僕のヒーローアカデミア 9 [Boku No Hero Academia 9] (My Hero Academia, #9) by Kohei Horikoshi

僕のヒーローアカデミア 9 [Boku No Hero Academia 9] (My Hero Academia, #9)

“個性”を伸ばす為の合宿中、私たち1年生は突然敵の襲撃を受けたの。彼らの目的は何? 何故この場所がわかったの? イヤな予感がするわ…けど、きっと大丈夫ね。だってみんな強いもの。“Plus Ultra”!!

Details 僕のヒーローアカデミア 9 [Boku No Hero Academia 9] (My Hero Academia, #9)

Title僕のヒーローアカデミア 9 [Boku No Hero Academia 9] (My Hero Academia, #9)
Release DateJun 3rd, 2016
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Shonen, Fantasy

Reviews 僕のヒーローアカデミア 9 [Boku No Hero Academia 9] (My Hero Academia, #9)

  • Shannon
    Oooh things are getting darker so we're moving back up with the ratings ...3.5 for this one.
  • Artemy
    This summer camp storyline took a long while to get going. I can’t say I like the new villains, but when all the kids have to work together and defend each other in a real-life combat situation, it’s pretty impressive how well they cooperate and how much they care even for their lousiest, most obnoxious classmates. Uraraka generally doesn’t get even a sliver of attention she clearly deserves, but this volume finally remembers about her exis...
  • Araceli.libros
    Sigue siendo entretenido, pero en este volumen parece que la trama se está tornando un poco repetitiva y eso me preocupa... (view spoiler)[ Midoriya se está transformando en uno de esos héroes "invencibles"... Pasó de estar usando su poder al 5% a usarlo al 1000000% y es demasiado exagerado. ¿Qué va a pasar cuando se enfrente a alguien más fuerte? ¿Va a seguir sumando ceros? Sería bastante tonto... (hide spoiler)]Sin embargo, me gusta la...
  • Adriana
  • Fahda
    I loved this one, so much action!
  • Maiko-chan
    (view spoiler)[more angst and some character growth for angsty orphan childand so it beginsi am NOT PREPARED commence the internal screamingFJAODGHODGAOSBDGOADO!!!!!!!!if only the heroes knew Shigaraki liked seeing Kacchan in bondage so much I feel you Shigaraki, Kacchan in bondage is the bestdamn foreshadowingcannot hope enough that Shigaraki only wants to make Kacchan an ally and not torture him with his Quirk. fuck that shit I will mail Horiko...
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    On the very first page of this volume is a note from Horikoshi (the author) basically saying that this volume is going to be super depressing. I gotta say that that wasn’t a super cheery note to start the volume off on, so I was quite cautious going into this. But literally the second page of the first chapter is fricken hillarious and it doesn’t let up from there, the laughs just keep coming. And having now finished reading this volume, I’...
  • Dani St-Onge (Literary Lion)
    For more bookish content and reviews: http://literarylion.caIn the anime this is where I really fell in love with the series as a whole. The Sports Festival arc made me fall for certain characters but this is where I realized that the series was going to be truly amazing. I've never followed a long running shounen manga before and I'm glad this is the one I've ended up with. The others are good from what I've seen but the art and story in My Her...
  • Petros
    This is the volume where those reading it for the dumb action are separated by those who read it just to be reminded how much better Naruto was. That’s the manga Horikoshi ripped off for making this arc by the way. -So, you have this kid Kouta who hates heroes but for no reason comes to this training mission that is full of them. Why the heck did he come? -His caretakers couldn’t leave him alone, you might think. But he spends all his time al...
  • MC
    As a HUGE fan of the franchise, several moments stand out to me, in both the manga and anime. One of them is the fight in this volume against Muscular, a fight where Deku must put it all on the line to save a life, even if it is the life of someone who hates him.As this volume begins, the training camp from hell that resembles more a special ops training camp than anything else is in full swing. The would-be heroes are training their powers for e...
  • Danielle
    WOW a lot just happened!It feels very strange to be reading about all this new content without having seen it on the anime first! I almost feel like I'm cheating by knowing whats happening before the people who watch the show...Once again, another great addition to the series! I love how we're continuing to see everyone and their quirks grow. I'm starting to form my favourite characters list now, which is always a good sign in a series. Even in s...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    The UA Summer Camp looks like it's going to be super-difficult for all the young heroes-in-training; and then it comes under siege by the League of Villains, and they definitely wish they'd stayed home! And, to make matters worse, they're there for one reason only - kidnap Bakugo!This story arc feels very claustrophobic given the setting, and the rampage near the end of the volume doesn't help either. You can almost feel the atmosphere oozing out...
  • Nicholas Driscoll
    Predictable but entertaining! I liked the new villains and their crazy powers, and the fight between Deku and the muscle-quirk guy was intense and fun (if a little bit deus ex machina-y). Still suffers from characters explaining their plans too much. Oh, Todoroki has a cool moment (I think that’s his name—the hawk faced guy that always makes me think of Captain Falcon).I kind of wish the Horikoshi would have the guts to kill some of his chara...
  • Ray
    Okay, I'm probably caught with my fingers in the pie with this one.What what can I say, I just couldn't wait for Season 3. It was so much fun returning to this series as we watch Midoria and the others continue their training. I loved this manga, even though it could get slightly harder to understand at parts because of the wide cast of characters in this book and as we know, mangas are black and white. I'm sure the anime would be clearer and eas...
  • Rollin
    The villains finally get going with their attacks on UA students, and Dabi and others show what they're made of. It's good to see folks going all out again, and Class B gets some time to shine here for what feels like the very first time.The stuff with Kota, the kid with the dead parents, pays off in a big way when the book asks: what does it mean to be a hero? And how do you really become one?
  • Nicola Mansfield
    This is such a fun series. Pretty much a battle volume from start to finish but many other things are also going on. We start with training and eventually get to a head-to-head with Class 1A vs Class 1B. While they are out in the forest the Legion of Villains arrives with a hit list to follow. There are a whole bunch of great looking villains in this volume. While the book finishes off with a battle of good vs evil there is also, throughout, a sw...
  • Illy
    SO I swore up and down I wasn’t gonna buy the manga because I am not really into heroes or things like that. Well, I lied. I went to see the new MHA movie and I feel in love. I think watching some of the animation made me like the story a lot better because I re-read the first 8 volumes that I needed to read to kinda understand the movie. AND I LOVED THEM. I saw a new light in them. This volume was amazing too. Like fuck. I’m on the MHA bandw...
  • Kia
    Action™ Plot Twists™
  • eme
    Sinceramente, he llegado a un punto de la vida en el que no soy capaz de darle a boku no hero menos de cinco estrellas. Esto cada vez se pone peor y yo estoy más estresada cada vez. Así no se puede.
  • EME
    I can't give Boku no Hero less than 5 stars, I'm too involved with the characters and the story. Everything it's so cool but THE STRESS IS REAL
  • Samantha
    Oh my goodness...this is the best volume of the manga so far. This summer training camp is intense and so much happened in this one. I admit to being very emotionally invested in this volume, especially with certain character's situations.
  • cindy
    Summer camp di lokasi rahasia yg hrsnya jd ajang meningkatkan kemampuan murid2, eh ketahuan juga sama grup villain bersatu. Diserang d. Iiisshhh... siapa sih ini pengkhianatnya?Yg lbh mengejutkan, ternyata target penyerangan itu bukan All Might, melainkan salah satu murid.
  • Christine
    No words for this. That All Might vs All for One fight was too awesome and nerve-wracking.
  • Nore
    I just couldn't wait for the physical copy to come out in the US, so I caught up on this series online. I can't wait for the next volume. I related very strongly to a protagonist who cries at the drop of a hat, let me tell you.When the US publication comes out, I'll be giving this series a re-read; fan translations always have different nuances.
  • Ben Truong
    My Hero Academia, Vol. 9 continues where the previous tankobon left off and contains the next nine chapters (72–80) of the on-going manga series.The summer camp continues and in order to improve their quirks they have to work hard – endless abuse. During their stay, their quirks slowly grow stronger and in the midst of the stay, Izuku Midoriya seeks out to improve his relationship with Kota Izumi. Their first interaction was much to be desire...
  • Will Robinson Jr.
    By far the best volume for My Hero Academia! Horikoshi is bringing something completely new to the shonen action genre. He has taken the best elements of manga storytelling and combined them flawlessly with the western superhero genre. My Hero Academia feels like the best X-men story ever! In this volume Izuku has to put his life on the line to protect a young boy, Koto, from a muscle bound Quirk user. It was one of the greatest battles I have re...
  • Citybones
    En conjunto un 3.75:72-Entrenamiento infernal. 373-ChanChanChan llegan los villanos al campamento. ¿No sería más beneficiosso para ellos atacar a los héroes de verdad y no a los estudiantes junior?Todo dando consejos a Deku, achuchable. 474-3.575-Están todos esparcidos por el bosque, y la lucha de Deku se pone interesante. 476-Me gustó, pero onjetivamente Deku solo gana por los powerup. 3.577-378-Me mata que la monitora no sepa quién es ka...
  • Paulina
    No puedo con la emoción y sentimientos mezclados que me ha dejado esta parte de la historia. Hasta ahora ha sido el mejor tomo de BNHA que he leído. Los villanos atacan el campamento (después de ver a todos mis niños felices y trabajando juntos), Dabi ataca a EraserHead para después escapar, Todoroki y Bakugo se enfrentan con el villano de los dientes (súper mal rollo, todo creepy), Tokoyami pierde control sobre sí mismo y se convierte en ...
  • Leonel García
    -¡Un héroe... arriesga su vida... y cumple su palabra!-Algún día tú también te encontrarás con alguien que arriesgue su vida para salvarte y esa persona será... será... ¡Mi héroeee!Este volumen, que contiene los mangas del 72 al 80 nos demuestra que nada puede ser normal en una escuela de héroes, ni siquiera un campamento. Entre las muchas cosas que se le pueden aplaudir a Horikoshi, es la capacidad de elaborar una trama creíble en u...
  • Connie
    4/5 starsSorry guys I'm gonna have to disband the Bakugou Protection Squad cause they had one job and immediately failed it without even realising. This is SUUUUUCH a good volume, and I'm honestly so happy to see Himiko Toga getting the character arc I always believed Misa Amane of Death Note deserved. She's actually being treated like an actual villain, there's no damsel in distress shit here, and I love her. I know I shouldn't love villains, bu...