Kaleidoscope Song by Fox Benwell

Kaleidoscope Song

South Africa is loud. Listen. Do you hear the song and dance of it? The chorus of Khayelitsha life? Every voice is different, its pitch and tone and intonation as distinct as the words we choose and how we wrap our mouths around them. But everybody has a voice, and everybody sings…Fifteen year old Neo loves music, it punctuates her life and shapes the way she views the world. A life in radio is all she’s ever wanted.When Umzi Radio broadcasts...

Details Kaleidoscope Song

TitleKaleidoscope Song
Release DateSep 19th, 2017
PublisherSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
GenreGlbt, Young Adult

Reviews Kaleidoscope Song

  • Diana Sousa
    Everyone has a voice, and everyone sings. Oh, we all do it differently. (…) There are angry songs and sad songs and songs that make you want to dance. But everybody has a song to sing, their own personal story leaked into the world.Fox Benwell has such a way with words – they don’t just paint you a picture, they play you a symphony. And in a book all about music, and passion, and how everything can be turned into a song, into music if you j...
  • Olivia (Books and Big Ideas)
    Review also posted on my blog, Books and Big Ideas**Disclaimer: I received an electronic ARC of this via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Kaleidoscope Song is a new release from Fox Benwell centered around the South African music scene and treatment of LGBTQ issues. Now, it appears that the synopsis (above) has changed since I requested the book, potential out of fear of it being a "spoiler," so I really want to mention this as it is a ...
  • Melissa
    This one gets a trigger warning: rape and major character death. There will be spoilers in this review. The no-spoiler review: I cried through the last 70 or so pages of this book. It is a hard read. That said, it is also a beautifully written and evocative book about music and the power of voice and song, set in South Africa. A book about love that is forbidden and glorious.Kaleidoscope SongFox Benwell~fiction, teen, POC, LGBTQ, South Africa, mu...
  • Diana Laura (The Bookish Sisters)
    Full review here: http://www.thebookishsisters.com/kale...I want to start off by saying that there’s no way in heck this review will do justice to this amazing, magnificent, beautiful book. So go buy it now. Even before you read this review because that’s how amazing it is. Trust me on this. You need this book in your life.Neo’s story might be fictional but there is nothing but the truth in Fox Benwell’s words. Even though she is a fictio...
  • Lauren
    I didn't get to finish this one - Though I like music just fine I'm not a fan of YA books that are seeped in the subject; hence the 4 stars. However, Fox Benwell has beautiful writing. Like the book's subject, their words flow like lyrics and the love story like a poem. It's worth reading for the writing and alone.The setting was also enticing - the South African radio scene and the descriptions of the way the music makes the city and its youth c...
  • Dill Werner
    Fox has such a way with words. He took me on an adventure of the heart and left me feeling fulfilled. I am a huge music lover and was drawn in by the cover alone. But Kaleidoscope song is such an original idea that thinks outside of contemporary fiction, which I don't normally like. But I'll be reading more from him, guaranteed.My beloved Fox, you deserve all the starred reviews for this book and more!
  • Astoria
    I loved this book until the end. It was clear from the onset that homophobic rape would play a part in the story, but I'm incredibly tired of stories about dead lesbians. On the plus side, I will now be seeking out media by LGBT South Africans (as I was under the misapprehension that this author was).
  • Luna
    I’ve always found that writing reviews for books that you passionately love is harder. How many different ways can you say excellent, amazing, breath-taking, shattering (in the best possible way), phenomenal, incredible and unbelievably wonderful?Fox Benwell has a magic way with words. Nearly every sentence feels like it could stand as a beautiful quote on its own. (I tried to note the quotes and before I reached the halfway mark the book was j...
  • Katy
    Reviewed for SLJ