Saving Abby by Steena Holmes

Saving Abby

All children’s book illustrator Claire Turner ever wanted was to be a mother. After six years of trying to conceive, she and her husband, Josh, have finally accepted that she will never be pregnant with a child of their own.Yet once they give up hope, the couple gets the miracle they’ve been waiting for. For the first few months of her pregnancy, Claire and Josh are living on cloud nine. But when she begins to experience debilitating headache...

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TitleSaving Abby
Release DateMay 31st, 2016
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Romance

Reviews Saving Abby

  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...2.75 - 3 starsI am a big Steena Holmes fan. The Word Game, The Memory Child, and the Finding Emma series are some of my favorite books. So I was very excited to read this book. Claire Turner and her husband Josh have been married for seven years. Together they write children's books that have become quite popular. Currently they are traveling throughout Europe researching ide...
  • Suzanne Leopold
    Claire and Josh Turner have been married for six years. They work together writing and illustrating a series of children’s books. Both have always wanted children of their own, but have been unsuccessful in starting a family.Together they embark on a trip to Europe visiting many cities. They use this time to explore ideas for their next book. Together, they realize that their dreams of raising their own children is not in their foreseeable futu...
  • Brenda
    Claire Turner and her husband Josh had enjoyed their latest holiday – picking up ideas for their adventure series about a young Jack and his travels. Josh was a writer of children’s stories while Claire did the illustrations – together they were a very successful team. But they both felt a deep sadness, especially Claire. Unable to conceive after trying everything, she and Josh had finally decided to let go of the long-held dream of holding...
  • Elaine
    I normally really enjoy Steena Holmes but this one just left me cold and I found it a struggle to finish it. Claire and Josh have been trying for years to have a baby, without success but as soon as they “give up” trying, a miracle occurs and Claire falls pregnant and it looks as though their lives will finally be complete. However, as Claire’s health deteriorates it is a double edged sword, as they soon discover in this story which is quit...
  • sue
    Steena Holmes, when she writes books like this that are straight from the heart just creeps right inside to the readers heart and life blood, you tend to just take these characters in and want to hug them, keep them safe from harm and enjoy all the little bits of excitement of life they do, their smiles, their disappointments, their heartaches, their survival techniques.Claire is a children's book illustrator and her husband is a children's story...
  • MaryAnn
    Steena Holmes has long been one of my favorite authors and in Saving Abby, she's given us another great look into family life that will certainly leave readers reaching for tissues. The premise of the novel, Claire and Josh trying for 6 years to have a child and taking a trip to let go of their dream of Claire being pregnant with their child, is definitely one that pulls on the heartstrings. I realized early on that Claire was pregnant, having go...
  • Sue
    There was no dinner cooked at my house yesterday - once I started this wonderful book by Steena Holmes, nothing got done until I was finished with it. I have read all of Steena's books and she just keeps getting better. She is one of the best writer's of family relationship issues of any authors that I read and I thought that this was her best book yet.Claire and Josh Turner have been happily married for six years. He is the author of a successfu...
  • Erin Clemence
    Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free electronic ARC of this novel, in exchange for an honest review. “Saving Abby” by Steena Holmes is heart wrenching, emotional and bittersweet. Claire and her husband Josh, have tried for years to have children. After being declared infertile, Claire and Josh travel the world and find success as writers of children’s books. When Claire begins to suffer headaches and extreme fatigue, a trip to t...
  • Laurel
    I was given an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and independent review. A good story but just seemed to take so long to get anywhere. The story alternates between the past and the present. Claire and Josh are deeply in love but their inability to have a baby after many years is difficult for them. Finally Claire falls pregnant but she is plagued with extreme headaches and acute tiredness. I was so frustrated that the investigations in...
  • Susan Peterson
    A Love StorySaving Abby is a heartfelt, emotional story written by Steena Holmes. Saving Abby tells the love story of Josh and Claire, a young married couple who have struggled for years to have a baby. Just when it seems their dreams have come true, their hopes are dashed and their lives forever changed. The author, as always, does an amazing job of creating an emotional attachment between her readers and the characters in her books.
  • Kirsten
    I have read Steena Holmes' books in the past and loved them. I just didn't love this one. I couldn't connect with any of the characters in the book. I just didn't like them. I felt the plot/story was missing something. Things were left unexplained. What kind of Dr. was her friend Abby? Did I miss that? I just didn't enjoy this book.
  • Kat
    This was my first book by Steena Holmes, and it certainly won’t be my last. I have to start off by saying, I absolutely adore the cover and title. I was captivated by the first page and wanted to find what would happen. I think it would be heart breaking wanting something your whole life and not being able to get your wish. This is the situation that Clare and her husband Josh found themselves in, when they cannot conceive a child. When they gi...
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    I adored Saving was emotional, heartfelt, honest and raw. Holmes has a way to write characters that touch the readers heart. She grabs the reader and causes them to ignore everything else until the reader turns the last page and sets the book down. Readers will be left feeling changed, moved....different than they were before they started Saving Abby It is more than just reading a is an experience you engage in. I think Holmes...
  • Betty
    Claire Turner always wanted to be a mother, but after six years she and her husband, Josh, accepted that it wasn't going to happen.When Claire discovers she is finally pregnant, the Turners are thrilled—until Claire begins to suffer excruciating headaches, and other symptoms that can't be attributed to her pregnancy. When Claire sees her doctor, she is given a heartbreaking diagnosis. Treatment could harm the baby, and Claire must choose betwee...
  • Deborah Blanchard
    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing.This is Steena Holmes at her best. This book is written from the heart of this author. It will take you to places you have never been. You will absolutely need tissues for this one. I cried so much. The characters are well developed and believable. The storyline is heart wrenching. The story flows well from beginning to end. I could not put this book down and read it in one s...
  • Kayleigh
    Just how far would a mother go to protect her child? This is the question posed in Saving Abby. From a young age, it was Claire Turner's dream to be a mother. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, the Turners put their dreams aside. It is then that they are granted their miracle. Claire's heightened symptoms lead to a devastating diagnosis, one in which she must decide how to proceed. Steena Holmes has done it again. She brings a mother's worst f...
  • Paula Phillips
    All that Claire and Josh Turner ever wanted was to become parents. They wanted it so much that they had chucked their life into creating children's books. Six years later after so many failed tries, the pair decided to go on a cruise and complete what was called their Children's Bucket List. They loved the cruise and escaping their reality. Josh did offer adoption and other options for Claire, but none hit the spot. She was either going to be a m...
  • Susan Crowe
    I'm a sucker for a tear-jerker. This is absolutely a tear-jerker.i won the sequel to this book in a Goodreads giveaway so i got this one to make sure i didn't miss any of the story. This was a good book. A little drawn out at times but a really good story. i do recommend it.
  • Joan
    Claire Turner and her husband Josh share an enduring love. They both dearly want a baby of their own to complete their marriage, but now they have to come to terms with the idea that this would never be. Six years of trying for a baby, and even with medical interventions, were unsuccessful. It is time to accept the truth of the matter. It is not to be. It is time to take a rest before they make any further decisions.They continue to work together...
  • Andrea Guy
    This book should come with a box of tissues. If you've read the synopsis you know that this is going to be an emotional ride, but oh my it wasn't what I was expecting.Claire and Josh Turner are the perfect couple. They are totally in love almost to the point of their lives being too good to be true. The only thing they don't have is a child and it is something that they long for. Their trip to Europe to work on the children's book series that the...
  • L.A.
    Posted first to Blog Critics as Book Review: 'Saving Abby', A Novel by Steena Holmes.In Saving Abby by Steena Homes, we meet a couple, Claire Turner and her husband, Josh. He is a celebrated author of children’s books and she is the illustrator. While they seem to have it all, there is that one thing that they have always dreamed of, a child of their own. After trying for years, Claire has finally accepted the fact that fulfillment of their dre...
  • Marlene
    Claire and Josh have tried unsuccessfully for years to get pregnant. Trying to come to terms with the fact that they won’t have the child they so desire, they decide to take a trip to Europe in hopes of easing some of their sorrow. After returning, Claire begins to experience headache and fatigue. She goes to her doctor only to find that they conceived during their vacation. Their joy is short-lived when she’s diagnosed with a condition that ...
  • Cindy Roesel
    I hadn’t read a Steena Holmes novel before meeting Steena at BEA in Chicago last month, and picking up an ARC of SAVING ABBY (LakeUnionPublishing). I found Steena to be an incredibly warm woman and once I started reading her book, it made sense that she should be the author writing this sensitive, heart-wrenching story.Josh and Claire Turner have been married for six years. Josh writes children’s books focused on a little boy named “Jack”...
  • Maria
    This is tough... It was an easy book to read. I kept wanting there to be more depth. But there were too many things that were confusing and unreal.First, you all know the premise... but when Claire is diagnosed with a brain tumor, her primary care docs continue to treat her. I found this incredible. As soon as her MRI came back with that diagnosis, she should have been referred to an oncologist and a high risk gynecologist. It makes no sense. Did...
  • Shanna Loewen
    Latest review is Saving Abby by Steena Holmes Claire and Josh Turner are an idyllic couple who are not only married and blissfully in love but they also work together writing and illustrating children's books. They have recently come to terms and accepted their inability to have children. Miraculously, like so many couples who resign to the idea of not having children only to discover they are having a baby, Claire discovers that she is pregnant....
  • Sharon
    Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Saving Abby, in exchange for an honest review.Claire and Josh Turner are a successful team, in love and in life. As the writing and illustrating duo for a series of children's books, the idea of having their own children is never far from their minds. When infertility breeds disappointment for years, the couple is on the verge of giving up hope until unexpected news change...
  • Janine
    I received ARC of this from Net Galley and just can’t thank them enough for that.At the beginning of the story, Claire and Josh Turner are traveling and have all but given up the idea of having a child of their own.But fate has a way of intervening and when the couple returns home from their adventures, Claire finds out she is indeed pregnant. However, their excitement is short-lived as Claire is extremely tired and also experiencing very debil...
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    3.5 stars. "Saving Abby" is a tearjerker of a book. After a long time of struggling with infertility, Claire and Josh finally are able to get pregnant. They are incredibly excited as their entire life shifts. Furthermore, they will do anything to ensure that the baby is born healthy so when Claire is diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer, they know they have to act quickly in order to save the baby but they may not be able to save...
  • Teresa Kander
    Fair warning....this story is a real tearjerker. It's a highly emotional look at family life and at having courage in the face of adversity. I was a little disappointed at one part of the story. It seemed to me that every major character in the book ignored all of Claire's symptoms, or was in major denial of the seriousness they could have. Considering that list of characters included TWO doctors, I felt that behavior was highly unprofessional.Th...