The Champagne Queen (The Century Trilogy #2) by Petra Durst-Benning

The Champagne Queen (The Century Trilogy #2)

When Isabelle took a chance and eloped with Leon Feininger, her true love, she hadn’t stopped to consider what would happen next. Winter on his family’s isolated vineyard proves tougher than she expected, and Isabelle finds herself daydreaming, envisioning the wines she and Leon will make when they have their own land.An unexpected inheritance opens a door for the newlyweds—Leon’s uncle has left them a vineyard, and in champagne country n...

Details The Champagne Queen (The Century Trilogy #2)

TitleThe Champagne Queen (The Century Trilogy #2)
Release DateSep 20th, 2016
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Audiobook

Reviews The Champagne Queen (The Century Trilogy #2)

  • Evelina | AvalinahsBooks
    It is a good book, but in light of the other books I've been reading, I just can't give it 4 stars - mainly because the genre of the book is light and simple compared to the other more serious stuff I've been reading. I'd give it a solid 3.5 if I could though! I just wrote a very good review for a memoir of a mother with a child with Down syndrome, so writing a review on a lighter book is so hard right now - maybe you'll understand.If you are loo...
  • Jool
    I consider any book by author Petra Durst-Benning to be a must-read. The Century Trilogy has proved once again to be exceptional by this author. These historical fiction books are captivating! I have pre-ordered the third book in this trilogy.I highly recommend this book!
  • Rebecca Rosenberg
    I loved reliving the champagne region and a glimpse into the inner workings of making champagne. This is one of my go-to books to immerse myself in the sparkling world of champagne...a world i always miss when I am not there,researching my new novel, champagne widows!
  • Teresita
    If the 1st book in the trilogy made me want to ride a bicycle, this one made me want to drink champagne and a go to a vineyard! Reminded me a lot if driving through Italy this spring. The book is the second of the series but could be read alone, however I highly recommend reading them in order. I think you get more out if/appreciate it more. Although this one didn't make me cry, it seems incredibly well researched. I also enjoy reading the author...
  • Jill
    Now I want to live in France in 1898 on a Champagne Vineyard.
  • Renate
    The three novels in The Century Trilogy may be read in any order. This was my favorite. Not only does Petra Durst-Benning tell an intriguing story, but her research about how champagne is produced is educational. The strength of women at the turn of the century before woman's suffrage was astounding. Women who forged their own paths against all odds. As a retired teacher, I enjoyed the theme of this story - Isabelle's curiosity and reading aided ...
  • Stefani
    It was a bit on the long side and moved slow in certain parts but it was overall a very interesting read. You can tell the author has done her fair share of research on the topic of champagne making and such :D Definitely recommend that you check this book out if you are a fan of the bubbly and France. Lots of interesting details are thrown in (such as the champagne made by widows and cycling) and omg the French coutryside....take me to France pl...
  • E
    I won a Kindle version of this book on I read the first book before starting this second in the sequence. Although it is not necessary it gives more background to some of the characters and sets the scene for this book. I loved this story. The historical facts, setting of the story, and depth of characters makes this a pleasurable read. It is both inspiring and heart wrenching; a love and hate story with twists and turns ending wit...
  • Donna Bresnak
    I received a kindle copy of this book for free in return for a review. although this says it is a second book in a trilogy it really is not noticeable as such. it stands on its own.I enjoyed reading about the winemaking region, the wine makers and of course the life of the main character, a woman who is strong and self reliant. The book is a delight to read. I recommend it .
  • Melissa
    The Century Trilogy book 2These books are remarkably researched! I feel like I could grow grapes in my own backyard after reading this book. This story follows one of the friends through her trials and tribulations as she learns to be a vintner. I cried, laughed and cheered. This was a wonderful read!
  • Nancy
    A life journey.At the beginning I did not like the main character, I found here naive and unprepared for her new life. Isabelle proved everyone wrong after many struggles she rose and met all the difficult tasks. It really is a story about a young woman standing up for herself in the face of adversity. The book is very easy to read and the writing is good.
  • Audrey VerVer
    Even more enjoyable than the first book.This was the second book of a trilogy. I enjoyed it even more than the first book. Where it ended it only made me want more. Can't wait for the third in the trilogy.
  • Em Gamache
    Fantastic!Very well written! I felt as if I were right there in Champagne, France. Complicated characters and a wonderful storyline.
  • Laurie Highsmith
    I loved it. I couldn't put it down.
  • Janet Foster
    Great bookMaking champagne was interesting enough but the story being set in Europe made it much more interesting. Now I've read 5 of her books!
  • Andrew Farley
    Love, Sabotage, and Champagne. What more could one want?Though the story starts a bit slow, one quickly becomes invested in the main character Isabelle. At first she is snobbish and weak, but as she moves through the tempest of highs and lows her life presents she grows into a strong, resilient protagonist. Surrounding the strong female lead is a cast of multi-faceted characters that provide the love, support, and sometimes difficult truths that ...
  • Kate Braeburn
    Learning from The Glassblower Trilogy, I nearly gave this edition a miss, not really being able to imagine where the author could take our new friends, the characters onward. As much as I found the history and development of cycling in book one, I really didn't want to read more of the same. Petra does not disappoint in this fascinating edition, full of twists and turns, and plot spikes, that left even my eyebrows raised. I couldn't read it fast ...
  • Paula Spencer
    Captivating. Another beautiful novel from Petra, and a beautiful sequel. This told us the continuing story of the three friends from Berlin but this time concentrating on Isabelles story. A story of love and loss but also of hope. A captivating tale set in champagne country. It took you there to the vines and grapes, the sights and smells. I am looking forward to the third part of this stunning trilogy.
  • Vivien Joan Lynn
    Courage over adversityIsabelle leaves Berlin to run away with Leon, the love of her life. Her parents cut her off disappointed with her choice. A surprise inheritance begins an adventure in champagne country and all that it entails. Now living in France and away from family and friends back home in Berlin Isabelle encounters tragedy and has to surmount many obstacles to survive and make a success of Leon's legacy.
  • Astrid Falkenberg
    I didn't like it as much as the first book, even though I was interested n the descriptions about champagne making and the references to the actual champagne families and areas in France. The plot was too contrived and not as well done as in the first book, but still kept me reading, as I wanted to know how it ended....
  • Marie
    this was book two of the trilogy that I plan on finishing by this author. I really enjoyed it but reading it on my Kindle I did not realize how long it was which is why it took me a bit longer than usual. I do enjoy longer books that allow you to get immersed in the scenery and the characters' environments. This book was perfect for that. I really recommend book 1 and 2 so far.
  • Jamie
    As with the first book in this series, whenever things are looking too rosy for the protagonist, you can count on tragedy to strike. I didn't actually mind the predictability though, because the historical details are so intriguing. On to book 3!
  • Courtney
    Charming and courageous charactersLoved the cultural settings and challenges that the characters faced. Strong women creating their happy ending in a time and world that tryed to dismiss them.
  • Judee
    Very interesting story.I enjoyed this book much better than the first book in the series. The characters were very detailed and as the story progressed, I could hardly put the book down. A thrilling tale of a young woman who makes lemonade out of the lemons that fate throws her.
  • Mary Alice
    I love a main character that's not afraid of hard work! Her struggles with mental illness also made her more believable. Josephine,Clara,and Isabella....I love their friendship so much I preordered book#3!
  • Arlene Blackmer
    Love this series. Everything you want to know about champagne. Kept thinking of Andrea Gregg!!
  • Theresa A Updegrove
    Good read learned a great deal about wine making strong women
  • Laura
    Brilliant What a wonderful story and a twist of adventure and learning of true love. A treasure to picture the field of champagne grapes
  • Sandra Vander Linde
    Loved this book!I feel like I know the main characters, they are my friends. Looking forward to reading Clara's story in book 3.
  • Garris
    Another wonderful historical fiction by Petra Durst-Benning. If you like strong women characters, then this is for you.