I Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 2 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #2) by Kengo Hanazawa

I Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 2 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #2)

Collecting two of the original Japanese volumes into each Dark Horse edition, this value-priced excursion into the world's weirdest zombie apocalypse is not to be missed! Having escaped being eaten by his zombie girlfriend and torn apart by his infected co-workers, Hideo Suzuki continues to head away from civilization and the bloodthirsty hordes taking over Japan. In a "suicide forest" that winds up being just as dangerous as the city, Hideo find...

Details I Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 2 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #2)

TitleI Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 2 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #2)
Release DateOct 25th, 2016
PublisherDark Horse Manga
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Graphic Novels, Comics, Zombies, Comics Manga

Reviews I Am a Hero Omnibus, Volume 2 (I am a Hero Omnibus, #2)

  • Octavi
    Una maravilla. Le da mil patadas a TWD.
  • Sue Moro
    After the slow buildup in the first omnibus, things ramp up like crazy in this book! Hideo is finally fully aware of the danger surrounding him. He tries to head away towards lesser populated areas and soon finds himself, in all places, in the Aokagihara forest! The artwork is amazing and this omnibus is packed with several double page spreads. I cannot wait for volume three!
  • Rachel
    I like how awkward Hideo is. He is definitely a likable protagonist. It is very amusing how he continues to constantly try to be polite and not break the law despite the fact that things are all weird. This manga also manages to make me feel bad for the zombies, like (view spoiler)[Hideo shoots the zombies while it holds a picture of its family (hide spoiler)] or when (view spoiler)[the taxi driver is talking about his granddaughter before he tur...
  • Bear Reads Books
    3.5 stars. Better than Volume 1. Story is building. More zombie action than the last. Artwork is amazing.
  • Sadie Oldenkamp
    This book continues to make me put in down in parts just to give it a second to sink in with each new scenario the main character finds himself in. The art work really brings home the emotional stress he's going through. Spoiler alert: There's one panel in the middle section where he's stuck in the "Sea of Trees" in Japan and he's not sure if there's really ghosts in there or not. He's fighting his mental-illness based hallucinations all the whil...
  • Derek Royal
    Great series, and I eagerly look forward to the third omnibus volume. This volume is more zombie-centered than was the first, which I thought wasn't necessarily a zombie manga (or at least something defined primarily in that manner).
  • Chris M
    I'm so bored of zombies. This book has surreal zombies and Japanese horror. So i give this book some credit for making zombies interesting again. A fun book and series.
  • Nick
    This continues to be a very strange zombie, end-of-the-world story, as it focuses on a failing manga artist and the odd people he encounters. Everything from the failing government's responses to the disbelief of the populace is an interesting study of the way people interact, or fail to interact, in our modern world. This volume focuses on Hideo's attempts to escape Tokyo, and his encounter with a school girl who has also survived the sudden cri...
  • Kenny
    Credibly creepy.
  • SeverusianaMichaelis
    Sin duda supera al primero , tiene un final que te deja con ganas de seguir con el siguiente tomo.
  • Fernando Polanco
    Segundo volumen y se acabó. Paso de seguir, eah.
  • Justin
    The slow burn of this series continues in this omnibus, as a good 70% of the plot here has the protagonists finding their way through a forest. This does give us a lot of time to get into their heads, but what we see isn't always likable.I guess I should start by elaborating on the fact that I've mentioned multiple protagonists. While wandering through the woods, Hideo crosses paths with a high school girl named Hiromi--and let me tell you, I'm a...
  • Donna
    Hideo flees the city looking for a safer place, ends up in the Suicide Forest, and finds another survivor.The artwork in this manga is amazing. In the last omnibus, Hanazawa used double page spreads to really pull you into the horror of a zombie slowly approaching. In this one, he uses them to make you truly feel how terrifying and alone you would be in a forest, at night, possibly surrounded by zombies, while your cell phone battery/only source ...
  • Flannery
    I have read a lot of horror manga, and consumed a lot of horror media in general. I can say without a doubt that this series in the top five scariest things I've ever read. My heebies are fuckin' jeebied.
  • Richard
    Much faster paced than the first Omnibus, but just as horrifying. I enjoyed this continuation from the first volume and particularly liked watching the main character wrestle with his borderline insane adherence to Japanese law while society literally breaks down around him.
  • Mika Harjula
    I did like the first Omnibus but this is terrible. The zombies were much cooler, while this feels somewhat like The Grudge. Annoying with a story that didn't really move forward at all.
  • Hans
    For some reason didn't enjoy it as much as the first one for me, still super awesome.
  • Lou Fillari
    Super great. I can't believe I slept on this for so long. Reread volume one as well so the whole story's fresh in the brian.
  • James
    I guess offing one zombie per volume is the quota for this series. Still very strange and not a normal zombie novel.
  • Kevin Berrey
    This is an addictively good zombie manga.
  • Canesgalactica
    Character development is slowly coming along, but the main character is still very much stuck in the "nice guy SJW" trope I can't stand in modern society. However, I love how the author keeps the protagonist distinctly Japanese, what with his fretting over gun control laws and proper gun safety (go you!) in a world gone mad. This volume also introduces a female protagonist of sorts who is ultimately (so far) way more likable and mature than the m...
  • Tom De
    A superbe book. Walking dead, but even more realistic. It's manga, so basically everything goes deeper. I had to put this away from now to then, due to the intense storytelling. Pick this up, it's a gem!
  • ダンカン
    Where volume 1 is the beginning of the infection, volume 2 continues where Hideo Suzuki has found himself in the middle of the forest, afraid as usual and meets Hiromi Hayakari, a teenage school girl on a school field trip. As always, infected zombies are on a rampant and two of these characters need to get away. Eventually, they get a bit of news of what is happening in Japan on day two since the beginning of chaos.So far, I Am a Hero doesn't di...
  • Terrence
    Volume 1 of I Am A Hero is a tough act to follow, and this volume doesn't quite eclipse or even equal it, but it's not bad. One thing they did keep consistent between volumes was Hideo's anxious delusions. This helps set a mood of "can I believe in what I'm seeing" for the reader at times.We do get introduced to a new character halfway through the book. They're OK, though not as interesting as Hideo or a few of his acquaintances from back where h...
  • Monique
    The world is ugly, the characters are ugly, but the story is fantastic. Hanazawa gives the zombie story device a great Japanese twist. With dark settings and odd angles, he manages to convey a unsettling atmosphere to his already unsettling narrative. I'm interested to see how Hideo continues to survive. With a new highschool girl as a companion, will she prove a hindrance or an asset? The action sequences are fantastically illustrated, with plen...
  • Benjamin Bauer
    Creepy and effective zombie-yarn featuring total loser of a protagonist. Tad slower than volume numero uno, but introduces a vitally needed foil to Hideo's lameness. Plus, next time someone calls someone a zombie, you can correct them with the proper diagnosis. "They ain't no zombie. They've just got multiple organ failure with anti-social personality disorder!"
  • Eric Snell
    Hideo is still a piece of shit character. The writer needs to redeem him quickly. Never in my life have I hated a protagonist more. I want to down rate this because of that but the book isn't bad. Thankfully it doesn't have to rely on it's main character being likable to be enjoyable.