Somewhere Else by Gus Gordon

Somewhere Else

George has no interest in exploring the world. He is far too busy at home baking fine pastries. Or so he tells everyone when they invite him along on their wonderful adventures. But when his friend Pascal digs a little deeper, the real reason George will not leave home is finally revealed.

Details Somewhere Else

TitleSomewhere Else
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherNeal Porter Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Birds, Adventure

Reviews Somewhere Else

  • Linda
    George, a duck, stays home baking pastries as year after year, his friends fly to other wonderful places, “somewhere else”. They’ve tried to get George to go, but he always has an excuse to say “no”. He has more baking to do, yoga lessons, tv watching. When Pascal, George’s bear friend, needs a place for the winter, Pascal admits that he’s sad he hasn’t gone anywhere, and finally admits the real reason. What happens after that sho...
  • Earl
    A charming story of avoiding one's shortcomings and facing one's fear of trying anything new with the aide of friends.
  • Dimity Powell
    A simple story about a duck with a secret failing who goes to great lengths to avoid admitting it to himself or his friends until Pascal's kindness and patience gently draws it from him, told intricately so that this picture book becomes a visual feast. Beguiling characters and consuming artwork allows this Gus Gordon's latest offering to truly take readers, somewhere else. Top marks.
  • Tasha
    George Laurent is not like other birds. He doesn’t go anywhere, not flying south or north, just staying at home. He always had something delicious cooking in his oven and the other birds would come and visit. They would invite him on their next adventure, but George would always decline and have some kind of excuse. When winter arrived, George met Pascal, a bear, out in the cold. George tries a series of excuses to explain why he is still there...
  • Bella
    The story is typical kids' stuff but I am a sucker for it every time. I am particularly fond of the graphic.
  • Heather
    A charming book for anyone who loves travel or French or has experienced disappointment and deferred dreams.
  • robyn
    I loved Loved LOVED this book! Just loved it!!
  • Gayle
    A bit long, but funny and sweet with utterly charming illustrations.
  • KC
    Multi media use in this great adventure tale.
  • Beth
    That mixed media artwork is fabulously fun.
  • Ampersand Inc.
    This is the charming story of George, a duck who can’t fly, and Pascale Lombard his bear friend who helps him out. It manages to be somehow both sentimental and hilarious, and the collage illustrations can’t be beat!
  • Edward Sullivan
    Pascal discovers the real reason why his friend George refuses to fly anywhere. A charming, warmhearted story.
  • Figgy
    Review to come.
  • Barbara
    Despite his friends' efforts to persuade him to travel and visit some of the world's most beautiful places, George, a duck, insists that he's quite content at home. After all, he's terribly busy and often baking something yummy to share with others. But after his friend Pascal learns the real reason for his reluctance to travel, Pascal is determined to help him conquer that problem. Nothing works until they build a hot air balloon, which allows G...
  • BiblioBickie
    George is an anthropomorphic goose, a homebody who enjoys hearing all the stories of his friends' explorations in faraway places, but he always has an excuse that keeps him from joining them (including a mountain of ironing...). When winter comes, and George is all alone, his non-migrating bear friend comes to visit, wondering why he is still here. George finds the courage to tell him why, and they work together to address the real reason George ...
  • Nicole
    This book was a surprise. The pages are a collage of old advertisements and a simply drawn goose and his friends. Gus is a goose with a lot on his plate. There's usually something cooking in his oven or any of a number of hobbies that keep him busy. But no matter what has his attention, he's far too busy to fly away for the winter. This funny story is full of Gus' excuses as he and his friends banter over the merits of staying home or travel. Whe...
  • BrookesEducationLibrary
    A charming story of a bird called George who can't fly and has made excuses for this inability to go places when friends have invited him to go, instead he stays home year round making fabulous cakes and pastries instead. That is, until his friend, Pascal comes to stay for the winter and together they work through George's fears and take those longed for trips! A great book about overcoming your fears and living your dreams! Really great illustra...
  • Mary
    I wanted to like this book even more than I did but there were a lot of missed opportunities within. I really loved the illustrations! The story was good and definitely a read-aloud for grades K-2nd. However, there could have been way better connections between what the friend ate, what place they wanted to visit, and what George's excuse was for not being able to go.
  • Maria
    George isn't your typical bird, he is too busy to travel. All his friends invite him to see their favorite places, but George just always happens to be really busy baking, reading, writing, ironing, you name it! But one day, George's friend Pascal finds out the real reason George won't travel.
  • Kelly
    Not a huge fan, but I think kids would like it. I didn't like the illustrations; some were straight out illustrations, other additions to the pages appear to be photos and a hodge-podge of other stuff. It was distracting to me.
  • Cornelius Library
    George isn't your typical bird, he is too busy to travel. All his friends invite him to see their favorite places, but George just always happens to be really busy baking, reading, writing, ironing, you name it! But one day, George's friend Pascal finds out the real reason George won't travel.
  • Elaine
    Quirky cute book with a European vibe (author is Australian) about a duck who allegedly doesn't travel/migrate because he's just too busy with baking and other homebody tasks. A bear-friend encourages flight in a number of creative and comical ways and eventually the odd pair succeeds together.
  • Jj
    Yes, yes, yes. Gus Gordon gives us another sweet friendship story that comes across as authentic in its tone. I noticed that this is a story about working through fear/anxiety which never actually mentions those emotions by name or waves the whole thing in the reader's face. Bravo.
  • Karen Abbott
    Have you ever felt that you missed the boat? So does this great duck. Fortunately for him his friend, a bear, persists in finding out why his buddy never flies anywhere to see the world. They tackle the problem and discover that a nontraditional approach will allow them to see the world together!
  • Tania Roberts
    A fun, sweet story about taking advantage of every opportunity when you have a chance and the power of friendship. Wonderful illustrations of far off places interspersed with fun, quirky newspaper tidbits and advertisements.
  • Lynn
    A quirky story with quirky illustrations but I like it! I like George!I think my second graders (who are studying the continents) will like it, too. I don't have the words to adequately describe this book, so find a copy and read it!And, be sure to spend some time on the endpapers!
  • Seema Rao
    Attractive collage style illustrations accompany a story about a bear with a series wanderlust and how he starts his adventure
  • Debbie
    Gus Gordon writes in a sweet and tender way. This story is lovely, and the pictures offer a lot to discover.
  • Peacegal
    Cute, sweet story of a little duck who is too busy to fly away for the winter.
  • Nikki
    This is a particularly charming book and I am HERE for the unlikely friendship between Pascal and George.