The Truth Beneath the Lies by Amanda Searcy

The Truth Beneath the Lies

Fight or Flight. All Kayla Asher wants to do is run. Run from the government housing complex she calls home. Run from her unstable mother. Run from a desperate job at No Limit Foods. Run to a better, cleaner, safer life. Every day is one day closer to leaving. All Betsy Hopewell wants to do is survive. Survive the burner phone hidden under her bed. Survive her new rules. Survive a new school with new classmates. Survive being watched. Every minut...

Details The Truth Beneath the Lies

TitleThe Truth Beneath the Lies
Release DateDec 12th, 2017
PublisherDelacorte Press
GenreMystery, Young Adult, Thriller, Contemporary, Fiction, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Truth Beneath the Lies

  • Shannon
    The Truth Beneath the Lies by Amanda Searcy was great! We follow two different lives, Kayla and Betsy. The story is read in both of their perspectives. This was actually a pretty dark YA, so obviously that left me feeling pleased. 😈Kayla, once living in and out of foster care, now lives with her mom in Bluebird Estates, a crappy area. Her mother is a recovering addict and Kayla is counting down the days until she can move to a nicer place. Kay...
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    I'm not sure how I feel about this or even how to rate it. The beginning felt so disjointed and confusing but even with the confusion, it only took me a couple of chapters in to figure out what was going on in the story and that was disappointing. I wanted there to be more to the "two" girls than there was and I didn't want to have most of it figured out 14% into the story. It was intriguing though so I have to give it a few stars for that and fo...
  • Jasmine
    ***Actual rating: 4.5/5 Kayla-or-Betsy Stars*** ”Carps swim upstream against the current. No matter how hard it gets, they keep going. In legends, they swim up waterfalls and become dragons. They’re strong. They never quit. This”—he points to his chest—“reminds me to keep going.” First of all, can we all take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this book cover is? Ever since I read Elle Cosimano’s Holding Smoke, I’ve come to ...
  • Karen McManus
    YA thriller fans have something to look forward to in December 2017! The Truth Beneath the Lies is smart, suspenseful and twisty, with two compelling heroines and an ending that's equal parts surprising and satisfying.
  • Diana
    This book began very scrambled, but I thought we would be given little clues and things to get us to understand how things are how they are, specially with the first girl we encounter, who seems to be in a very wrong place and to have some sort of dangerous stalker... but nope. You keep reading and things keep being comboluted and I got tired because I didn't care for the characters or the story.
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    YA thriller novels are always a nice surprise. Especially when they're debut novels like these that don't go straight into the stereotypes of teenagers. The author takes us through Kayla and Betsy's lives. The both appear to be outsiders in school and long for a "normal" life and to be accepted. The beginning of the book drew me in - who is on the phone? Why is Betsy tied down to answering this phone because her life depends on it? Then enter Kay...
  • Mayra
    Vivid storytelling, effortlessly told. Fast-paced, emotional, intelligent, gritty and raw. Searcy, I'm now a fan.
  • Lauren
    The Truth Beneath the Lies comes highly recommend by Karen McManus, the author behind one of my FAVORITE books of 2017. Therefore, it's no surprise I eagerly devoured The Truth Beneath the Lies as soon as it arrived on my iPad. The Result? The Truth Beneath the Lies is adventurous, daring, intense. The dual POV makes this book unputadownable - there wasn't a time in which I wasn't desperately trying to connect the two POVs. While I did figure out...
  • Jennifer Fenn
    Here's a 2017 debut that will keep you guessing until the very end! Using dual POVs, Searcy creates a suspenseful tale featuring Betsy, who's haunted by a troubling past, and Kayla, who's determined not to repeat her mother's mistakes and leave the housing project where she lives behind. What secrets does Betsy harbor? Who is calling on the "monster" phone she must answer at all times? Who's attacking girls near Kayla's apartment? Searcy manages ...
  • Amy's Book Reviews
    GRADE: A+5+ STARSOh Amanda Searcy, I think I’ve fallen in love with you. You shredded my heart into a million pieces more than once during THE TRUTH BENEATH THE LIES. I even hated you for a chapter or two. But now that I’m finished, I immediately have to reread this masterpiece. Please drop everything you are doing write your next book very quickly.Do NOT read too many reviews for THE TRUTH BENEATH THE LIES. You don’t want to be inadvertent...
  • Amy Giles
    There are so many twists in this book and I enjoyed each and every one of them. The one consistent thread between Betsy and Kayla's alternating chapters is the constant fear for their lives--you feel the unseen enemy's presence lurking on each page as Searcy teases out the mystery until the very end. This is a book you won't want to put down until all questions are answered. And WOW, are they ever!
  • Tricia Levenseller
    Holy wow. I can't remember the last time I read a book that suspenseful. The Truth Beneath the Lies is brilliant. I'm still shaking from all the feels. The writing is so full of raw emotion, and the story stars two incredible female leads. Searcy is a new author not to be missed.
  • Stacey Trombley
    Aaah! So excited for this book! I was Amanda's mentor for Pitch Wars so of course I love this book! ♡♡♡ Cannot wait!
  • Amanda Rawson Hill
    I read this book in a day and a half because I couldn't put it down! Great read!
  • Nia •ShadesOfPaper•
    For more review follow my blog shades of paperI was so soo disappointed with this book. Ever since I knew about it I’ve been wanting to read it, and I don’t know if I would have liked it more if not being on a reading slump, but well… the thing is that I had a lot of issues regarding the story.I thought it had a really amazing and interesting concept, and since I’m the kind of person who’s always looking for a good mystery/thriller, I d...
  • Inn Auni
    The pace was slow. I almost gave up. With two pov that were not related, it's like I'm reading two different story. Clues were given here and there. But, I'm either too lazy or too stupid to connect the dots.When I reached the chapter that tied it all, I was impressed. Both Kayla and Betsy were too jumpy for my liking. One thing I hated was some stuff that was left unexplained or was explained with riddles. Like I mentioned, my brain cells cannot...
  • Amber
    I don't usually read thrillers, they aren't usually my thing but this book was one that I had to read. I had to read it because I know the author. I've worked with her for years. So feel free to take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt but try to believe me when I say that I had high expectations for this book because I know the author. And she met them. Solid writing, characters that you care about (even if you don't like them), and some ...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    Rating: 4.5 starsWhew! That was a wild ride, and I loved every second of it. Searcy did an incredible job setting the tone for this gritty mystery-thriller starting from the very first page, and she kept me in a constant state of anticipation from that point forward.The book followed two girls, Kayla and Betsy, who were separated by geography, but shared one common goal - survival.Kayla was trying to adjust to life back with her finally clean and...
  • Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader
    This was a really crazy book full or twists that I can't give away. So my review will be a bit shorter than normal.The chapters alternate between two girls, Betsy and Kayla. Kayla lives with her mom that used to be a drug addict. Kayla was in foster care for awhile, but now they live in public housing on state aid. Kayla is 16 and works at a grocery store trying to get by. She still uses her old foster address to go to a better school. She's got ...
  • Erica Brown
    Ahh this was so good, it was not at all what I was expecting, which I think made me like it even more :)
  • Stephanie Ward
    'The Truth Beneath the Lies' is probably one of the best YA thriller/mysteries I've read in a long time. I'm a huge fan of the genre, so I've read quite a few books and it takes a lot to surprise me anymore. This novel was so full of twists and turns that I honestly didn't see any of them coming - at least not until the biggest was revealed. I don't do spoilers in my reviews, which makes this one really hard to describe without giving anything aw...
  • Phoebe The Reading Phoenix
    I received this novel from PageHabit's YA Monthly subscription. Though this is a book I most likely would not have picked up on my own I am very glad that it found it's way into my library. A beautiful novel encompassing a coming-of-age, and life's consequences this novel took me by surprise!Pros and Cons:In a story, people are mostly driven forward by the plot, however, if a book has flat characters it isn't uncommon that it's dumped into the DN...
  • Paige Green
    Rating: 3.5/5Genre: YA ThrillerPages:336AmazonAuthorI was provided an arc of this book by KidLitExchange. All opinions are my own.Flight. All Kayla Asher wants to do is run. Run from the government housing complex she calls home. Run from her unstable mother. Run from a desperate job at No Limits Food. Run to a better, cleaner, safer life. Every day is one day closer to leaving. Fight. All Betsy Hopewell wants to do is survive. Survive the burner...
  • Stacie Boren
    I received this ARC from #kidlitexchange to read in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟The Truth Beneath The Lies by Amanda Searcy. 16 year old Betsy has to start her mysterious life over and begin a new school with new friends. She is distant at first her past haunts her and she is scared to make friends but her heart warms in small San Justo, Texas and she quickly becomes one of the family in a local cafe. K...
  • Renee
    I read this book really quickly because I found that I really wanted to know what would happen next. The sense of urgency was kind of rushed and added to the confusion of the first few chapters, but as both stories progressed, it helped to play towards the thrilling and dark nature of the story. Overall, I really liked the book and what it had to offer in terms of characters and how they were developed along with the worlds they were in/those pla...
  • Kristin Herrmann
    I loved this book! Set in the perspective of two young girls traveling through their lives unseen. Kayla and Betsy both have their own troubles. Betsy is afraid for her life and keeps looking over her shoulder. Kayla, a foster kid, living with her junkie mother is just trying to graduate and make it out of her shamble life. Two girls, one path, create an undeniable thrilling read! An excellent start to Amanda Searcy's life as a novelist! Can't wa...
  • Nichole
    So this book was a little slow going for me ,it only took me a few months of on and off reading to finish it. But once the action hit, I was hooked. I didn't pick up on all the clues that were given, and kinda felt like a dummy by the end for not picked up at least a few of them, but what a wild ride. The characters were great, and the way the author moved through the different points of view was fantastic! I honesty did not see that ending comin...
  • Tara Goedjen
    A week after putting this book down, I'm STILL thinking about it. The Truth Beneath the Lies is the sort of book that gets under your skin, in a good way! It's a fast-paced thriller: edgy, smart, and full of twists, with a gritty setting that perfectly matches the plot. Can't wait to see what Searcy does next!
  • Stephanie Elliot
    I loved this book so much and read it a lightning speed, finishing it in about two sittings, which rarely happens for me. Two very different girls in two timelines--a flee-er and a fighter -- but what are they running/surviving from? This book will have you on the edge of your seat! Can't wait for the next Amanda Searcy novel!