Meant to Be by Julie Halpern

Meant to Be

In a world where the names of MTBs—"meant to be" mates—appear on the body at age eighteen, a girl must decide whether to believe the phenomenon or follow her heart in this YA novel.It started happening a few years ago: the names of MTBs—"meant to be" mates—appeared emblazoned on the skin at age eighteen. Agatha's best friend has embraced the phenomenon and is head over heels in love with her MTB. But Ag isn't so sure. As she searches the ...

Details Meant to Be

TitleMeant to Be
Release DateOct 24th, 2017
PublisherFeiwel & Friends
GenreRomance, Young Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy, Did Not Finish

Reviews Meant to Be

  • Jen Ryland
    My overall opinion: comic/light dystopian is VERY tough to pull off. Remember Bumped by Megan McCafferty?Well, if you liked that, you might like this.Basically this takes a familiar YA dystopian trope about assigned OTPs (the name of yours suddenly appears tattooed on your chest when you turn eighteen -- think Matched by Ally Condie) and combines it with a YA contemporary narrated by a wisecracking character in a sort of love triangle (she gets ...
  • nick
    I read Julie Halpern’s The F-It List a couple of years ago and adored it. I haven’t picked up anything else by her since, but when I came across Meant To Be, I got curious. Unfortunately, for me, this was one of those books that has an interesting concept that’s just not executed to its full potential.In Halpern’s world, on your 18th birthday, your soulmate’s name becomes etched onto your skin, a phenomenon that’s gone unexplained. Is...
  • Dilara
    2018-02-02"Biri sana gerçek aşkı kimde bulacağını söyleseydi, hala başkasını sevmeyi dener miydin?" Konu olarak oldukça değişikti diyebilirim. Ana kahramanımız Agatha, beş yıl önce ruh eşlerinin aniden göğsün üzerinde adlarının belirdiği bir zamanda yaşıyor. Bilim insanları bunun ne olduğunu çözebilmiş değil, insanların büyük bir kısmı var olan düzenlerini yıkıp isimlerinin p...
  • Drue
    I absolutely love this book, love the characters, love the whole storyline. It took me a teeny bit to get into the idea of the world that was being built but once I bought into it it was hook line and sinker. I really would crave a sequel because I wanna know what happened to all these characters
  • Aycan
    Saçmalığın dibini gördüm, bundan daha öteye gidebilecek bir kitap var mı? Rezillikti resmen, o son neydi öyle? Heyecan mı yarattın şimdi sen? Çok farklı bir kurgu mu yarattın? Berbattı. Tamamen zaman kaybı. Karakterlerden ve konudan bahsetmek bile istemiyorum. Yeterince zaman harcadım zaten.
  • Jane
    3.5 stars
  • i_like_big_books
    k not gna lie, i pretty much technically only read like 70 pages of this lmao. i got to the 130ish or less point but i skimmed. and then i read three sentences of each page for the rest of the book. if i didn’t do that then i’d be done w this in a year cus it drags and is one of the worst books i have everrr read. o m g. i could honestly write like a 10 page essay on this book and how much it sucked but i’ll say five things: predictable, dr...
  • Barbara
    In this dystopian-lite book, when anyone reaches the age of eighteen, the name of his/her true love--their Meant to Be (MTB)--appears scrawled on his/her chest. Free-spirited (sort of) Agatha Abrams has never believed in this fated love, and even calls these romantic connections "Empties." I had high hopes for this book because of this original concept and the humor, but my interest flagged about halfway through, and I was more than a little anno...
  • Dale
    To be completely up front, I wanted to really like this book - I meet Julie and spoke to her for about an hour in a line at ALA and really enjoyed the time chatting. I'm relieved to say I would have liked this YA romance even if I had never met Julie! It's an interesting premise and filled with terrific dialogue and characters who sound like 18 year-olds actually sound. I feel compelled to add this is a read for mature teens - there's lots of sex...
  • JM Cabral
    Full review to come as on-sale date approaches. For now, I'll leave my short blurb:"Meant To Be is a novel about a young woman defying the rules imposed upon her to prove the importance of choices and freewill. It's a novel that's filled with humor, thanks to a main character who is as funny as she is smart. I might not love it as much as I wanted, but I did like the story as a whole and I would still recommend it for lovers of the contemporary g...
  • Kaitie
    I absolutely LOVE the whole concept of soulmates and their name or mark being on you in some way as a story concept. It's one of my favorite fanfiction prompts LOL. However, I did not feel like this book was well written and the plot wasn't coherent enough for me. I didn't like the character development, but did appreciate how realistic it felt? It was a solid 2 star read that I bumped up to 3 for the end like 10 pages because they were so darn c...
  • Valerie
    If I am honest, this book was good but different then I thought it would be. I had different expectations of what I thought it would be. Essentially each person is labeled with their "meant to be' person and this was the story of working through if you would chose that destiny or not. I think the phrase you have to kiss a frog to find a prince rings true for me.
  • Lara
    Interesting and fun take on the soulmate concept and how (allegedly) having one would affect society. Aggy is a great narrator, and for anyone who's been waiting for a YA female protagonist who gets unapologetically horny and owns her sexuality, she's your woman.
  • Sibel Gandy
  • Rachel
    Sorry, but I'm going to spoil this book. As I read this book, I was really hoping that saggy would prove people wrong and should that their MTB (meant to be) doesn't have to be their true love. This book was really good, but also a bit disturbing too. Then again, I'm only 13, and the book is recommended for ages 14-18, but whatever.
  • Autumn
    Received an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review from MacMillian Children’s Publishing Group via NetGalley.Along of the lines of the Matched series. I like Julie Halpern's writing style a lot. I enjoyed the book, I had quite a few questions in regards to this process of your Meant To Be's name appearing on your, so many questions. BUT. All-in-all, I enjoyed the book. Honest rating is a solid 3.5 stars.
  • Michelle
    Received an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review from MacMillian Children’s Publishing Group via NetGalley.The premise of this book is very intriguing about discovering your soulmate or “meant to be”. At 18, a name appears and that person is the person you are supposed to be with forever. This is thought provoking, because 18 is very young to know the person you are supposed to be with for the rest of your life. Part of the fu...
  • Trudi
    On your 18th birthday, the name of your soul mate appears as a tattoo over your heart and is know as your MTB (Meant To Be).Agatha is not sure what to think about this and she believes in free will and doesn't want her mate decided for her. After her tattoo appears, she ends up having a summer fling with a co-worker as a way to defy the tattoo, but everything comes back to the tattoo and should she search for her soul mate.This had the potential ...
  • Heather
    I read an advanced reader copy of this book. Boobs. The main character's breasts were mentioned so often, they deserve their own line in the credits. On to the main theme... it seems like it was mostly skimmed over. Which I guess is okay, because you can't really go very far with the premise of random signatures appearing on people's bodies out of nowhere. I'd say it is a nice quick summer read for when you don't want to think too hard. For those...
  • Helen
    This is one of those books that are a little difficult to classify. I guess I would call it a contemporary (possibly slightly futuristic) YA romance with a magical/supernatural twist (just the Meant-to-Be name appearing on people at age 18 with no explanation). Our protagonists use technology that seems the same as what we have in 2017, make pop culture and slang references that mimic our current choices, and aside from this mysterious Name thing...
  • Kristen
    This is etched into my skin. This is real. This is forever.This is a stranger's name. Six years ago, Names started showing up on people eighteen and older. Most believe that their Name belongs to the person who is their soulmate, or, as they now call them, Meant-to-bes (MTBs.) People spend exorbitant amounts of money to find their MTB. Movies and books have incorporated the Names into their plots. But not all find the MTBs to be romantic or neces...
  • Morgan
    *Read at work for review for ROYAL*Julie Halpern’s Meant to Be presents the all important topic of choice and free will, specifically in relation to our love lives and who we are meant to be with.Main character Agatha is living in a quasi dystopian world where on your eighteenth birthday, the name of your soulmate, or in the case “meant to be” appears on your chest, over your heart in their handwriting. Agatha is pretty opposed to the idea ...
  • Chrissie Morrison
    The concept of a "soul mate" has been around for practically forever, but something strange started happening a few years ago.  No one knows why, but people started getting names on their chests.  Not like a tattoo, per se, since they didn't choose the name and/or do it themselves.  Names just started appearing.  Signatures, actually.  Though no one knows why or how this started happening, many people honestly believe that the signature belo...
  • J.D. Knutson
    There are many ways I could approach a review for this book, so I’m not sure where to start. I liked the premise of the book, which is why I decided to read it. I was soon surprised at how much language, vulgarity, and sexual content it contained. However, there is a certain momentum this book creates, so I persevered. Even so, I didn’t respect the narrator, and disliked a lot of what she said.Why did I keep reading? Because this book is well...
  • Katie Scarlett
    I read an ARC I got through a goodreads giveaway.This book was exactly what I needed right now. I needed this light, funny, rebellious soulmate AU.I am confused timeline wise when this book takes place, if it's present-day but alternate universe or if it's slightly in the future. Anyway, about 6 years before this book is set, names started appearing on people's chests, usually above the heart, of everyone over the age of 18. It was determined tha...
  • Maryalice
    I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. When it comes to love, Agatha Abrams is disenchanted. Her parents' relationship didn't survive the MTBs (meant to be), and she firmly believes in free will and choices. Instead of jumping for joy and spending a lot of money to locate her meant to be (or even conducting an online search for him), Aggy rebels against the system. She is determined to fa...
  • John Clark
    How would you feel if someone's name in signature form appeared on your chest when your eighteenth birthday came? The phenomenon started six years ago and nobody's quite sure why. Was it a god thing, or did some company come up with a way to convince almost everyone that these signatures are a shortcut to everlasting true love so they could capitalize on the marketing possibilities? Opinions are mixed and Agatha's more than unhappy when Hendrix C...
  • Nina
    I really wavered while reading this one between really liking it and feeling very "meh." What I did like was the portrayal of a sexual relationship that wasn't AMAZING OMG. It felt so honest. Sometimes it isn't all sparks and butterflies, right? Maybe teens should know that... then you can move on! Even if the guy is nice! Anyway, what was KIND OF annoying, was that she still just went to her MTB at the end, which seemed a little more exciting an...
  • Tess (Book_Voyage)
    I had such high expectations for this book. I really did. Maybe they were too high. Either way, they were not met. At first, I seriously appreciated how Aggy rejected her MTB, or "destiny" as you will. While I would love to believe in the idea of having a soulmate, its too cliché for me. I do believe however, that each of us have multiple partners or people out there in the world for us. How many, I am not sure. But I think that we will meet one...