Ghosts of Greenglass House (Greenglass House, #2) by Kate Milford

Ghosts of Greenglass House (Greenglass House, #2)

Welcome back to the irresistible world of Greenglass House where thirteen-year-old Milo is, once again, spending the winter holidays stuck in a house full of strange guests who are not what they seem. There are fresh clues to uncover as friends old and new join in his search for a mysterious map and a famous smuggler’s lost haul.

Details Ghosts of Greenglass House (Greenglass House, #2)

TitleGhosts of Greenglass House (Greenglass House, #2)
Release DateOct 3rd, 2017
GenreMystery, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction

Reviews Ghosts of Greenglass House (Greenglass House, #2)

  • Beth
    I have a friend who didn't like Greenglass House - in fact, she wondered what I saw in it. (I loved it.) After reading this, its sequel, I'm left wondering if this is the reading experience she had: one where too many details never quite gel together, the setting stretches belief, and the genre is slippery and unreliable in a way that makes the story feel ungrounded.Somehow the magic is gone in this one.
  • Jordan Henrichs
    I didn’t know how badly I wanted a sequel to Greenglass House until I started reading Ghosts of Greenglass House. Milford wrote in her Author’s Note that this story just sort of came to her on a car ride home from Thanksgiving. This surely feels like an ending to these characters but I really really hope another story just comes to her on another car ride. I’m not sure I’m ready to be done with them!It’s very cliche to say, but this is ...
  • Skip
    Milo and his adoptive parents are planning for a quiet Christmas, with a single guest about to leave when Georgie and Clem seek sanctuary. Then, a group of carolers show up from the nearby asylum and some property is stolen, including a mysterious map. Once again, Milo conjures up an alter ago (Tenjin), when joined by his friend Meddy/Sirin to solve the crime, and identify the guilty. There is a lot of Nagspeake folklore. I thought the book was t...
  • Brandy Painter
    Fans of the first Greenglass House book will be happy to see most of their favorite characters return here. In a many ways the plot rehashes a lot of what was done in the first book. I found myself not quite as into it as I was expecting. There are a lot of extraneous details, and at times the plot feels confused and jumbled. Milford's descriptive prose is in evidence throughout the book and it does have a very grounded sense of place.
  • Kim Dyer
    I didn't love this one as much as the first but still a very sweet middle grade story and I absolutely love the setting of Greenglass House!
  • Shelley
    Rounding up a 4.5. Milo is back, it's the next Christmas break, and there's new people with new mysteries to unravel--plus some old friends. This wasn't quite as atmospheric and amazing as the first, but it was a very worthy follow up. I loved seeing Georgie and Clem again, and Milo's parents remain relatable and awesome. I really appreciated seeing Milo struggle with well meaning adults who ultimately make him feel like "actual Chinese person" d...
  • QNPoohBear
    A year after the events of Greenglass House, Milo was looking forward to a quiet family Christmas, yet wistfully thinking of the new friends he made last Christmas. He had a bad week at school and just wants to be left alone to mope. His anxiety is kicked into high gear when the only guest at the inn decides to extend his visit-indefinitely as it seems to Milo. Then Georgie and Clem show up in trouble and they seem to think Emmett isn't who he sa...
  • Kate
    I didn't make it through the book. After 100 pages, nothing had happened so I gave up. I literally can sum up the first 100 pages by saying: company came over. I figured if the rest of the book was like that, I would go insane. It's too bad because I loved the first book.
  • Brenda
    Originally posted at Log Cabin LibraryE ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreeLineOpening lines: "Frost was pretty much the worst. It was like a promise with nothing behind it. It was like not enough icing on a cookie, not enough butter on toast."Milo is once again getting ready to spend his winter vacation at Greenglass House, but his holiday gets off to a rocky start. Not only is he cranky about the lack of snow, he's also distressed over an inciden...
  • Joan
    I'll admit that at first I found the book dragging. And I'll state that this was more of a 3.5 than a 4 star title. However, once the kids (one human, one not human) got their act together the next morning, things stopped dragging. And I loved the author comment that she deliberately chose one of the Christmas carols as a tribute to a scene from The Dark is Rising that I've always loved as well! However, I hope that if there is another title that...
  • James
    LOTS of skimming and frowning... LOTS.could be a two-star for the fact Milford is insistent and proud of using sensitivity readers (love that), but i seriously did not enjoy this book in the slightest... i think she tried to incorporate too many things into this tale, and it was just so thematically similar to the first book...worked wondrously there, but even the best ideas get tired when repeated... i hazard a guess the rave reviews are BECAUSE...
  • Sam Bloom
    4.5 starsI should know better than to read a Kate Milford book when I'm reading a zillion other books. Milford's books demand your full attention, lest you should miss one of the many, many delicious details in character, setting and plot. But despite the fact that it took me forever to read (whilst, again, in the midst of reading a zillion other books), this one was pretty much wonderfulness from start to finish. The only thing I struggled with ...
  • TJ Burns
    My 10-year-old daughter and I loved Ghosts of Greenglass House even more than the first book in this series, Greenglass House, which we absolutely loved! We were glad, along with Milo and his parents, to welcome back Georgie and Clem and especially Meddie. We also enjoyed meeting a whole slew of new and interesting characters and delving deeply into their histories and motivations. New mysteries engaged and enthralled us and, as with the first bo...
  • Jennifer Linsky
    About once a year -- twice, if it's a _very_ good year -- I find a book that makes me run about to everyone I know (and who will stand still for long enough) and press that book into their hands, exclaiming, "This is so good! Read this!"A couple of years ago, that book was Greenglass House, by Kate Milford. In the ensuing years, I have read, I believe, everything which Kate has published, and even established a friendly acquaintanceship with Kate...
  • Aaron
    Honestly, I could not immerse myself in this story as much as I did the first one. The first half of the book seemed to dawdle a little bit. I did enjoy the last half as the mystery started to ignite a little more. The Pine family runs Greenglass House as an inn for smugglers. The setting itself is creative, unique and almost the most intriguing character in the book. Young Milo Pine and a friend work to solve a mystery featuring a kooky set of s...
  • Jaina Rose
    This review and many more like it are available on Read Till Dawn .When I reviewed Greenglass House about three years ago,  I wrote that it was a cozy and nice read that I enjoyed, even when some of the plot twists were a tad creepy. Now that I'm here reviewing the second one, and have had quite a bit of time to process the first one, I want to start out by saying that the fact that Meddie is a ghost added a whole layer of ambiance and chara...
  • Lori
    NOTE: I received an advanced readers copy from Net Galley of this book.I absolutely love all of Kate Milford's books for many reasons - depth of characters, unique settings, intricate plots - and Ghosts of Greenglass House has all of these and more. Readers don't necessarily have to have read the first book, however they will find it much more satisfying when reading #2 if they have the first book since certain plot points and characters make rea...
  • Lara
    What a pleasure to see all these characters again. While the plot is a little hackneyed, the fact that the characters acknowledge it in the story (oh great, another mystery involving our houseguests at Christmas! What are the odds?) makes it acceptable. I also (as a cousin to two adoptees) found Milo's struggles with identity and how the world views him to be honest and moving.Have I mentioned how much I'd really like to play Odd Trails?
  • Andrea
    I loved this sequel! I think the author is doing great things with diversity, adoption narratives, childhood emotion, family dynamics, moral gray areas, and the enduring power of friendship. That is a LOT of stuff but I really loved all of it. I didn’t think it could compare to Greenglass House, but it definitely held up.
  • Mabel
    I really enjoyed this. All the characters (since it’s been so long) are fresh and zany and despite some of them being “bad”, they’re so good. It’s a very surreal slide into a interwoven story with other stories.
  • Amie
    This was good, but the first one is my favorite of the two.
  • Anna
    A quite interesting book, But I am disapointed Of it! 😐
  • Kasia
    4/5 stars. Now again, I had some debate as to whether I should rate this a 3 or 4 star, but in the end I decided with the latter because in comparison to the first book, I fancied this book more. However, there is something particular about this novel that bothers me, and it is the misleading title. If you read the first book in the series, and want to pick up the second book in this series, reading the title, you might think, "Oooh, this book is...
  • Clay
    This isn't a stand alone and I'd encourage interested readers to pick up the excellent Greenglass House #1 first, but it's a solid follow-up, with--no spoiler 'cause it's in the title--more than one ghost, another challenging mystery for main-character Milo, plus thoughtful interchanges about what it's like to be adopted and the challenges of being a Chinese-born child with white parents. Recommended to Greenglass fans.
  • Sydney
    Great sequel, loved the mystery in it.
  • Brittany
    3 1/2 stars. I really loved Greengrass House, and thought the sequel would be a great cozy mystery to enjoy as it’s started to get colder outside. There’s a lot about this sequel that I did enjoy - the characters are still fantastic and well-drawn, and the setting is fascinating and continually peaks your curiosity. Milford’s sentence-level writing is excellent and I think she does a great job of crafting interesting mysteries. Unfortunatel...
  • David McElroy
    Greenglass House was my introduction to Kate Milford earlier this year, and in the eleven months since then I've devoured almost all of her books. So, I was especially happy when I discovered that she was writing a sequel to one of my favorite books. As has been the case with every other book of hers, Ghosts of Greenglass House definitely did not disappoint!One of the aspects of Kate Milford's books that I really love is the interconnectivity bet...