I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. Here's to hoping I won't have to wait long to get my hands on Terrie Todd 's next book!!
  • Kristina
    The Silver Suitcase by Terrie Todd intriguing novel. Cornelia Faith Simpson is eighty-four years old when she passes away. She leaves behind her daughter, Grace Gladstone and her granddaughter, Benita Gladstone. Benita was particularly close to her grandmother and will miss her dearly. They are cleaning out her house when Grace mentioned the silver suitcase to her daughter. She believes it will be helpful to her and suggests she take it home and ...
  • Michelle E
    I went into this book not knowing anything about what it was about, and I have to say it pleasantly surprised me! I got a bit nervous first, when it launched into the story of how this couple met; as I'm not really a reader of romance, but that was just a way to start off the story and set the scene. The book is much more a look at family, and different relationships in the many generations - including grandmother and granddaughter; siblings, and...
  • Karen Lucille
    This beautifully crafted narrative weaves together the stories of four generations of women in one family as they each experience life's cycles of love and loss; faith and forgiveness; regrets and redemption—all intertwined with the pages of a diary kept in a silver suitcase. A must-read.I received a complimentary copy of this book through Netgalley for the purposes of this review. I was not required to write a positive response.
  • The Just-About-Cocky Ms M
    The nonsense had nothing to do with WWII, or indeed any war. As far as the alleged historical aspect, these cardboard cutouts masquerading as characters could have been set down almost anywhere and in any place.The writing alternated between amateurish purple prose designed to allegedly pull at one's heartstrings and bland blather, particularly with regard to the supposedly "heartfelt" diary entries. And the back-and-forth between Benita and Corn...
  • Rebekah
    I really enjoyed the life of Cornelia and the writing style. I thought there was plenty of interest and detail to keep the story going and interesting. I got a bit annoyed in the middle withe the start of Benita being grown up... for Cornelia being said to having such an inspirational faith and loving her daughter so much, I would have thought she would have taught her daughter to choose a better husband, teach Grace and Benita more about God and...
  • Dorothy
    a beautiful story that kept me reading into the night. Would recommend to all.....
  • Erin
    "The first Canadian solder to be killed during World War II never saw a battle. He died in a train accident on his way to Halifax to ship out to England." This book has a dual perspective of Cornelia and Benita, and then a random short chapter where Miriam is given her own voice.I wanted to like this book, and I really really tried to, but after a while I realized that this book was not what I thought it would be. Instead of being about Cornelia'...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    When Cornelia’s mother dies on her twelfth birthday, she decides God is a liar and she will never forgive Him. And yet, more than seventy years later, her granddaughter, Benita, wonders what it was that made Gram’s faith so strong; what enabled her to survive the losses in her life without surrendering to bitterness?Despite ostensibly being the story of two women, I felt as though The Silver Suitcase was really Cornelia’s story. The narrati...
  • Janet Sketchley
    When teenaged Cornelia Simpson confides in her journal in the late 1930s and into the 40s, she has no idea that other eyes will ever read her words... or how God will use those words to touch hearts, starting with her granddaughter, Benita.The Silver Suitcase is written in three parts. The first shares parts of Cornelia’s life, and the other two follow Benita as she reads the diaries her grandmother had hidden in a silver suitcase.Benita is mar...
  • Kav
    What an exceptional debut novel! It has so much going for it. Canadian author. Dual timelines. Solid inspirational thread. Quality storytelling. I was completely captivated from page one.The story flips between decades -- the past both from Cornelia's viewpoint and from her diary entries -- and the present from her granddaughter, Benita's perspective. The author fuses this generational story through tragedy and triumph as Benita begins to put une...
  • Penmouse
    Some books are truly special and The Silver Suitcase by Terrie Todd has written one of those books. The Silver Suitcase is tells about a young woman who turns away from God and later finds out how much God loves her through a miracle.Throughout the Silver Suitcase you will find Scripture and hymns appropriately placed to help tell a Christian-based story about God's love for all of us.Highly recommend.Review written after downloading a galley fro...
  • Jessica
    Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This story was such a heart warming inspirational tale of love, loss, and redemption. Beautifully written, I just couldn't put it down. Wonderful story...
  • CC
    Very well written and well researched story spanning three generations, focusing heavily on the female characters, from pre-WWII to the present day. It was very educational, also, to me, as I learned much more about Canada's participation in the War.
  • Leanne Smith
    Feel-good story. Well done, Terrie Todd!
  • Amy
    Review at
  • Theresa
    I enjoyed this book immensely. Terri Todd did an amazing job of writing a story that went back and forth through time. I was so wrapped up in the characters and their lives. I highly recommend this book.
  • Abbi Corinne
    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this story! My friend warned me that it wasn’t her favorite so I was a bit wary upon beginning it. I listen to the audiobook and at first was like “oh please”. But the more I got into it the more I enjoyed it!
  • Diane Shea
    This was an extremely good book! I really liked the storytelling and how things intertwined. It was quite predictable for the most part, but it still was entertaining and left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling when I was done!
  • Rachel
    I'm reviewing this book for Netgalley, but the review is completely my opinion, and I wasn't asked to make it sound better than it was. The cover of this books is so pretty! I was drawn to it immediately, and I the description made me even more curious and excited to read it. I was certainly not disappointed. My favorite character was probably Corrie, aka Cornelia. I loved her stubbornness at the beginning, and her spunk. It really gave a bit of...
  • Maria
    First thing-I wish the fact that this was Christian fiction would have been more prominently noted. I don't mind a character being religious, or religion being a background item. This book was not like that, though. The "born again" Christianity bent was not subtle, it was almost like an extra character as almost *everything* that went on was questioned through a religious prism. Some people enjoy that/live that, I am not one of those readers. Th...
  • Melanie
    Terrie Todd does a magnificent job of taking the reader back to an earlier time in history where life issues were so much different then they are today yet at the same time, so much the same. The vivid description she provides in each chapter, engages all of the readers senses and allows the reader to experience the story just like they were personally present at the time. A tear was shed for the characters in the story but mostly for the memorie...
  • Janet
    This is such a good, sweet book! And by sweet I don't mean syrupy sweet. I just mean sweet. The story is about a Grandmother , Cornelia, her daughter Grace and her granddaughter Benita. Cornelia keeps a diary a year for all of her life. Benita inherits these diaries and discovers a lot about her beloved Gram. I also had a close relationship with my "Grammy" and that might have played into my love of this book. I wanted to know all three of these ...
  • Clarice James
    Sometimes, authors who write for the CBA market feel, for God to be glorified, they have to create Christian characters with tiny, little faults, making tiny, little mistakes, all fixed within a few weeks. Not so in The Silver Suitcase. Terrie Todd has created authentic people who know Christ, yet mess up big time, seek forgiveness, and find His peace. The author shows a loving God who uses our mistakes for His good purposes. I love how the chara...
  • Twobchelm
    The story goes back and forth in the life of a young woman at the time of the war beginning. She keep a detailed diary of her life with all the joy and disappointments that shaped her life. She had a special relationship with her granddaughter and after her death the diaries were passed on to her revealing much more than anyone knew. The diaries played a large part in the story revealing much wisdom to many people. There were surprises.....
  • Shanon
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book set in a Canadian context, by a Canadian author. Yet the storyline holds a broad appeal for all novel readers. The style of writing brings to mind a blend of the "homespun" typical of Jeanette Oke and the character development and the intriguing way the plot unfolds typical of Francine Rivers. I would recommend this book as an enjoyable read and hope there is another on its way soon.