Sleep Over by H.G. Bells

Sleep Over

For fans of the oral history genre phenomenon World War Z, a worldwide plague of insomnia creates a devastating new apocalypse.Remember what it’s like to last an entire night without sleep? That dull but constant headache. The feeling of your brain on edge. How easily irritated you were. How difficult it was to concentrate, even on seemingly menial tasks. It was just a single restless night, but everything felt just a little bit harder to do, a...

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TitleSleep Over
Release DateJan 16th, 2018
GenreHorror, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Dystopia, Fiction

Reviews Sleep Over

  • Taryn
    Can you imagine a world without sleep?As the sun rises in each time zone, people around the globe realize that no one was able to sleep the night before. There's no relief the next night or in the following days. Sleep Over is a collection of interviews with survivors who explain what it was like to live through the Longest Day. If there had been a great bolt of lightning or a thunderclap, if the earth had shaken, if a blood moon had risen and...
  • Alina
    ***Note: I received a copy curtesy of Netgalley and Skyhorse Publishing in exchange for an honest review.Very interesting premises: one day, totally out of the blue, people can't sleep anymore - at all! The most affected are the youngsters and the old, pregnant women suffer spontaneous abortions or give birth to still-borns in most of the cases, less than 10% of the population managing to survive. Before the pandemic, world population was approac...
  • Matthew
  • Jodie
    Book ReviewTitle: Sleep OverAuthor: H. G. BellsGenre: HorrorRating: DNFReview: What I can gather from the blurb is that Sleep Over is a collection of waking nightmares, a scrapbook collection of haunting and poignant stories from those trapped in a world where the pillars of society are crumbling, and madness is slowly descending on a planet without rest. In this world there are zombie, asteroids or anything otherworldly comes to destroy Earth bu...
  • Stu
    Not a shabby sci-fi/horror concept -- a plague of prolonged insomnia brings humanity to its knees -- but the oral history framework ends up working to the novel's detriment, as the writing isn't strong enough to atone for the (structurally inherent) lack of characters and plot. Yes, there are a few standout sections -- eerie, bleak, tense -- but the bulk of the book is at best tepidly competent, satisfying in that it is not aggressively unsatisfy...
  • Gemma
    Really enjoyed this book. An interesting look into a world without sleep. Liked that it gave multiple perspectives from different people around the world and their experience during the event. The story beginnings seemed abrupt and choppy, this could have been a kindle issue but made it lose a star for me. All in all I would read more from this author, thanks to netgalley for the advance copy.
  • Clair
    A wonderfully chilling apocalyptic book that questions what would become of the world if no-one was able to sleep?  We follow the story as the world breaks apart, bit by bit.  The horror created by the insomnia of the entire human race is easily comparable to that of zombies or killer viruses.  Its a highly original and thrilling read.The book consists of a number of personal testimonials from different characters.  There are tales from an am...
  • Stef Mc
    I received an ARC eBook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The first thing I have to say about Sleep Over: An Oral History of the Apocalypse (hereafter referred to as ”Sleep Over”) is that I genuinely have no idea why I requested to read it. As a reluctant gift recipient of short stories/anthologies/essays/collections et al., I don’t seek out books that lack a cohesive, consistent storyline throughout. So, why I chose to read a...
  • Lorraine
    A REALLY interesting idea that was well explored. One or two of the accounts got boring but on the whole I was completely intrigued.
  • Platon P
    You must’ve had a sleepless night. Working on that work project? Studying for finals? Writing that long essay? You go out in the morning, deliver your work, manage to get through the day until it’s finally time to get home. You go to sleep earlier than usual, and that moment when your head hits the pillow and you’re under the covers lives up to every unrealistic expectation of happiness you’ve built up in your mind throughout the day. But...
  • Brian's Book Blog
    View this review and many more on Brian's Book BlogWhat Would You Do With No Sleep?To start off, I need to admit that I did not read World War Z, the book that this is considered to be similar to (an oral history of an apocalypse).  I’m not sure if I had if it would change my review of Sleep Over or not.  With that being said, I loved the heck out of this book. Ironically, I found myself staying up later into the night to finish one more chap...
  • Arybo ✨
    2.75Sleep over is a book made of a bunch of experiences written and narrated by different people all around the world. The first hundred pages are so perfect, they are interesting and captivating. They can be hard to read. There are described facts that are painful, as children self-harm. There are first impressions about the plague, mothers loose babies and doctors don’t know how to react. Everyone’s trying their first day without sleeping ...
  • Elizabeth
    It's nice to see another book written in the oral history format of WWZ. There was a lot of good science about insomnia in here, and some really well thought out scenarios. There's a kernel of a good book in here somewhere.That being said...1) Typos. Typos, everywhere... considering I got this as a library ebook, I was surprised at how much editing it needed.2) All the stories were written in the same voice - none of the "subjects" of the history...
  • Reading Badger
    What would become of the world if every living human suddenly could not sleep? What would become of our infrastructure? Could we still function in a relatively structured society or would we turn to rage and despair when our leaders could not save us?The book consists of personal testimonials of different characters from different backgrounds and parts of the world, which gives it an eerily personal feel. You inevitably put yourself in the charac...
  • Katya
    In terms of creativity, this book was off the scale. A TEOTWAWKI story that doesn't rely on zombies, aliens, an EMP, or a standard plague = rare! I really enjoyed how things unfolded in the book. The stories were grouped into time frames, and each person's story revealed more details about what was happening. Each new story was unique, and the narration often jumped from country to country. For all that creativity, though, the "voice" in each sto...
  • Toni Boughton
    This novel can't help but be compared in form to the great 'World War Z', but it stands up to that comparison admirably. The plague of sleeplessness is just as frightening as any zombie or virus. The story is well-written and well-told, and my only complaint is that I would have loved to have names or even little bios for some of the characters, just to know more about them. I definitely recommend this for any fans of apocalyptic fiction.*Free co...
  • David
    Sleep Over would have worked better as a satire or comic novel because of the nature of the apocalypse but the author writes it as a straight apocalypse. Not a bad book but deeply predictable. For fans of the apocalyptic genre, this may still be enjoyable. Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars
  • Abi
    Really creative! Loved the World War Z vibe.Note: This book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review.
  • Sharon
    Thank you NetGalley for the copy of this book.I thought it was a well written and original science fiction thiller.I would recommend this book.