Christmas Days by Jeanette Winterson

Christmas Days

From the New York Times bestselling author of Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? c....

Details Christmas Days

TitleChristmas Days
Release DateDec 6th, 2016
PublisherGrove Press
Number of pages293 pages
GenreShort Stories, Holiday, Christmas, Fiction

Reviews Christmas Days

  • Diane S ☔
    This may well be the only Christmas book I read this season, and of so I am glad I chose this one. I loved every single story, though of course I had a few favorites.The Snowmama, a magical heartwarming story with a wonderful message.The Mistletoe Bride, a gothic tale of well deserved revenge.Christmas Cracker, a wonderful tale that ends with the true meaning of Christmas. The Silver Frog, a loose presentation of a Scrooge type story.The Lion, Th...
  • Amalia Gavea
    It's Jeanette Winterson, people. I could read her shopping list and still be a happy reader. In Christmas Days we have her impeccable style and stories about Christmas. What could go wrong? If you just replied ''nothing'', you are correct.Jeanette Winterson offers us 12 stories and 12 recipes for the 12 days of Christmas. The stories are examples of different genres, each one written in a distinctive voice, each one with its own theme. The featur...
  • Cecily
    This is a physically beautiful collection of a dozen (for the twelve days of Christmas) new short stories, alternating with a dozen pieces about food (each ending with a recipe), all with a Christmas or winter theme, topped and tailed with an introduction and a Christmas message. I use, but don’t read cookery books, and to my surprise, the musings on food, festivities, and ritual (4*) were far better than most of the stories (2* - 3*), some of ...
  • Emer
    This was an impulse buy. I was standing at the counter in my local bookshop ready to pay for my other purchases when I saw this beautiful looking book. I had to pick it up. The cover was just so tactile; a beautiful woven cloth hardback with gorgeous silver pickups. How could I resist???I love all things Christmas. Every year I read countless fluffy Christmassy-themed chick-lits and YA novels... But none of them ever seem to capture that true ess...
  • Diane Barnes
    I am not generally a Christmas book reader, or Christmas special watcher, mainly because I find the majority of these are a little too sappy for my tastes. But I saw a couple of nice reviews of this one, I've heard a lot of good things about Winterson's writing, and my library had it on the shelf, so the fates decreed I give it a try.I'm really glad I did, because all of these stories are magnificent. Not a sappy, sweet minute in this collection;...
  • Dave
    A very unusual Christmas book. Winterson loves Christmas for its reflection, ritual, love and community . The recipes in the book are less about putting on a holiday show and more about how food can help make Christmas (and life) merrier and brighter. The stories are all designed to raise the ghost of an idea, like modern Christmas Carols, most featuring ghosts and/or magical creatures. All throughout, there's a bit of history, some autobiography...
  • Aoife
    3.5 StarsFor the most part I enjoyed all of these stories. My favourites were The Snowmama, Christmas in New York, Christmas Cracker and The Lion, the Unicorn and Me. They were just cute with a great hint of Christmas magic. I didn't like Dark Christmas, it was way too haunted for me and actually made me feel a bit spooked and uneasy which is NOT how I wanna feel at Christmas time.I also didn't care about the recipes. This book could have been ju...
  • Camie
    I'm always looking for a new Christmas read and this is a book with a beautiful cover. 12 stories and 12 feasts for 12 days says the cover. Her stories are bold, and her recipes um uninspiring. All in all I think I'm used to more traditional tales and fare.
  • Ali
    Twelve stories and twelve feasts for twelve days, it simply oozes Christmas spirit. The volume opens with ‘Christmas Tide’ an introductory essay by the author, ruminating on what Christmas is and where it, and all those traditions we take for granted come from.The twelve stories which follow are a wonderful mixture, incorporating magic, love, ghosts and Christmas gatherings. There is snow, mistletoe, and mysterious spirits, a Christmas tree i...
  • Kirsty
    I decided to purchase Christmas Days for three reasons: firstly, it is festive; secondly, it is beautiful in itself; and thirdly, it was written by one of my favourite contemporary authors. Rather than read it all in one go as I would ordinarily, I chose to approach it in a slightly different way, reading one of the stories each day, perfectly timed so as to lead me up to Christmas Eve. I loved Winterson's introduction, which revolved around how ...
  • Mary
    Wonderful seasonal stories and recipes!
  • Beth Bonini
    This collection of original short stories, memories, personal rituals, recipes, musings, and informational bits about cultural and religious tradition are mixed up like a rich Christmas pudding. You can gorge yourself on it, or consume just a bit at a time - either way, it makes for the perfect seasonal reading. Both stories and personal reminiscences are relayed in simple, down-to-earth language, but Winterson has the trick of being both humorou...
  • Saturday's Child
    Christmas, bar humbug I’m not a big fan of it and I only like the fact that there are some public holidays involved in it. My only disappointment with this wonderful book is that I did not get to read it in December around Christmas time.
  • Dolf Patijn
    One of the best Christmas books I've ever read. The recipes are not all that great but the stories with the recipes and the other stories are. Really enjoyed it.
  • Patti's Book Nook
    Gorgeous cover aside, the stories contained in this collection are wonderful and varied. I read this over a busy two week period and am having trouble remembering specifics...but this is unsurprising since I can't remember one task from the next these days, carrying a notepad with me at all times to ward against this continual forgetfulness. My favorite story was easily The SnowMama. The mix of childhood nostalgia, tradition, and comfort of know...
  • Buddy Bell
    I'm so glad to have read this book now. It's such a charming read with 12 different stories, most of which I loved, and was full of personal anecdotes and musings on Christmas and what it means to her (Jeanette). Each story is also accompanied by a recipe that means or has meant something special to her at this time of year. Such a great book in the lead up to Christmas!
  • Jonathan
    This would have got five stars had it not been for the steak sandwich recipe - but it is just my hard, veggie-hearted nature showing through. Not being a Christmas person it did not seem a natural choice of book in the first place, however I have got back into Jeanette Winterson's work again recently, and combined with a beautifully produced book it seemed like an opportunity to read something I might normally ignore.Anyway, the collection is a s...
  • Yv
    4,5*Oh, wat was dit een heerlijk boek! Net als Jip en Janneke, vind ik dat dit boek in de kast moet staan. Om elk jaar weer te kunnen genieten, of later aan je kinderen voor te kunnen lezen voordat ze naar bed gaan. Om dan vervolgens zelf een grappig receptje uit het boek te proberen!Het boek is werkelijk prachtig vormgegeven en komt totaal niet tot z'n recht op mijn e-reader. Tuurlijk, de prachtige platen tonen ook wel in zwartwit, maar zo mooi ...
  • Jaclyn Hogan
    This was exactly what I needed. Christmas is different when you're 31. It's not as easy as it is when you're 7. Probably most of this comes with getting older. You see the hard work that goes into Christmas when you're an adult. You don't write letters to Santa, or leave out cookies. Your parents are older, and more tired. I think it's just harder to be excited when your older. There aren't as many new things, so you don't have new reactions. So,...
  • Ultra Violet
    I am sure you have all heard of that hygge thing that's so trendy now, where we light candles and lie under blankets hiding from the dark outside. This is the ideal book for that, it's a strange mixture of short stories, recipes and Jeanette's thoughts on Christmas but it's very cosy. The stories include a couple of sweet romances, a few supernatural and a few animal ones but they are all well written and enjoyable.
  • Suellen
    This book is a deliciously dark and magical collection of 12 Christmas short stories. As a bonus, it also includes 12 recipes that read like short stories themselves. I'm not always a big fan of short stories because they don't seem to end properly for me. Not so with these. I loved every single one of these. I haven't enjoyed such a creepy Christmas experience since The Nightmare Before Christmas movie.
  • Sassafras Lowrey
    One of the best books I have ever read - I say that without exaggeration. I think I will start a new tradition of reading this book each December. Who would have thought that one of my favorite authors would also have such deep haunted, reclaimed connection to Christmas. Though our connection to this holiday look different I felt great kinship to this book. Also, it's a gorgeous book to hold and read. I'm sad that I read it so quickly, but I coul...
  • Karlijn
    Na het lezen van twee romans van Winterson die ik allebei vrij bagger vond, was dit boek echt verrassend leuk (misschien ook omdat ik hele lage verwachtingen had). Leuke korte kerstverhalen, al vielen de persoonlijke verhalen voor mijn gevoel wel wat in herhaling tegen het einde.
  • Ruth
    A beautiful collection that captures entirely the Christmas spirit. I have a soft-spot for warm, holiday-filled stories, mostly because they make me think of my mom, and my mom is one of my best friends. This collection succeeded in giving me that excited-kid-before-christmas feeling and helped cheer me up through this depression spell I'm currently in immensely.I felt it was perfect timing to finish reading this gem of a book the day before I wa...
  • Nancy
    I smell a new Christmas tradition on the horizon! I loved all of the stories in here, so atmospheric, so chilling and goose-bump inducing (due to frigid temps and unnerving situations), haunting, yet lovely, all at the same time. And, AND, there's recipes in between the stories. Simply magical. I'll have to remember to pick this one up again this November!
  • Makenzie
    "Stories round the fire at Christmas, or told with frosty breath on a wintry walk, have a magic and a mystery that is part of the season. Writing is an epiphany of its own, in the sense of something unexpected being revealed. Christmas, which seems so familiar, maybe even worn out, is a celebration of the unexpected. Here are the stories I have written so far. Twelve of them for the twelve days of the season. Here are ghost stories, magical inter...
  • Natalie (weneedhunny)
    As with all short story collections, you'll like some more than others. Some of the later stories appealed less, especially the few ones with a religious touch - which bordered on the sugar-sweet and sentimental. Although sentimentality in Christmas stories is sort of a given, a few of the latter stories sort of tripped over in the balance for me. But on the whole I thought many of these stories were beautifully written - Winterson writes rather ...
  • Terzah
    If Charles Dickens and Anne Lamott could write a book together, this would be it. I've never read any Jeanette Winterson before (a sad fact that will soon change), but I loved this book from start to finish. My intention was to read it during the Christmas season, but my library hold came in a little late. I'm glad I decided to read it anyway. Some of these stories are dark, some are uplifting, some are sad and some are ghostly...but they are all...
  • Maggie
    And, 12 stories and 12 days later, I finished the Christmas book. This was a book that as soon as I heard about it, I wanted it. And so I ordered a copy, had it delivered to my husband, and told him to wrap it up for me. By the time Christmas Day rolled around, I'd forgotten about it - so it was a lovely gift to open. It's delightful. The stories are little gems, some ghost stories, all tied to Christmas. In between are brief remembrances of Chri...
  • Yesenia Balay
    What a book!!! I can't deny that what attracted me to this book was its beautiful cover but its Christmas stories made my life complete during the holidays. I've heard very briefly of the author before, being introduced to her by booktube and Jane Campbell's book "The Bookshop Book" and ultimately became enamored of her writing. It is intelligent, witty, funny and when it needs to be, heart wrenching. I highly recommend this book to anyone who en...