Lethal Velocity by Lincoln Child

Lethal Velocity

It’s like nothing anyone has ever seen before. Utopia is the brand-new frontier of theme parks, a fantastic collection of Worlds each so authentic it takes the average visitor’s breath away. Teeming with cutting-edge holographic and robotic technology, it has captured the nation’s imagination. But it has also attracted a group of ruthless criminals. After infiltrating the park and its computer systems, their leader—calling himself John Do...

Details Lethal Velocity

TitleLethal Velocity
Release DateMar 15th, 2016
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreThriller, Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery

Reviews Lethal Velocity

  • S
    This book was remarkably dull for being a thriller. Within a couple chapters, it began to feel like a chore to read it. I wasn't into any of the characters from the very start. Then I got the audiobook since I needed something to listen to, and I listed to the rest of the book until the epilogue. Read the epilogue from the actual book.I just never bought into the premise of this book. A futuristic, amazingly technologically advanced theme park th...
  • Dave
    OK, good not great. Theme park shake down thriller featuring widowed robotics professor with teen daughter. WestWorld meets Ocean's 11 for the taking of the Pelham 123 with a hat tip to Jaws. Escapist fiction like fiery cheese puffs.
  • Chris Friend
    I liked this book more the further I got into it. At first, I thought it was a former Disney employee trying to dream up a great scare at something unimaginatively similar to Walt Disney World, with the only major addition being a glass dome atop the property, what amounts to a running joke at Disney. About a fourth of the way in, the dialog was so reminiscent of soap operas that it was very difficult to take the story or the characters seriously...
  • Scott Sigler
    I'm a big Lincoln Child fan, and this one had all the elements of the strong Child novels we've come to expect. The science is a blast, the characters are fun and the pacing is brisk. For me, though, it seemed to be that the whole was less than the sum of the parts. I think it was the setting -- a high-tech theme park is very cool in theory, and getting behind the scenes should have worked, but in the end it just didn't thrill like the rides it d...
  • Farhan
    This is only my second novel by Child but I am already a fan of his sleek and compelling techno-thrillers. Utopia is the most modern and technologically-advanced theme park of the world. Its rides and attractions use cutting-edge technologies such as highly realistic holograms and robots with artificial intelligence. When the park is held hostage by a team of ruthless criminals, the responsibility of saving the lives of seventy thousand-odd guest...
  • Kristin Lundgren
    Another great one by Lincoln Child, writing solo. This is the second go around for me, previously having read it about 8 plus years ago. It is a very well-researched, strong thriller in an amusement park, miles outside of Las Vegas, set in a deep chasm, so that visitors approach the front of the park on ground level, and it falls away behind the park to several levels of offices, maintenance etc, . The park is under a large dome, sectioned into f...
  • Tracey
    Utopia is not a bad book; it's just not a great book. I'm spoiled by mystery writers such as Jeffery Deaver and Anne Perry who build suspense like master architects of breathtaking mazes that delight and confound but still let people out at the end. Yes, okay, Lincoln Child (Is that his real name??) wrote a thriller, not really a mystery: In an idyllic new theme park that draws on the latest technology comes a bad guy who threatens serious harm u...
  • Roger
    SUMMARY: The sitting is a fantastic amusement park near Las Vegas. A group of bad guys infiltrate the park and threaten mass destruction and death unless the park turns over some very valuable assets to them. I kept thinking of Disney World on steroids as I read the book. I don't know if the author intended the comparison to Disney World or not, but it was hard for me to avoid.COMMENTS: I listened to a complete audio version of this book I got fr...
  • Paul
    I was very intrigued with the setting of this novel more than anything as I am a huge fan of amusement parks. It delivered on some new ideas for rides and park themes, though it would be better served in a movie than in a book. Too much description can bog a novel down, especially a thriller. But this book didn't really deliver on the thrills in my opinion. I expected rides to be incorporated into the action a bit more. It got much better towards...
  • Bonnie Lynn
    Looking forward to this Lincoln Child suspense novel where a high-tech futuristic amusement park is taken hostage by unknown bad dudes for unspecified reasons, My expectations must have been too high. The book had it's moments but, for me, not many. My opinion would be different Had I cared for even a few of the characters. The fact is I worried more about the robot dog and random park visitors than I did about anyone who'd been given a name in t...
  • it'chy
    took me longer than expected;it seems i have more hobbies than i care to admithurray for teresa bonifacio!p106: a postcard labeled borokay beach, philippines was affixed to the inside of the lab door.p419: sitting alone at the rear of the payload compartment, john doe had removed one of the countless stacks of currency and was making origami cranes from the contents.
  • Tiffany
    When it was UTOPIA, this book was my absolute favorite in Lincoln's repertoire (and still is, to be honest). Everything, from the inside map of the amazing theme park that it is Utopia to the technology that runs it and the terrorists that destroy it, is amazing. Page after page. A must read for any techno-thriller lover!
  • J.P.
    The best parts of this book are the descriptions of a futuristic amusement park. Short on suspense and there isn't much character development
  • Gertie
  • The Cats Mother
    This has a great premise - terrorists take over the worlds greatest theme park - Die Hard meets Westworld - but I found it disappointingly slow and predictable. I had not read anything by this author before, but have seen his bestsellers in shops, and picked it up somewhat at random, keen to see what it was like. Robotics expert Andrew Warne visits futuristic theme park Utopia, run by his ex-girlfriend, with his teenage daughter, on the day a tea...
  • Tom Hill
    I enjoyed this book, but as I was reading it there was this nagging thought in the back of my mind that the plot seemed familiar. After finishing it, I realized why. This is the perfect plot line for a Die Hard movie. Bruce Willis would play Mr Poole, bringing his kids to Utopia for a day of fun, the ride they are on is sabotaged by greedy terrorists, but he heroically saves all the passengers, while figuring out there are some real bad guys in t...
  • Rebecca Lefler
    This was a good thriller, perfect for beach read.
  • Onyx
    Well I couldn't afford a trip to an amusement park this year so I figured reading Utopia would be the next best thing.The descriptions of Utopia are great. The details are fantastic, down to the mannerisms of people within the park. I felt like I was there and I'd love to visit this place. The first chapter makes a reference to meloning, 'When daring young women on rides bare their breasts to the camera' ? Is this really what its called ? I tried...
  • Amy
    Good storyGood story but I did skin a lot of the beginning and descriptions. I didn't care about the theme park and rides, but I did care about the characters and action!
  • Jane
    Lincoln Child knows how to entertain a reader. Yes...his books are not cerebral...they are just plain fun! Utopia is the setting..a "playground" for the public near Las Vegas. It is a fantasy world beneath a giant dome, the size of a small town. The book is rich in description allowing the reader to partake in what the "amusement park" has to offer. Lots of holograms, futuristic robots, replications of mood/weather/towns. The main character retur...
  • Snotchocheez
    What seemed like a slam-dunk thriller premise (a super-high-tech domed amusement park outside of Las Vegas called "Utopia", sabotaged by terroristic thieves) was all but undone by hackneyed dialog, gaping plot holes and glacier pacing. It reminded me a lot (in hokeyness, anyway) of a movie I saw at the drive-in when I was ten or so, called "Rollercoaster". Despite Utopia's supercharged AI/robotics and holographic effects (and a significantly high...
  • Frank
    Taught thriller that takes place in a futuristic amusement park. Overall I really enjoyed this one -- especially the descriptions of the park itself that utilized robotics and holograms as part of its 4 worlds. This was a great combination of science fiction and techno-thriller. I've read a couple of books by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child that I have enjoyed. This is the first I've read by Child on his own and would definitely recommend it. I h...
  • Scott Zeien
    A fun read. Anyone who has visited an amusement park must have wondered at some point - perhaps at the top of the coaster - "What if something goes wrong?" This book feeds the disquiet while creating a fabulous vision of a fantasy world about to be turned on its head.
  • Amanda
    Amazing descriptions of a very cool amusement park. Utopia would be such a cool place to visit if it were real. The book felt too long, the suspense might have been more exciting if condensed a bit. 3 1/2 stars.
  • Odile Maite
    whyyyyyyyyyy is it soooo longggggg
  • Marc Szewczyk
    I listened to the audio book because I wanted to hear Scott Brick read, and this was available at the library and sounded reasonably interesting. And it was. Set your expectations correctly, and you won't be disappointed. This is a formulaic techno-thriller, but it's an example of good execution within the formula.The idea is intriguing. Utopia is a theme park, meant to be an immersive experience that creates and recreates environments both fanta...
  • Cade
    This book was fine but not great. This is more frustrating because I think the idea had so much potential to be really fun and exciting. This book qualifies as a thriller in that there is tension and conflict, but it is not terribly suspenseful. There are excessively long detours to try to inject emotion by "building up" extra characters that are obviously about to become throwaway victims. The story is entertaining, but several of the plot eleme...
  • Cynthia Maddox
    I enjoyed the book after I got into it. I've read five or six of Mr. Child's solo books and really enjoyed them. This one, which was apparently published some time ago under the name Utopia, was a bit slow to start for me. Gradually, I was able to get into it and the pace picked up dramatically. By the middle, I was having a hard time remembering that all this was happening in a single day. It was hard to get the characters sorted, too. They were...
  • Sic Transit Gloria
    Not Lincoln Child's best thriller.The main flaw of this book is its main character, who does not have the skills nor knowledge needed to take on the antagonists. He is neither combat capable, nor possessing insider knowledge, nor clever. Thus, all the antagonists must do things slowly, simply, and in a way that the protagonist can react to. It gets so awkward that halfway through the book, the author introduces a side kick who actually has combat...