The Darling Songbirds by Rachael Herron

The Darling Songbirds

A sparkling, highly entertaining romantic comedy about a beloved country girl group, from the bestselling author of Pack Up the Moon: Adele, Molly and Lana are The Darling Songbirds, the country-singing sisters who gained fame in their teens for their smart lyrics and sweet harmonies. But when their father died suddenly on the eve of their big tour, the threesome shattered. Now, eleven years later, Adele arrives back in Darling Bay, the sleepy go...

Details The Darling Songbirds

TitleThe Darling Songbirds
Release DateMar 1st, 2016
PublisherHGA Publishing
GenreRomance, Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews The Darling Songbirds

  • Anne OK
    Sweet and pretty standard fare for a little family drama, some country music, an old saloon left to three sisters by their uncle who they haven't seen in 11 years. Once they were a popular group - family troubles caused a parting of ways between the sisters. Throw in a hunky bartender who has a bit of an opinion regarding the way the girls left, never to return, leaving their elderly uncle alone as he aged with no other family around to care for ...
  • Joni Fisher
    This poignant, funny story reveals the complex relationships between sisters. As teenagers they sang in harmony as the Darling Songbirds, reaching for their shared musical career. When the group broke up, the sisters relationships fell apart as well. When Adele returns to their hometown of Darling Bay, her longing for her lost family is palpable. She hopes to rebuild the past through the inheritance of Uncle Hugh's saloon, to lure her sisters to ...
  • Sallie Page
    A lovely story about finding 'home', and that sometimes the reasons for pursuing a dream may not have been the right ones to keep the dream alive.
  • Sharon
    Really just could not get behind this couple at all. The female lead was so completely unlikable - there was just no redemption for her selfish behavior both in the past and in the time of the current story. I kept wishing he'd get smart and leave town.
  • Carolyn
    Rachael is a dear friend of mine and a fantastic writer. This is one of her lighter books--for romance lovers. She also writes weightier tomes such as Splinters of Light and Pack Up the Moon, books I found devastatingly good. So I'm giving this one 4 stars versus those 5 star masterpieces. However if you are a romance lover and that's what you want to hear about, you should consider this a 5-star recommendation.
  • A Reader's Heaven
    (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Adele, Molly and Lana are the Darling Songbirds, the country-singing sisters who gained fame in their teens for their smart lyrics and sweet harmonies. But when their father died suddenly on the eve of their big tour, the group acrimoniously broke up. Now, eleven years on, Adele arrives back in Darling Bay, the sleepy gold-rush town founded by her great-grandfa...
  • Kel Amstutz
    A refreshing story. I was captured from the beginning, unfolding the story of Uncle Hugh and Adele and the feelings that were associated with the fall out happening with the three sisters because of their fathers death. I was immediately drawn to Nate and watching the hard edges he harbors disintegrate with the help of Adele. I was frustrated with Adele's sudden definition of HOME and how she could be so insensitive, but felt the same frustration...
  • Sandra
    Singing Good Fun When I finished "The Darling Songbirds" I realized how much I've missed reading a really well written Rachel Herron transports us to Darling Bay, the quintessential small town on California's coast. This is a story about homecoming, redemption and, as always, hope for the future. Herron knows how to breathe life into her characters. Adele Darling and Nate Houston are true-to-life; as conflicted as the rest of us, at times stubbor...
  • H.maria Mcghee
    Good book, but.....I enjoyed this book very much -- the writing was exceptional and the main characters were fun to read -- but I felt the ending was rushed, as if the author ran out of word count. Think of those line charts depicting the market crash that began the Great Depression -- a good steady upwards slope, and a straight plummet down. I wanted more to the conflict resolution. Music makes the world spin, but singing one song will not fix A...
  • Norma Reasor
    I don’t usually read reviews before reading the book unless I’m undecided after the reading the book description. I looked at a few after I finished and it seemed they either liked the 5 stars worth, or mostly liked it ****, or thought it was just okay ***. I’m really liked it*****. Not so very realistic maybe, but I loved the romance, the conflict, the character interaction, and the down home feeling. I will definitely read the other two i...
  • Robin Malek
    Feels so realIf you didn't know that this was just a story, you would swear that all of these people were real. Rachael can spin a story so well that you actually want to go and meet these characters.
  • Cary
    Interesting with quite a bit of angst but not too sappy.
  • charmaine White
    Good ReadI stayed confused,there was so much going on.Is she or isn't she,does she or doesn't she.And there are still two more books before I get all my answers..
  • Cat Fithian
    Delicious, delightful and musical. I really enjoy Herron's writing and this book is no exception. First book I've wanted to read in physical form (not audio) in a long time. Thanks, Rachael!
  • Kim
    A good beach read
  • Kay Kleeberger
    FairThis book did not do a good job of captivating the readers attention. I thought it was to descriptive in some areas so you got bored.hy
  • Silverluna
  • Jessica
    Meh. Interesting enough story line, both of the main characters were kind of unlikeable. 2.5 stars.
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    I know I can always count on Rachael Herron to deliver a light hearted and romantic novel in a wonderful country based setting. Herron’s latest novel, The Darling Songbirds, was just the escapist novel I needed to curl up with on the weekend. The Darling Songbirds takes a look at a three sister band, famous in the country music scene. The girls are about to hit the big time but at the opening of their mega tour, their father who is also their b...
  • Stacey Houllis
    Another read by Rachael Heron. Characters that were very realistic. It is set in Darling Bay Adele Darling returns home after the death of her uncle Hugh darling. She and her two sisters have inherited the saloon, cafe and their Uncle's home where they grew up in. Nate run's the Saloon and hopes to buy it as her Uncle had promised him. Adele used to sing with her sisters and the night the due to start their concert tour their father died of heart...
  • Jill Robertson
    If you want a template for chick-lit look no further than Rachael Herron's 'The Darling Songbirds'. An impossibly beautiful girlA brooding hunk of a guyDescriptive language such as 'water-sleek lips'; 'honeyed hair'; 'eyes that reminded him of an inland spring morning when the mist from the crops rose into the clear sky'A plot that revolves around the girl and the guy meeting, being attracted to each other, kissing, arguing, tension building resu...
  • Stella
    Another of Rachael's great books. I don't read many romances, but I love hers because the characters make progress in their lives. They turn things around, settle problems and have fun. You cheer for them to keep trying when things go wrong.This one has two women at loose ends, one the sister of and one the potential girlfriend of the leading male. How they work together and play off each other to solve all their problems and find their ways in l...
  • Tina Ambury
    Yet again the author conjures up a realistic world peopled with characters you love getting to know. The way she does makes me want to visit this place and have a beer with these people. The romance, always predictable - well it wouldn't be a Romance Novel otherwise would it? - looked at one point doomed. if I have one criticism it's that I didn't quite believe the way it was saved. A little bit rushed and twee.That doesn't diminish the cracking ...
  • Suzanne
    Bought this one day and finished it the next, there goes another $30! Such a worthwhile escape that was hard to put down. Love the history of the text and family relationships that play out - so close to real life experiences readers can relate to. Characters come to life on the page and Adele was simply sensational, I could almost hear her Songbird voice as I was reading. Also felt for her when she hadn't made the connection to Nate's mother and...
  • Zt
    Fun and witty, this book has all the classic features of a homecoming from the big city story, including the charming protagonist, the handsome love interest, and a gorgeous California landscape. A few plot twists keeps the story lively and entertaining, and the Rachael Herron's lovely prose will envelope you like a hug from your favorite aunt. I truly enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to the next 2 sequels!
  • Cathy
    Good Old-Fashioned RomanceWritten for a modern audience, The Songbirds of Darling Bay is a fun, quick read with just the right romance and heat. Set in a coastal town in Northern California, the characters are quirky and real, the lovers are real people with good points and character flaws like the rest of us. I am looking forward to reading more about the people of Darling Bay.
  • Genevieve
    I love that Rachael provides us flawed characters who come to better understand themselves as well as each other. No one is "perfect" at any point. Just enough steamy and sweet balance. She has plenty of supporting characters that you hope we get whole books for!
  • Anna
    I adore Rachael's books and always race through them. Once again these are characters you come to care about and want to know more about and are rooting for throughout the story even when they're making mistakes. Very enjoyable romance and I can't wait to read more of this series!
  • Marrije
    Not my usual genre, but I loved this, and not just because I love my old internet friend Rachael. Smart and feminist and compassionate, entertaining fiction, looking forward to the next two books in this series. Also: HOT.
  • Bonnie
    Sweet, mostly light romance with a few spicy moments, and a few that brought tears to my eyes. I generally love everything Rachael writes anyway, and this one was not a disappointment. A good, easy read, and a good way to combat the late winter greys. I read an advanced reader copy.