The Secret Healer (The Secret Healer #1) by Ellin Carsta

The Secret Healer (The Secret Healer #1)

In the fourteenth century, opportunities for women are limited to the home. But spirited young Madlen finds her calling as assistant to the city’s trusted midwife, Clara. Working alongside Clara, Madlen develops a surprisingly soothing technique and quickly becomes a talented healer.After Clara’s tragic death, Madlen alone rushes to assist the birth of a local nobleman’s child. But rather than the joy of birth, Madlen walks into an accusati...

Details The Secret Healer (The Secret Healer #1)

TitleThe Secret Healer (The Secret Healer #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2016
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Reviews The Secret Healer (The Secret Healer #1)

  • Gabby
    A Kindle first read. I don't know if it was the translation or the actual writing style of the author, but the writing was too simplistic and it seemed very anachronistic. Actually, a lot of the situations and characterization seemed anachronistic to me. Many characters were flat and boring. And the continuous shifting of points of view sometimes made things confusing. Had a hard time believing that this was the late 1300s Europe. I managed to fi...
  • Rosemarie Short
    The first thing I will say about this book is that the description is misleading. When she meets handsome Johannes—an investigator hired by the Church to bring her to justice for sacrilegious acts—she becomes drawn to the very man who could destroy her.I was imagining, as I began to read, that an Inquisitor meets girl of his dreams, who may or may not be a witch, and has to wrestle with his conscience as she strives to prove to him and those ...
  • Jordan
    Terrible. Terrible terrible terrible. It should not have taken me this long to read this book but I just couldn't bring myself to keep reading it. The writing is elementary at best: no descriptors, interesting dialogue, or beautiful language. The translation is clunky, but even that can't account for the fact that this is just written poorly. The characters are one-dimensional or just plain inconsistent. Both the hero and the villain are one note...
  • Charlie Larson
    The Secret Healer talks about Madlen, a woman who works as a healer in northern Germanic Europe during the "witch hunt" times. Though the story was interesting enough to keep me intrigued, the writing style was odd and often times simplistic. Perhaps some of that was lost in translation; I don't know. Had the writing been better, I would have given the book a 4 or 5 star.
  • Betsy
    I usually push through even mediocre books, but I couldn't take this one past half-way. Apparently the historical fiction I'm used to is fairly well researched, but this one was far from that. It was a light, modern story set 600 years in the past - complete with low class folks defended by lawyers and midwives who take modern sanitary precautions. I gave it a try but had to move to something that let me lose myself in the past.
  • Coco
    Spannender Roman mit einer tollen Protagonistin.
  • Erin
    Find this and other reviews at: http://historicalfictionreader.blogsp...My interest in Ellin Carsta’s The Secret Healer began with its sequel. The Master of Medicine intrigued me, but I have trouble reading books out of order, so I chose to backtrack and pick up the initial volume of the Die heimliche Heilerin series.First and foremost, I want to note The Secret Healer is not immersive historic fiction. Carsta’s worldbuilding is thin and ther...
  • Sonja
    Heidelberg 1388: Madlen hilft der Hebamme Clara bei ihrer Arbeit und lernt vieles von ihr. Als Clara stirbt und man Madlen bittet, einer angesehenen Bürgerin bei der Geburt ihres Kindes zu helfen, gerät Madlens Leben aus der Spur. Das Baby kommt tot zur Welt, der Frau jedoch kann Madlen das Leben retten. Dennoch wird sie angeklagt, am Tod des Babys Schuld zu sein. Doch es kommt noch viel schlimmer, und bald muss Madlen aus Heidelberg fliehen......
  • Rose
    So many people didn't care for this book but with the translation and everything I read it knowing full well that it might be askew and with that in mind I really enjoyed it. I'm on to the other book in the 2 book series. With everything in mind take a chance. I thought it was good right out of the gate (forgetting it wasn't written in our time).
  • Barbara
    The Secret Healer (The Secret Healer Series)The story of Madlen. This is a story of a time where women could do many things and healing other could get you kill of you were a woman. Madlen help her friend who was a midwife and when she was kill Madlen was as to help a noblewoman and her problem begin. Can Madlen find happiness or will she be on the run? Great story.
  • Sarlis
    Hatte auch hier was anderes erwartet. Dennoch an sich war die Geschichte flüssig und aufeinander aufgebaut. Aber ich konnte eben nicht so richtig mit den Protagonisten mitfühlen.
  • Laura Tremmel
  • Judy Churchill
    Madlen is a 14th century woman with a tender hearted skill for healing people. She uses herbs and natural methods, but is accused of working with the devil. She had a number of close escapes. The book was very simplistic and minimally interesting. I did finish it, however.
  • Stephanie
    It was okay. Most of the characters were compelling and interesting, especially the heroine, her aunt, her lawyer, and the villain of the story. The history wasn't particularly accurate. There were a lot of mistakes and obvious lack of research, and some incredibly jarring anachronisms, especially in the legal proceedings and the manner of speech sometimes used by the characters. The romance was kind of bland, and I never could figure out what wa...
  • Paul Burnette
    The 14th Century was no time to be a healer, though the need then was greater than today, what with bleeding and prayer being the most used treatments available to university-trained doctors. At the outset, Madlen is a 15-year-old girl living in Heidelberg occasionally assisting a midwife and healer with births and herbal remedies. Her father Jerg does not appreciate her absences from the housework. Following the midwife’s untimely death, and r...
  • Vikki Vaught
    My MusingsRating: 3.5What a mixed bag! While at times, I could not read fast enough, at other times, I almost stopped reading. I listened to the audio, so I am taking that into account. Also, since this is translated into English, that could affect the cadence of the writing. There's no doubt, this is an emotionally-charged story, but it reads as a 21st-century novel set in the 14th century. I missed the usual feel of a Medieval novel. The heroin...
  • Cindy Woods
    Pretty goodFrom a historical aspect, this was a riveting read. But it is definitely not a romance novel. It is a story filled with cold, hard facts relating to how women were treated in an earlier era. I found the storytelling flat, but the historical information was great. I would not recommend as a romance novel, but highly recommend from the historical aspect. The subject matter is, women's right to work, control their own hea...
  • Chira
    Utterly forgettable if not for how startlingly anachronistic it is. I had to keep double-checking what century this was supposed to take place in: about a third of the book takes place in a courtroom, which is about the only part of the plot not told by the blurb. While courts were around, the set-up and actions feel entirely too modern to evoke Medieval times. The tension of the romance between Madlen and Johannes is an utter lie, made worse by ...
  • Rebecca (agirlirlblog, bekkilyn)
    This book was my Kindle First choice for April. While probably not highly realistic for the 14th century considering how many were reportedly put to death for things like heresy and witchcraft for the smallest of reasons, I really enjoyed reading The Secret Healer. It was fairly action-packed, included a bit of romance, and had a cast of likable characters. Despite the oft-desperate trials of the main character, Madlen, the book also had enough o...
  • Darla McLaughlin
    A Horrific FlawI enjoyed almost everything about this book, it kept my interest, the characters were individually developed, and the story flowed well. My issue is that the heroine who seemed a genuinely tender hearted passionate healer had no problem taking the most innocent and defenseless life of all when she performed the abortion...I cannot recommend this book at all for all of her goodness she did such a sick horrible thing.
  • Liz
    A Kindle First choice. Historical fiction about a German woman in the 14th century who has a talent for healing using herbs but ends up on trial for a murder which she didn't commit. It was a quick read, a very simplistic style of writing ,however and a few rather hard to believe events. Not sure I could recommend to any of my reading friends.
  • Carmon Simon
    This book was SLOoooooooW to start. It was around page 175 before I truly got into it. Once I did, it was easy to finish. I enjoyed the story overall. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to someone because I can't really categorize it in any way. Romance? Not enough. Intrigue? Eh. It was a decent read.
  • Sally
    This was the most un-historical historical novel I've ever read. It's the 1300's but people know about germs, how to do CPR and women's rights were already starting. Did the author not research at all? And they used modern day slang and sayings! Just bizarre.
  • Donna
    Historical? - Not!Historical romances should have some basis in history. This story gives no indication that it takes place the Middle Ages. The author gives modern day values and attitudes to her characters, making the story very un-believable.
  • Julia
    Terrible writing style (or translation?). Almost would consider it more YA especially with the overly simplistic writing. Flat characters that you don't really care about. Felt very 'preachy' when talking about anything with religion, almost beat you over the head trying to convert you feeling.
  • Maddie
    This book had very simple language and many things seemed very abrupt. The plot changed many times and made it seems as if the author was changing her mind in the middle of writing. The extensive trials and feminist movement were not fitting at all for a story that is set in the 15th century.
  • Jasey
    I really enjoyed the story but I had to take away two stars for some content that I had to skip over
  • Elizabeth Alexander
    I only made it about 30% into this book...I just couldn't stand all the things that kept happening to her...And she walked into so many of them!
  • Kim
    I liked this book at first but I found the book to drag on at the end.
  • Rebecca
    This book is not about healing, so the title is ironic. It is poorly researched as there is no awareness of bacteria at this time.