The Breathless by Tara Goedjen

The Breathless

No one knows what really happened on the beach where Roxanne Cole’s body was found, but her boyfriend, Cage, took off that night and hasn’t been seen since. Until now. One year—almost to the day—from Ro’s death, when he knocks on the door of Blue Gate Manor and asks where she is.Cage has no memory of the past twelve months. According to him, Ro was alive only the day before. Ro’s sister Mae wouldn’t believe him, except that somethin...

Details The Breathless

TitleThe Breathless
Release DateOct 10th, 2017
PublisherDelacorte Press
GenreYoung Adult, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal, Gothic

Reviews The Breathless

  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    The Breathless left me... breathless. Because of the annoyed sighing. First of all, it's a suspense novel that is not suspenseful. There are moments where the book mentions dead horse bones and snake skins and whispering names and yet I was basically just begging it all to end. If you're writing suspense, you need to make your reader feel unsettled; yet I felt completely cold. This is not suspense, just horror-movie fodder. To make matters worse,...
  • Katie Nelson
    A page turning, gothic mystery!Mae's sister Ro mysteriously died, and life has been hard for her family ever since. Her father is obsessed with finding Cage, her sister's boyfriend who disappeared the night of her death, but comes back almost a year later with no memory of the events. Ro doesn't want to help, but she desperately needs answers and with the help of Cage, and a little green book full of family secrets, she just might uncover the tru...
  • Melanie Thompson
    Mae's life changes when her older sister dies mysteriously. Her father is obsessed with finding the boy he believes to be her killer while Mae and her twin sister live in the shadow of Ro's death. The discovery of a secret family journal sends Mae into a dark series of revelations and life-changing events. This Southern Gothic tale twists and turns and ultimately surprises with a page turning thrill. Magic and mystery imbue the pages with a delic...
  • Sandra Mather
    This atmospheric Southern tale weaves a mysterious spell where the past lives on and affects the present. The redolence of dark magic hangs as heavily in the air as the fragrance of the coastal waters or the night-blooming jasmine. In the tradition of Anne Rice, this book will enchant you.
  • Suzanne
    Obviously I have not read the book yet but I heard about it from those in "the know" and I am eager to read it! I like mysteries and this sounds like an intriguing one with several unexpected twists. Looking forward to its release!
  • Brina (5171MilesBooks)
    3 StarsReviewed on: 5171 Miles Book BlogThe first thing that made me look into this book a little further was the stunning cover. The deep purple colors at the edge merging into black, and the girl in the write dress along with the white, fading writing were haunting and beautiful at the same time. When the description stated that The Breathless was "for fans of the dark family secrets of We Were Liars" I was sold.When Roxanne Cole died on the be...
  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    Great cover on this one. Good representation of the story. Good use of graphics. Great comosition and title work as well.This was an impressive debut novel by this author that is for sure. I enjoyed it a lot. It was well written and paced. It was atmospheric in the setting. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. It was creepy and dark in places. There were twists and turns. The characters were interesting and well developed. My only...
  • Karen McManus
    This is a darkly beautiful book, imbued with echos of the past in its lush Southern setting. Mae Cole is still living in the shadow of her golden sister Ro, almost a year after Ro died. When Ro's former boyfriend knocks on the door of their historic home with no memory of the past year, his return sets off a haunting, magical mystery. I tore through this book, especially as I got toward the end, and I never saw the last few pages coming. Tara Goe...
  • Caroline Graham
    The Breathless is a gorgeous, atmospheric mystery that skilfully captures the gothic South. Goedjen’s world is rich, dark and full of intrigue and it is populated with characters that are as strange as they are compelling. The book’s central mystery is the death of Roxanne (Ro) Cole and the wake of grief and suspicion she leaves behind, but the narrative reaches so much deeper than this. It explores the boundaries between life and death, the ...