Reviving Heaven (Room 103, #5) by D.H. Sidebottom

Reviving Heaven (Room 103, #5)

When Lily Cooper’s rock band, Quantum Rock, finally make it big and storm the charts with their debut hit, Lily finds herself touring with her parents’ group, Room 103, and thrown into the limelight overnight.It’s from then that Lily’s life starts to spiral out of control. It soon becomes clear that not everyone is happy with Lily’s success, and when Lily begins to receive death threats, her father, Jax, decides it’s time she had some...

Details Reviving Heaven (Room 103, #5)

TitleReviving Heaven (Room 103, #5)
Release DateMar 9th, 2018
GenreRomance, Music, Musicians

Reviews Reviving Heaven (Room 103, #5)

  • Melissa
    The Room 103 gang is back and with a Bang! Lily is the lead singer for the band Quantum Rock. She is Jax & Eve’s daughter. Quantum Rock are home from a six month tour after finally hitting it big. However, Lily’s homecoming isn’t as welcoming as she had hoped when she has a break in by a stalker. Her father hires an ex special agent, Harrison Cole, to be Lily’s security 24/7. When the threats against Lily intensify will Harrison be able t...
  • Di Covey
    3.5 Stars!This book is like a high that you feel sick about and still want more. Sidebottom as always, knows how to make you cringe, want, need, madness. Madness!WTF did I read? I'm not entirely sure I love it, I'm not entirely sure I hated it. Somewhere in the middle I guess. Let me try to sum this up.What in the What? Okay. So, this story is based about a rock band... I didn't get the rockstar vibe I wanted, yet there was Lily; who knocked my s...
  • KA Graham
    Reviving Heaven (Room 103, Book 5)by DH Sidebottom ☆☆☆5 stars☆☆☆The gang is back and oh how they've been missed! The chaos and shenanigans ensue, like we knew they would, even years later. This time around it's Jax's daughter Lily, in the middle of the mix, and she's going to need all their support and love.She's followed in her famous father's footsteps, but being in the public eye, has created enemies. Enemies that want a piece of h...
  • Terri Turner
    Loved this book. The boys are back and this book doesn't disappoint, if you have read the Room 103 series; you will LOVE this and is a must read.Lily is Jax and Eve's adopted daughter and the lead singer with Quantum Rock. This feisty little rock star has many problems that are deep seated and effects her in many ways but she puts a cover on for people and a big smile on her face that hides her pain. After touring for six months she is back home ...
  • R.f. Greenwood
    *sigh* i missed these boys 😍Right admittedly i struggled with the first part of the book, not because of the book but because i was rusty, it's been a few years since i first read The Room 103 boys, nearly 4 to be exact so i had to try and refresh myself, i could of re read but i like to challenge myself apparently. Anyway! Holy fudge! Jax.. Boss.. Bulk and Romeo.. *sigh* i still love them.. they've moved on with their lives and I'm so happy t...
  •  Charlie ✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    The room 103 gang is back!This book is about Jax and Eve's Daughter, and her band Quantum Rock this book is pretty fast-paced.Lily safety is at stake. so her father hires a security guy named Harrison.The story is told by different POV it is full of suspense and will keep you guessing till the end a few twists and turns you don't see coming.
  • Katie Theobald
    The boys are back in town. I loved the Room 103 series and was so excited to hear that there would be another book in this series. This book drifts from the boys focusing on Lily Cooper, adopted daughter of Jax and Eve.Lily the lead singer in up and coming rock band Quantum Rock, and her band mates, Knight Tap and Cage are finally hitting the limelight as their new single hits the charts. After accompanying Room 103 on a reunion tour, Lilly’s l...
  • Anna Green
    3.75 stars from me!I was looking forward to reading this book because of the guys from Room 103. Although this is part of the series it can be read as a standalone because the main character is Lily the adopted daughter of Jax and Eve. She's grown up and is now a rising pop star with her own band. It was great to see the boys again but they only made a minor appearance on this book as this story is all about Lily and her bodyguard Harrison. I am ...
  • Cbuckley7
    If you loved the Room 103 series this book is a must!Lily Cooper is Jax and Eve’s adopted daughter, she is also the lead singer of Quantum Rock.After gaining a hit record and spending 6 months on the road as 103’s supporting act, Lily returns home to a series of threats.For Lily’s safety Jax employs Harrison Cole, ex SIS, although Harrison’s protection fails at times he finds himself caring deeply for Lily, and uncovering secrets that she...
  • Cheyenne
    The gang is back in a new story in the Room 103 series. This story revolves around Lily, Jax's daughter and lead in Quantum Rock. Lily is struggling with her past and what is happening to her in present day. Harrison is the guard hired to watch over her. What happens when Lily's life is in danger? Will Harrison be able to piece together the puzzle to figure out who is taunting Lily? Truths will be revealed, will they break Lily? Reviving Heaven i...
  • Melissa
    Everything I had hoped it would be and more. This is the story of Lily. Jax and E's daughter. If you've read the Room 103 series, you know who I'm talking about, if you haven't this can be read as a standalone. Lily has chosen the same career path as her parents and when she is threatened, her parents step in and hire security for her. OMG hot, moody, alpha security!!! They both have secrets and are very guarded. Loved the way this story played o...
  • Jo Conway
    After taking some time out D H Sidebottom is back & what an absolutely amazing book to bounce back with!!!I absolutely loved the original Room 103 series & was so very excited to hear that Dawn was writing a new book to add to the series.Reviving Heaven is Lily’s story-Jax & Eves daughter.If I’m totally honest this book was nothing of what I was expecting it to be, it was so so much more!!As always Dawn gave me a story that completely dragged...
  • diana Scott
    The boys are back !!The boys are back and they are back with style. If you loved The Room 103 series then you will love Lilly's story. Lilly is Jax and Eve daughter who is now all grown up and had to deal with so much in her life already. Beautifully written Lilly's book is a whole load of emotions rolled in to one. The love DH Sidebottom has for this series is clear to see in this book. 5*read for me.
  • Trudy Moore
    AmazingI have been waiting for another room 103 book as I have loved the group since book one. It hasn't disappointed me at all. It is amazing read from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down. You cant help buy fall in love with Lily and harrison and what they go thorough. This is a must read.
  • Anne Milne
    They are back and I’m so happy it’s like dropping in on old friends. Lily is Jax and Evie’s daughter her band Quantum Rock have hit the big time. However with success comes the dark side of fame, the fans, the stalkers and a past that until now has been hidden. The story is fast paced and easy to follow I’m fo happy that Dawn is back
  • Di
    Loved itI couldn't finish this fast enough. The pace was quick and the story snowballed brilliantly. The suspense was gripping and I thought I had the bad guy picked out but I was wrong. I was NOT expecting THAT outcome. At. All.
  • Lou
  • Suzan Washington
    Wasn’t. happy with this book. No explanations were given about his relationship that resulted in a pregnancy. I was waiting for more conflict and explanations!?!,!,!,
  • Coralee Corrigan
    Amazing read
  • Theresa Shaw
    Must read When I seen dawn was writing this book i was so excited to read this one I loved the other books in the series i was hooked to this book like I was to the others i did missed these guys highly recommend dawn books especially this series
  • Lynn Steele
    WoW loved it.D H Sidebottom is a one click author for me . And as always a brilliant extremely well written story from start to finish. I highly recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Amanda Bishop
    Standing ovation, once again Dawn never fails to write an amazing book.