27 Hours (The Nightside Saga, #1) by Tristina Wright

27 Hours (The Nightside Saga, #1)

Rumor Mora fears two things: hellhounds too strong for him to kill, and failure. Jude Welton has two dreams: for humans to stop killing monsters, and for his strange abilities to vanish.But in no reality should a boy raised to love monsters fall for a boy raised to kill them.Nyx Llorca keeps two secrets: the moon speaks to her, and she’s in love with Dahlia, her best friend. Braeden Tennant wants two things: to get out from his mother's shadow,...

Details 27 Hours (The Nightside Saga, #1)

Title27 Hours (The Nightside Saga, #1)
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
PublisherEntangled: Teen
Number of pages400 pages
GenreGlbt, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews 27 Hours (The Nightside Saga, #1)

  • The Bookavid
    glorious, lifechanging, so queer.reviewing around april I think!
  • Katherine Locke
    I was lucky enough to read this early and you guys, it is everything you dreamed of
  • Ashley Blake
    I was extremely lucky to get to read an early version of this book and it blew me away. Wright's writing is absolutely stunning. Her world-building is vibrant and sensual. The setting of a moon in space colonized by humans and originally inhabited by chimera is so alive it feels like a character in and of itself. There are several points of view, which Wright masterfully executes. Each character in this book is multi-dimensional and complicated. ...
  • Candice
    I read this book and it set my synesthesia running wild for the first time in MONTHS. This book does many things, but specifically it gets the POC rep right. It gets the queer rep down on the page so that it's real and in your face and unapologetic. It weaves a world right in front of your eyelids, and it'll leave you seeing spots afterward. And lastly, it will give you babies to love on, characters that you can take a walk with long after you re...
  • Paul Krueger
    GodDAMN, this one was fun. Wright couldn't have picked a better way to introduce herself to the world, because this book is sure to make it sit up and pay attention.
  • Cale Dietrich
    I’ve seen a lot of hype for this book, and I am very happy to report that it’s totally justified. This book is AWESOME. It’s the big diverse epic sci-fi of your dreams. I was seriously blown away by the scope and scale of this – there are almost LOTR style battles, with the humans fighting against a variety of alien creatures. On that note, I loved that these creatures were all unique and original. They were all so inventive and well desc...
  • Sarah Hollowell
    I was lucky enough to read this early, and omg okay. OKAY. As soon as this is pre-order-able, do it. As soon as you can buy it, do it. It's a scifi space adventure with natural, beautifully written diversity. I've never seen so much queerness in one YA book and y'all it's a wonderful thing. PLUS the story is exciting, the characters are amazing, everything is just great. I'm just SO EXCITED for this to come out and for everyone to get to read it.
  • Laurie
    27 HOURS by Tristina Wright has everything I could ever want in a YA scifi novel – a visually stunning foreign planet, human space colonies, a fascinating indigenous alien race (LOVE that horns figure into the alien hierarchy), SPACE DRAGONS (with 6 legs!), and action that starts right up and does not let up (Tristina throws her readers right onto her scifi roller coaster and you better hang on). Oh, yeah – and I should probably mention the H...
  • Silvana [The Book Voyagers]
    I knew as soon as I found out about this book that it was going to be so amazing. But I never knew that I will get so invested and in love with 27 Hours. Like truly. I loved everything about this book ~ the world building and the characters and especially the relationships. The writing got to me and it's just beautiful. PS. You will want to adopt every single character in this book. Be prepare.
  • Mark O'Brien
    ...never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference.This book is the queer epic sci-fi of your dreams and you will love it SO MUCH. I've read it in about three stages and each time I've cried over its contents twice or thrice. Pay attention to 27 HOURS--it's going to be huge.
  • Erica Cameron
    No matter how many times I read this book (and trust me that the number is high), I never love it any less. Tristina is brilliant and I can't wait for everyone to fall in love with these wonderfully real characters.
  • Keiko
    Okay so technically I already read this and it was QUEER TEENS IN SPACE and it was amazing?? And now it's going to be a book that everyone gets to read??? I'm amazed at how books become books and I can't wait til everyone gets to read this book.
  • Nita
    I was lucky enough to read this in early stages and it is such a magnificent and important book.
  • Leah
    As one of Tristina Wright's beta readers, I've had the honor and privilege of seeing this story in multiple stages. It has come a long way since the first version I read, and there have been some fundamental plot changes along with little tweaks here and there. But in every form its taken, this story has been incredible.27 HOURS is a story of loss and love, family (both by blood and those you make for yourself) and friendship, and finding yoursel...
  • Maria
    I had the honor of reading 27 Hours, and I fell madly in love with these very real, very caring, very badass characters -- and this thrilling future setting.
  • Natalie
    whoops i should've added this since last year ahhhhh cuz i was blessed to read an early copy of it and then another revised copy as well but the release is soooooon (October) so here i am to flail about iiiiiit.It's so good ya'll. The world Tris has created is unique and so vivid and the characters are well fleshed out and helloooo none of the mains are straight WHOO!!! and some are POC as well so double whoo!!! I was on the edge of my seat while...
  • Camryn Garrett
    I read this as a sensitivity read of sorts, but I love it and I'm going to buy it.