Whiskey Words & a Shovel II by R.H. Sin

Whiskey Words & a Shovel II

Real and raw, the voice of R. H. Sin delivers gritty, impassioned truths on matters of loving, living, and leaving in his second book of poetry.  Sin's first book is a bestseller and continues to delight his one million followers.R.H. Sin’s second volume continues the passion and vigor of his previous publication. His stanzas inspire strength through the pure emotional energy and the vulnerability of his poems. Relationships, love, pain, and f...

Details Whiskey Words & a Shovel II

TitleWhiskey Words & a Shovel II
Release DateJun 7th, 2016
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing
Number of pages176 pages

Reviews Whiskey Words & a Shovel II

  • Joseph
    Interlude for the survivor.the pain means you're alive the scars mean you've always survivedWhiskey Words & a Shovel II by r.h. Sin is the author's second collection of poetry. Mr. Sin is a minimalist when it comes to a biography -- An old Facebook page, a closed Twitter account, and an Instagram account with plenty of pictures of his poems. Sometimes great things happen by accident. I saw this book and immediately started it. A few years ago I r...
  • jenice
    -this was so fake deep™-none of the poems felt new, fresh. it was a mix of everything i've read before, except worse-and that's not a bad thing, but the writer should make it their own and make it seem original to the readergood thing(s)-i read it in less than an hour1.5 stars (.5 because it kept me interested enough to finish the collection)
  • Jen (Book Syrup)
    This poetry collection, which I was SO excited for, was way over-hyped. I found it to have the following things, and more, that really irked me to the point of no return: preach-y to women (when the author is a man), likes to romanticize depression and the aftermath of abusive relationships, compares a woman's sex to a winter jacket, continously says he's a better man than any other man the women he's speaking to has been with, and is filled to t...
  • Sarah Nu
    5 stars for all the tears.Reading this collection of poems felt like home. I am so glad I randomly stumbled upon this one.Very simple, incredibly beautiful and truly powerful read.
  • Pam (The Girl Who Cried Books)
    I came upon this book while I was browsing for new poetry books at Netgalley. I love poetry so much and I'm the type to immerse myself in poems of all sorts. Sin's poetry is simple yet deep and also straight to the point. It hits the bullseye of feels. No matter what situation you are in, you are sure to find one that is applicable to you in Whiskey Words & a Shovel. I've read a poem about going through and past distance just to get to the one yo...
  • Julia
    3.75 out of 5 stars "sometimes you have to drown to learn how to swim" This collection of poetry was BEAUTIFUL! It was almost everything I could have asked for in poetry. It was mesmerizing and relatable . I had not previously read the first installment but reading this one alone, I had no complications. My only issue was with the narration. This voice coming across was very soft and loving and than on the next page mean and stern. I underst...
  • Dina
    different, yet the same.different personsame paindifferent personsame liesI hate the moments between meeting someone and leaving someonethere’s this brief feeling of trust before the paranoia that seeps in once you begin to realize that they’re just like everyone else you’ve met beforedifferent personsame bullshit No offense, God please forgive me for saying this, but how is that a poem and how am I supposed to fall for it?I have not reache...
  • hizatul akmah
    loving the wrong person is self-harmTHIS IS ABUNDANCE OF PERFECTION!!! i'm not kidding i had to fight back tears while reading most of the poems omg and now i need the physical copy!!!
  • Alex Cino
    Perhaps R.H Sin does boast a fearless and vulnerable voice, but this remains one of the most appalingly tasteless volumes I've ever read. What we have here is a bombardment of obsessive love letters and cringe-worthy rants , most no more than a sentence or two of free verse.Page after page demands the reader to "find a man who loves you with all the love you deserve."A poem simply titled "Sent text" reads:"Be consistent, or become non existent." ...
  • Francesca
    I didn't particularly love this poetry collection: it felt too focused of breakups, and it was full negativity. The themes were a bit repetitive: it almost seemed like I was reading the same poem over and over. I found few pages that I liked, but I would honestly recommend other poetry collections instead, like Mouthful of Forevers or milk and honey.
  • Lluxita
    Без съмнение най-добрата поезия, която съм чела <3
  • Ece
    I hate it when men thinks only men's approval and attention can make the women feel worthy. Misogynist as fuck. Same old bullshit.
  • Paula
    Beautiful poems that will make you feel touching the hand of a real man who talks to you looking into your eyes not being afraid to say words that might not be the most perfect ones, but they are honest, coming from the heart and this is why Sin's poetry deserves more than 5 stars. Sin is not a magician to make you believe that the one you love shares your feelings. He is the true friend who tells you the truth about impossible things."your eyes ...
  • Tony Parsons
    My favorites: reminders; encouragement I; II, III; release…Quite a diverse genre; love, hate, dislikes, divorce, etc.As a retired crisis & school social worker I loved the + self-esteem builder ones. I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one. A very awesome book cover, great font & wri...
  • Charlie
    Like:- I love the simple poetry. I'm personally not a fan of poetry with abstract sentences, so I could appreciate this. - This collection is really an ode to women which I love. It's very uplifting. - I'm glad I checked out some poetry by someone I haven't read before. It broadens my horizons and makes me realise what I actually like. Dislike:- I felt a disconnect to this. I think I would have LOVED this if I was still in love with my ex-boyfrie...
  • Vera Minot
    I seriously do not understand the hype. Maybe this just isn't the type of poetry for me, but it felt like the ramblings of 15 year old me. Only if I went back and read my insufferable journals from over a decade ago I know they'd move me more than these works did (and I am a poetry reader not a poetry writer so that should say something). It was the same few topics ("teach women to love themselves" check, got it) and the same blasé vocabulary th...
  • sanny
    Browsed through this at the bookstore again to give the poet the benefit of the doubt, a second viewing if you will. Alas, I'm just not a fan of the style of poetry here. And the typology used didn't add further character to the structurally arranged sentences. The words were arranged with intent, but they do not come off as art, at least to me. The only obvious improvement here is that the price of this volume is 'only' 32SGD as opposed to the 5...
  • Aishath Thuhufa
    Cannot believe I managed to finish that...what was that?? It tried so hard to be "deep" but was sooo repetitive and patronising. Didn't actually make any sense half the time, but all the while it was trying to tell women what they should learn/be taught to do this and that/how grateful they should be/basically how they should just do whatever the author wants them to do but always "love themselves". Struggled so hard to get through it, hoping I'd...
  • JAsmine Ong
    A brilliant piece of poetry.This book speaks about feminism, self-love and boy-girl relationship. They are all really short and straight to the point , which I loved . It definitely give a tumblr-feel and not a standard-like poetry but I do not mind at all. I am overwhelmed with feels throughout the book. I'M FILLED WITH POSITIVE VIBES THROUGH THIS BOOKOverall: 4.25 stars
  • Leila Tarek
    I'm in love.Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.What did I get myself into?The answer to that is PERFECTION.Full Review right here: https://lebookworm7.wordpress.com/201...
  • Meghan
    If I could give a book ten stars, this would be the one.
  • Steven
    Awesome raw and real poetry! Absolute simple magic and not trying to be something it's not! Boom
  • Samantha Luciano
    Head on over to my Instagram at instagram.com/samanthaivyyyy for reviews
  • Vinz Agdipa
    Five poetically heartbreaking stars! I want mooooore!
  • Alexia Dominique Reyes
    you belong to yousometimes your soul mateis yourselfand everythingyou've been searching forcan be founddeep within your own soul
  • Arwa
  • Suraya (thesuraya)
    “it’s not giving upit’s simply survivaland I hope it’s you who survives”
  • Dean
    i hurt my own heart today reading this damn book.
  • Lydia
    *Sigh* Unoriginal and very cliche. The only poem I liked in this collection was " your past lingered/ like a rope around your neck/ and so I kicked over the chair/ beneath your feet" because it was the only one that wasn't an overdone platitude about a) loving yourself b) loving someone else or c) trying to get over a breakup. Luckily it was a fast read. I would recommend this to people who just broke up with someone and need lots of reassurance....
  • Marissa Mason
    Personal Response: I really enjoyed reading this book. It only took me 2 days to read. Whiskey Words & a Shovel reminded me of the book Milk & Honey. I really like how the pages are short and meaningful. The book is really easy to relate to. Recommendation: I highly recommend reading this book. It's a little bit on the girly side, but guys can definitely handle reading this. It has a lot of educational statements and life advice that might help y...