ブラッククローバー 4 [Burakku Kurōbā 4] (Black Clover, #4) by Yuki Tabata

ブラッククローバー 4 [Burakku Kurōbā 4] (Black Clover, #4)

突然の襲撃を受け、混乱を極める王都──。クローバー王国に恨みを持つ謎の集団による凶行から民を護るため、アスタ達が奮闘する!! ところが、事態は思いもしない展開へと…。国の命運を懸けた闘いの先に待つものとは…!?

Details ブラッククローバー 4 [Burakku Kurōbā 4] (Black Clover, #4)

Titleブラッククローバー 4 [Burakku Kurōbā 4] (Black Clover, #4)
Release DateDec 4th, 2015
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Shonen, Magic

Reviews ブラッククローバー 4 [Burakku Kurōbā 4] (Black Clover, #4)

  • Mizuki
    So far so good, I like how the story is going, and there are new enemies showing up to attack the kingdom! What will happen next?
  • Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)
    4.25 starsfull review to follow
  • Rebecca
    Add Magi to the list of series this is a, uh, homage to. Really, no series this obviously derivative should be so much fun.
  • Scott Lee
    A resolution (for the most part) of the arc describing the attack on the capitol that began in volume 3. The Asta impresses again, but, thankfully, this time it is team work that ends up making him impressive at all, and the actions of other Magic Knights show us how very, very, far he has to go in his personal journey. It seemed the power creep was going to begin way to early in this story, but this volume sets a pause on that, leaving Asta reve...
  • Jesse Nicholas
    Aster is getting a little stale for me. Do something else bud. You're like a one trick pony. Yuno needs to step it up. He has the 4 leaf clover grimoire. COME ON! I am getting major Sakura vibes from Noelle. If she doesn't own her powers, she will forever fall short.Wahhhhhhh. My poor Leon....And can we talk about Charmy for a second? Her cotton power is so adorable, and I can see her kicking some major ass in the future. We were just given a lit...
  • Quanya
    I really like this vol of black clover the art is really good it pulls u into the story more. It pulls u into the story more u can feel what the character feeling in the scene. You can feel there pain and there anger to.Also the way the story line is its really good u just going to just want to keep reading to see that happened next. That what happened to me and don't even like to read like that the story line will really catch your eye.
  • Hikaoru
    As expected, they're under attack. They can't remain idle for long. I like the fact that they're giving Juno more screen time. I mean, from his point-of-view. It seems like everything he's done up to this point is because of Asta. So, getting his POV would at least show us his motivations and also knowing how he ticks. He's so quiet. I love him the most.
  • Amy
    This is really a very typical shonen manga, a rivalry best-friend, guilds, magic, hot-blooded protagonists and obvious aims of becoming the best, well, you can see these troupes in all of shonen manga. Hopefully this series will stand out in future volumes. I love the art style and the side characters more tbh. 3 stars
  • Evelyn
    Bad guys are attacking! Bad guys are attacking! ... Why are bad guys attacking? We'll find out later, but first, let's save the civilians!We got a lot of new characters last volume. Now we get even more. Just villains instead of allies.
  • Arthur
    This series is in the heart of one piece and naruto but with magic users So good
  • Vitor Frazão
    Damn you don't even give a guy a chance to get attached to a character...
  • Shawnie Nicole
  • Krista
    There always seems to be a lot going on on every page, but the story's pace feels a little slow. Hopefully some things will begin to clear up as we get a better understanding of what's going on.
  • Elin Sjögren
    This was a great action- packed volume. When tragic struck it felt as a blow to the heart and I must say they managed to make the manga even more thrilling. Can't wait to read the next volume.
  • Andrea Koopaloop
    ch 26-34
  • Nicola Mansfield
    Just one great big battle from beginning to end.
  • Thomas Maluck
    A much-needed infusion of side characters with neat magic powers livens up the series, even if Asta's "I just don't quit" superpower isn't as interesting.
  • Judy (Geeky Reading)
    ~3.5/5The big fight in the middle of town continues through this volume. Everyone is split up and fighting someone else somewhere else in town. At one point several of the good guys (supposedly) get transported outside of town. Asta is trying to protect a little girl, and continues to surprise people with his anti-magic power.There's a nice point where we see development in Yuno's power. We're only getting real glimpses of him in comparison to As...
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Asta: Asta both struggles and shines I. This volume as he faces of against Rades, the man who controls corpses with his wraith magic. Asta is a determined kid, and doesn't like to back down easily. But sometimes you just need to take a breath and observe a situation calmly, which is an important lesson he learns this volume from Fuegoleon, the brother of one of Asta's new rivals, Leopold, and also captain of the Crimson Lions.Yuno; Yuno ...
  • Elinor
    Que dire ? Tome après tome, j'adhère toujours autant à cette série qui ne brille certes pas par son originalité mais par son efficacité, ça fonctionne super bien et moi j'adore.
  • Marie Godyn
    "Do not be ashamed of being weak, be ashamed of staying weak."
  • Alex
    Another great volume, with surprising twists and turns, and the humor is top notch!
  • Amanda Kern
    Awesome seriesThis is an awesome series. I started to read this online. But I wanted my own copy I could read anytime and anywhere.