We Now Return to Regular Life by Martin Wilson

We Now Return to Regular Life

A ripped-from-the-headlines novel that explores the power of being an ally—and a friend—when a kidnapped boy returns to his hometown.Sam Walsh had been missing for three years. His older sister, Beth, thought he was dead. His childhood friend Josh thought it was all his fault. They were the last two people to see him alive.Until now. Because Sam has been found, and he’s coming home. Beth desperately wants to understand what happened to her ...

Details We Now Return to Regular Life

TitleWe Now Return to Regular Life
Release DateAug 1st, 2017
PublisherDial Books
Number of pages384 pages
GenreYoung Adult, Glbt, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews We Now Return to Regular Life

  • Chelsea Humphrey
    Have you ever read a book and acknowledged that, yeah, it wasn't a perfect read, but it was the perfect read for you? That was case and point We Now Return to Regular Life for me. While this story is mainly narrated from the POVs of Beth, Sam's older sister, and Josh, his next door neighbor and friend, I could sense other unspoken views being told between the lines that felt as prominent as the ones put into written word. This form of storytell...
  • Leah
    Wow. Just...wow. That I finished this near 400-page novel in a single sitting should say something. Yes, it's extremely gripping and intense, but it's also so gut-wrenching. Three years ago Sam was abducted. Three long years his family searched and made pleas to his captor, ultimately coming to terms with Sam's death...but then Sam is discovered. Alive. He's coming home.In countless other kidnapping novels, this would be the part where the victim...
  • Vee S
    I loved this book. It is a complex, thoughtful exploration of trauma and how it impacts survivors and the loved ones of survivors. It also digs into how we, as a society, respond to difficult experiences. This book follows the story of Sam Walsh and is told in the dual perspectives of his sister Beth and his friend Josh. Sam was kidnapped when he was 11-- now, three years later, he's been found and is coming home. Sam's sister, Beth, had settled ...
  • Gerard Villegas
    Holy crap!!! I just finished the ARC of this and I'm shaking on the floor in a myriad of emotions from sadness to anger to just cursing some Divine Being for how unfair the world is. We Now Return to Regular Life is basically any child abduction and rescue cases all rolled into one from Elizabeth Smart, Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, Gina Dejesus, Shawn Hornbeck, and Jaycee Dugard. If anything, it's a bit more of the Steven "I Know My First Name ...
  • Lauren (Shooting Stars Mag) Becker
    There are things that I wish were touched upon more in the book, but despite that, I loved this book so I have to give it 5 stars. It's emotional, and everyone's reactions and experiences felt real. I absolutely loved this one - I'll share a full review on my blog, but for now, know that you should pre-order/order this book (I got my copy at ALA- all my opinions are my own, but I plan on getting a finished copy.)Read this whole book in a day!
  • Kathryn
  • Cherie
    Powerful, intense, sad. A boy is abducted and returns home three years later. Everyone is full of questions, but most are too scared to ask - or don't really want to know the real answers. As he struggles to recover from being sexually abused and abducted, being blamed for his abduction, being ashamed of what happened, he struggle to find who he is, and show others that.