Elven Star (The Death Gate Cycle, #2) by Margaret Weis

Elven Star (The Death Gate Cycle, #2)

On steamy Pryan, never-ending sunlight and plentiful rain have created a jungle so vast that humans and elves dwell high in the trees and only dwarves live anywhere near the ground. From the treetops the aristocratic elves sell weapons to the other races, whose incessant warfare sends a steady steam of profits and essential resources skyward. Now, generations of dissent and race hatred will not heal -- not even under the threat of annihilation at...

Details Elven Star (The Death Gate Cycle, #2)

TitleElven Star (The Death Gate Cycle, #2)
Release DateJul 1st, 1991
PublisherSpectra Books
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Science Fiction Fantasy, High Fantasy

Reviews Elven Star (The Death Gate Cycle, #2)

  • Arminion
    I loved the first book. I gave it five stars. The characters, story and the world were all interesting and compelling. So, how did this series went from 5 stars to 1? That's a good question. It's like somebody else wrote this, and not the original authors.The book was so bad, that I didn't even finish it. There were several reasons why:1) Zifnab character. I hated him. He was supposed to be a funny, comedy relief character, but to me he was just ...
  • kingshearte
    Don warned me that this was his least favourite book in the series, and yep. It pretty much sucked. Everything that made the first book so good was basically absent from this one.Plot: In Dragon Wing, the plot started early, and it was interesting right from the beginning. Political intrigue, backstabbing, revolution, and everything all intertwined into an engrossing, twisty plot. In Elven Star, the plot took forever to get going, and when it did...
  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    In the first few pages of reading this, at least one thing became apparent: I probably didn’t pay enough attention when reading Dragon Wing, because much of what I understood, or thought I understood about the worlds of the Death Gate Cycle was incorrect. On the other hand, perhaps it was the intention of the authors to reveal the worlds in this fashion, altering reader perceptions with each novel.There are a number of things that bothered me a...
  • Matthew
    You know, whenever I'm lucky enough to find a reasonably literate person who has read some fantasy novels, I'm always surprised by the fact that - as far as I can recall - none of them have read The Death Gate Cycle. Granted, I had some holdover nostalgia from the Dragonlance Chronicles for Weis and Hickman, and so I probably had more cause to read them than most, but, even solely on their own merits, these are really excellent books. They're fil...
  • Lurino
    fastread it in 5 short hours. Zifnab is the best of all crazy mages the Weis-Hickman duo ever came up with. better than fizban, and definitely far funnier than gandalf the grey. the duet between zifnab and his dragon provides the much too needed comic relief in this extra long story of seven books.
  • LENA
    Siglos atrás, unos brujos de gran poder dividieron el mundo en cuatro reinos (cielo, piedra, fuego y mar), y a continuación desaparecieron. Hoy únicamente los pocos que han sobrevivido al Laberinto y han atravesado La puerta de la muerte conocen la existencia de los cuatro reinos.Con "La Estrella de los Elfos" visitaremos Pryan, el mundo de fuego, que no es otra cosa que un pequeño mundo selvático, plagado de vegetación, donde viven unos el...
  • Darin
    I like the setting of the Death Gate Cycle with the different worlds. However, this novel was not written very well. The plot was very uninspired, the writing seemed amateurish at times, and the character of Zifnab was just annoying. I feel that this book can just be skipped without missing anything.
  • Saskia (Smitie)
    De serie wordt voortgezet in een heel nieuwe wereld met een heel nieuwe set personages (op 1 na). Hoewel ik de personages van deel 1 beter vond, was de hele nieuwe wereld met zijn eigen geschiedenis en relatie tussen elf, mens en dwerg erg interessant. Ik ben erg benieuwd hoe de volgende wereld eruit ziet en hoe de geschiedenis van de splitsing van de wereld nou is verlopen.
  • Anastasia
    I love the references to other books and sci-fi movies. The dog always provides a little levite and softens the main character. A fun nostalgic read.
  • Rebeca Adams
    heck this was difficult to finish. not sure why exactly. perhaps a lack of relatable characters or compelling prose or perhaps it was that character that was always breaking the fourth wall. just overall felt very mediocre.
  • Chris
    I’ll start by saying that Pryan is another fascinating, otherworldly planet, unique in scope like Arianus in Dragon Wing and Aberrach in Fire Sea . The planet is turned inside out, meaning its surface is on the inside and subjected to constant daylight by four “stars” centered at the core. Naturally, this creates a planetary greenhouse effect, which causes the jungle-laden surface to sprout mega trees the size of continents. Elven Star ...
  • Jim C
    Actual rating is 4.5 stars.This is the second book of a series and it can be read as a stand alone novel. There is a little background information but not enough that the reader will be lost. That being said, the reader does need to read the first one because they will all eventually tie in with each other. In this one, Haplo and his dog continue their journey. His journey leads him to Pryan where a looming menace threatens all races.I thought th...
  • Cris
    Ha sido todo un acierto recuperar esta serie que leí por primera vez durante mi adolescencia. Como era de esperar, esta relectura la ha privado del barniz de obra maestra que le apliqué entonces, pero aún así ha pasado la prueba con creces. Se trata de una colección de libros en la que tiene cabida la reflexión sobre grandes temas pero que se sustenta, sobre todo, en unos personajes carismáticos, un universo rico y complejo y un ritmo narr...
  • Heidi
    In book 2 of The Death Gate Cycle, Haplo travels to the second world created after the sundering of the natural world into four components: air, fire, earth, water. Pryan is the world of fire. The world is so lush with vegetation that most people have never seen the ground; they live in cities built on top of moss beds in the treetops. The humans, dwarves, and elves have minor skirmishes with each other but basically keep to their own races. Howe...
  • Charles
    While I like the basis of the story so far in the series the biggest problem I have with this book is the same I had with the first. It's having two authors. One author will describe for example the dragon early in the story and it was describe "He was enormous. His head towered above the trees. His body's full length was lost in the shadowy depths of the jungle. He was wingless, for he lived all of his life in the dark depths of the jungle floor...
  • Maurinejt
    3.5This is the book I used to skip when I reread the series back in the day, though I enjoyed it on the last reread. It isn't as strong as Dragon Wing. First, at the end of Dragon Wing you have a showdown with the two representatives of the magical races who are deadly enemies, the Sartan who sundered the old world creating the new in the personage of bumbling Alfred; and the Patryn, Haplo, whose people have just started to escape the deadly pris...
  • Beatriz
    Segunda parte del "Ciclo de la Puerta de la Muerte". Un poco más corto que el primer libro pero no por ello menos interesante.A mí me gustó este libro mucho más que el primero, aunque puede que sea porque éste incluye un poco de amor y sobre todo a Zifnab. El mejor personaje de toda la saga (que creo también aparece en Dragonlace). La primera vez que lees lo que dice te descoloca muchísimo. Las conversaciones con "su" dragón son desternil...
  • Lana
    So reading this book I confirm that we humans never learn, it seems that humans, elves, dwarfs and other species had once lived together but could not stop bickering each wanting to have the ultimate power to dominate and enslave the other species!! elves saw humans as dumb and only good for slavery, dwarves where selfish and thought only of their own race and hence took to their underground world away from the rest and till this day we still fig...
  • Bill
    I enjoyed this one just about as much as Dragon Wing. Another very interesting world, and mysteries to be revealed towards the end.I'm enjoying the concept of this 7 volume series very much. I know the next two are stories of the other two worlds, and I'm sure they'll be as fun and interesting as the past two have been, from the reviews I've seen so far.Like other reviewers, I, too, was annoyed with Zifnab's real-world remarks. It took away from ...
  • Alejandro Orradre
    Segunda entrega de la saga y que sorprendentemente supera a su predecesora, Ala de dragón. La trama principal sigue su curso mientras que la autoconclusiva casi rivaliza en interés a lo largo de sus más de cuatrocientas páginas.La estrella de los elfos supone una especie de estudio sociológico que se puede trasladar perfectamente a la sociedad actual y en la que se tocan temas como el racismo, el clasicismo e incluso el sexismo. Una muy buen...
  • Mabomanji
    Encore un monde qui se révèle incroyable. La menace qui pèse tout du long du livre pousse à lire plus vite et fascine. Les digressions un oeu fofolles de Zifnab sont excellentes et les nombreuses références à notre monde que le lecteur est seul à comprendre sont un vrai plaisir. J'ai juste hâte d'aller visiter les autres mondes maintenant.
  • Vincent Stoessel
    Very light fantasy that reuses a lot of the known fantasy tropes but fun. I never read the Dragonlance (Dragons) series but I can see how these authors make a good team. I never did move on to the next book in the series. May try to complete one day but not a high priority.
  • Ape
    I just re-read these books, and I remember how much I love them! It's a series that will think is only good until you've finished all of them. It has my favorite magic system and is just a great all around read.
  • Elar
    This book was much better than the first one. Story is still hard to follow and then some jokes just do not fit to normal fantasy novel. It tries to have Terry Pratchett like humor, but it just seems so out of context.
  • Brian
    Good book! Write more later...
  • Amber
    Pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book - especially Zifnab's little references!
  • Guin
    Moves a bit slower than the rest of the series, but another one that's ultimately necessary to the overall story.
  • Nimrod Daniel
    It's a great book, and better than book 1. The worldbuilding is superbly crafted, the plot is great, and Fiznab (Fizban) is a very funny character.5/5
  • Jennifer Troike
    Book 2 in the series. Follows Haplo, who isn't my favorite character. I prefer Alfred. The story is interesting, and we meet elves who are snuffy and prissy, woot.
  • Esteban LV
    I mentioned in my review of book 1, that this one is the first one of the saga that I read, and I absolutely fell in love with it, when I was very young.It doesn't stand the test of experience (as in being older and having read so, so much) at all.It's a young-adult fantasy novel and that's about it. The characters have neither depth nor arc or development, their story lines are painfully predictable, and it's only a remake of the previous book c...