It Is Well by James D. Shipman

It Is Well

Jonathan Beecher, a middle-aged widower and small-town store owner, has never asked for much. But lately, all too much is being asked of him. The bombing of Pearl Harbor plunges America into World War II and deeply fractures Jonathan’s own family. His eldest son, a civilian contractor, is trapped on a Japanese-occupied island in the Pacific. Jonathan’s feckless younger son ignores his father’s pleas to stay home and joins the army. And his ...

Details It Is Well

TitleIt Is Well
Release DateNov 1st, 2016
PublisherBrilliance Audio
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews It Is Well

  • Hilary
    Following the lives of a family in a small town through WWII, we see aspects of life as a storekeeper, a young woman, a civilian contractor and a new army recruit.It wasn't particularly *bad*, but it also wasn't great. The historical facts were obviously researched and somewhat interesting, but there was no life in the story. The characters - with just a couple of minor exceptions - were cardboard cutouts. (view spoiler)[And Luke annoyed me no en...
  • clm
    Wasted timeThe separate family stories are never actually connected. The characters are all cardboard cutouts. Jonathon is a self-absorbed jerk, and the others are one-dimensional caricatures. Even his faith is cardboard. We are told that he attends church and prays, but neither of those activities are ever graced with any content. God seems to be a teacher with his ruler ever ready for an immediate crack across the knuckles and nothing more. The...
  • Tom
    Historically accurate and written from the sentiment of the time period (WW2), when real men didn't talk about their feelings or cotton such mamby-pamby concepts like "calling the police," "taking out a loan" or "asking others for help." A real man solves his problems with the sweat of his brow, a prayer to God and his own two fists, by Jimminy! And maybe not in that order! And real woman's place is in the home, baking pot roast and apple pies wi...
  • N.
    As a free Kindle First pick, I had high hopes that this would be an enthralling historical fiction novel. I was unaware that this would partially be a faith-based romance, and therefore, did not meet my expectations in the least. Perhaps I should have read the product description more in depth. The writing was rather bland and repetitive, and the progression quite frustrating.I have little patience for people using the Bible as an excuse for unac...
  • Vicki Whittiker
    enjoyed but too religiousThis book was well written until the end. It was way too religious throughout which I didn't notice in the description. The characters were well developed and the storyline was good. The last couple of chapters were sappy, not as well thought and the ending just didn't fit. It seemed as thought the author just threw it in to get the story done. That was odd
  • Constantine
    Rating: 4.0/5.0The story follows the members of the Beecher family, Jonathan (a father who lost his wife to cancer), his two sons (Mathew & Luke) and daughter (Mary). The story is set during world war 2 times. Historically I find it to be very accurate. Through the whole book we follow each one of these characters, we see their vulnerabilities and worries. The characters are very well written and unique, you will not see any perfect character her...
  • Whistlers Mom
    WWII: a time when the planet caught fire and God seemed to have turned his back on his children.Today when disasters strike, religious extremists are quick to attribute them to God's wrath, directed at a secular people who've turned away from the Bible. But in December 1941, in the little town of Snohomish, Washington, the majority of the citizens were hard-working, pious, and patriotic. They prayed that the horrible war in Europe would spare the...
  • Almira
    Snohomish area author, James Shipman, has told a powerful story of war time (just before the beginning on WWII to the conclusion) in the town of Snohomish, Washington.Jonathan Beecher, 50ish widower, father of 3, owner of the local hardware store, has his life turned upside down with the bombing of Pearl Harbor, his 2 sons caught up (in different ways and places) in the War, his daughter eloping with a local policeman, who is an abuser. When his ...
  • R.G. Phelps
    Historical Fiction That You Can Enjoy Without Your Typical SmutIt Is Well, was definitely shown through James Shipman's story. Since I was so aware how it was in a small town during World War II, I could easily relate. James depicted the struggles our small towns USA had just gone through with the devastating depression, and the hard work everyone was forced to go through. Even with the massive changes because of World War II, individuals still s...
  • Melissa Menten
    This story appears to be based on excellent research and is centered on a widowed father's struggles during World World II. He made a promise to his deceased wife not to remarry and is a good Christian who feels bound by his promise. His two sons are caught up in the war, one in the Pacific as a civilian contractor and the other in Europe when he joins up against his father's wishes. The daughter also goes against her father's wishes and marries ...
  • Linda
    It will be ok in the end...And if it isn't ok, it isn't the end. So the expression goes. 94% into the story and it didn't seem that anything was going to be ok. I suspect this story mirrored many of the times. A simple, hardworking man of strong faith is beset with one tragedy after another. Lost love, lost children, a lost business, a misplaced faith and temporary fall into a bottle, only to be redeemed by his courage and the generosity of neigh...
  • Linda Rogers
    Choices have consequences! Throughout life we make many choices, some good and some not so, some have lasting consequences and some have immediate consequences. In this book that covers the period of WWII, we follow the choices made by one family in particular. The main setting is small town America during the early 1049's. Jonathan Beecher is the head of the family, a widower who owns the town's hardware store. He is honest, hardworking, a Churc...
  • Helen
    And so I finished this one after all. Thanks, book OCD! It Is Well was my Kindle First pick from October 2016. It was shortly after this I decided I would only download one of Amazon’s free monthly offerings if it really grabbed my attention since I have a lengthy TBR list.Jonathan Beecher is a widower with three late teen/young adult children, a struggling business, and a romantic interest in a widow newly arrived in town. The story follows th...
  • Heather
    This is a story about Jonathon’s struggle with his faith and his promise between him and God. You experience his struggles-Not only has his wife died but everything he loves in his life is starting to unravel around him. Jonathan’s promise to his wife before God is challenged when he meets a new widow in town. The story is based around a Christian family and what becomes of each character after the wife’s/mother’s death and is historicall...
  • Mary J
    3.5 Stars. Intriguing historical fiction.This story is set during World War II. It follows the members of the Beecher family. We learn about Jonathan, the father who lost his wife to cancer, and his sons Matthew and Luke and his daughter Mary. We learn that each character is not perfect that they each have their own vulnerabilities and challenges. They are after all human.Jonathan made a promise to his late wife on her deathbed that he would not ...
  • Sharon Paavola
    Do you know anyone who thinks they can control their lives, keep bad things from happening, and sacrifices all to that end? Well, Jonathan Beecher is one of those who has already met with loss and misfortune but thinks he can prevent tragedy from striking again. He lives in a small town and owns a hardware store. Pearl Harbor has recently occurred and the United States has jumped into World War II. His wife has passed away yet he seems to have mo...
  • Stephanie Shelley
    EhWell written and the history is decent, but shows racism against Germans and not just for the time period. Basically says the one German character being a jerk is typical. The main character blames God for their own bad decisions, not to mention the lead character seems to forget his sons as soon as his love interest responds to his apology. The love interest is also not the best person; she immediately screams at him after his apology without ...
  • Jim Barber
    Some of the reviews suggested this book was "too religious," which really intrigued me. So much of secular literature either ignores faith or tries to discredit it. I actually found it refreshing to see people relying on their faith in their day-to-day life. Plus, given the book's setting during World War II, faith played an authentic role in the book. I was attracted to this story on many levels, but one was because my aunt -- raised in South Ge...
  • Jackie
    Another selection from Amazon that was complimentary. I would have never even looked twice at a book about WWII. Boy would I have missed out on this GEM. This book captivated me from the first Chapter. Firstly it is set in Snohomish, WA in the 40's. A widower and his 3 adult children. One daughter who resides in Snohomish and her life. And one son as a contractor on Wake Island as it is attacked by the Japanese and he becomes a POW. The other son...
  • Denise
    One positive thing about All is Well is the Historical setting. Most especially, the info about Wake Island was informative. However, the character development was shallow and the main character was annoying. I found it quite unbelievable that a husband would remain in the dark regarding the true character of his wife when his children and others in the small village were all aware of her critical spirit and sharp tongue. Even more unbelievable w...
  • Kay
    Story takes place in Snohomish, WA during WWII. The main character, Jonathan, is an upstanding/decent (and somewhat righteous) man whose wife died from cancer and he is desperately sticking to an unrealistic promise she made him make about never marrying again. His two sons go off to war, his daughter runs away into marriage, he struggles to make his hardware store run, and he has a close and loving friendship with a widow. The characters were we...
  • Stephanie Lybbert Albach
    Well written but frustratingI read to “get away.” I do the same in movies. Sometimes I prefer the fairy tale endings. Much like a Nicholas Sparks tearjerker, this story is determined to be realistic to a fault. I found myself hoping the author would give this poor guy a break. However, it seems that everything that could go south does. Moreover, it all seems to finally happen on one day. I was frustrated that there wasn’t at least one chara...
  • Stacy
    I got this free for my Kindle. I don't remember if it was a monthly download through Prime or just one of the sites I browse for free Christian fiction. I really enjoyed it, although some of the writing did bother me at times (just really short repetitive type sentences in places, hard to explain what it really was). I liked the characters and the storyline. Johnathan Beecher is a recent widower in the state of Washington, not long before the att...
  • Barbara Ziolo
    The story is slow to develop, because it is a thoughtful novel. I liked reading about a different place and time. (Spoiler alert) I particularly enjoyed how the characters matured, and how they define success...even if they did die young. The main character, Jonathan (known in the Bible as a good and loyal friend) struggles with ethical nuances, which I foundd to be thought provoking. Based on the reviews, it could be uncomfortable to non-Christi...
  • Laurie Rodriguez
    A Great ReadThis was a good read because it. Spurred the hearts of a small town during WW11. It focused in on a family with the love for God, country and each other. There are a few problems of dysfunctional behavior that travels throughout the book making you wish they'd just talk about it. It goes from one chapter to the next leading you down the path of each member in hothead family, taking you deeper into their fates. I would recommend this b...
  • Amanda P
    This was a cute little story to end the year but nothing spectacular or memorable. I liked the WWII setting, thought the characters were well developed and enjoyed the writing style. The end felt rushed though. So much detail and heartache throughout the story, giving it credibility, only to have a hallmark type ending. It just didn’t feel right.I also didn’t realize it was going to be as religious as it was. While I didn’t mind it; I know ...
  • Zara
    I'm glad it is fiction based on truthEmotions run deep and wide. Faith is a hell of a thing to hold on to when the seas get rough - everything seems to be going wrong. In the end it is only thing that keeps you from drowning. I'm only sorry that there was no resolution for the Beechers regarding the whereabouts of Matthew. Pretty well-written and engaging, all the more that is is based on actual events
  • Amy Rothenberg
    It Is WellIt Is Well was a basic, yet trite story of a man and his family during WW2. Divorce as a horrible scandal, even in the midst of an abusive relationship; the promise to stay faithful after the death of a spouse. Yikes. It was a nice, clean cut story..I finished it, but rolled my eyes throughout. On the other hand, I guess, perhaps that this was what life was like in those days.
  • Chuck Heikkinen
    It's the beginning of World War II as the story starts. A single father is raising three rapidly growing kids, all of whom become all too ready to leave home. He's a proud, devout man, faithful to a flaw to his promises. When his wife died, she made him promise never to remarry. He struggles to keep his hardware store, without having to borrow, in the face of costs rising from the war. He meets a woman hired by his Pastor-friend to work on the ch...