Marvel Avengers Alliance (2016) #1 by Fabian Nicieza

Marvel Avengers Alliance (2016) #1

War has been declared on Earth by the Black Order...and the Avengers Alliance is the planet's only hope for survival! A Chitauri invasion means the core team is going to need reinforcements! Nova, Ms. Marvel, and Squirrel Girl join the fray—with a special appearance by the Guardians of the Galaxy! But will they be enough to stave off the invasions? It's all hands on deck for the Avengers Alliance as they combat a powerful new threat in the Redw...

Details Marvel Avengers Alliance (2016) #1

TitleMarvel Avengers Alliance (2016) #1
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Superheroes, Marvel, Graphic Novels, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Marvel Avengers Alliance (2016) #1

  • Obsidian
    I may have squee'd a lot while reading this one. The colors popped and we got to see so many characters from the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. The main reason why I gave this just four stars though is that there seemed to be four separate incidents going on during this comic issue. And then we seemed to be popping in and out of the story to jump to the next one. I am assuming the next issue will explain things more. But I am not really ha...
  • Raquel Evans
    I'm not familiar with reading comic books, and might have enjoyed this one more if I were more familiar with how they're supposed to flow. I was impressed with the 'dynamic' ebook way of scrolling between frames, so I'll probably give a few more of these a try and see if they grow on me.
  • Bernadett
    its action packed and all the favorite superheroes are there... its just a bit too much of a trouble got together, i mean we get hydra and the chitauri and Nebula together in one breath.
  • Chris
    You have Gamora and Black Widow in the comic but they don't say a thing? Look, Ms Marvel is great but Marvel should have done much better by their older characters as well. What they did to several female characters as well as the underuse of established women in this comic is just wrong.
  • David Dalton
    A fun read, just now need to find the 2nd issue (digital wise). Cashing in on the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. But still a fun team-up read with a few new characters I was not hip to before. This issue was free, but I would pay a few $$ to finish the storyline.
  • Samantha
    This was a good intro to Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved the appearance of Kamala!
  • Roberta Lion
    very good comic, have a history well developedbook entertaining
  • Annie
    Ich gebe zu, ich habe hier nur wegen Squirrel Girl reingeschaut *w00t*!
  • Tayvian Augustin
    This book was amazing!!!!!!!I chose five stars because it has the perfect amount of action and drama and that's what makes this book so great.
  • Kathleen
    First Marvel comic I've read! I really did enjoy it and I really want to pick up the second volume, I was disappointed when I reached the end because I wanted more !
  • Akhil Kocherlakota
    Great!Good art work and concept! Wonderful story and color choice of the pictures! Wanna see the all of these stories in the MCU as well!
  • Carl Harris
    It was a free download from Kindle. Ok book, lots of characters, print was kind of small though. The cliffhanger at the end ticked me off because I'm sure I'll have to pay for the next one.
  • Jhuma Khan
    I have been a marvel fan way before the MCU came into existence but this however is the first comic book I've ever read. Sure, I've owned comics before but I never actually read them, I only bought them for the pictures.I liked the plot, made me remember the old days (which was 2 years ago), a bit more of cocky Nova would've made me more happier but all things considered I liked it. However I still prefer the cartoons more and will not continue w...
  • Em
    Hmm. I kind of liked it. The art was beautiful and clear, the writing was good, all these different characters were fun, but the story as a whole seemed like it was lacking something. I'm not exactly sure what this game is supposed to be; I'll have to do some more research on it. Is this based off the game? And is this a Marvel game or a Disney MCU game? Overall a solid four stars. Not my favorite comic, but not the worst. I really need to do som...
  • Doctor Doom
    Great artwork... story-line - meh. I read it a couple of days again and can barely remember it... not exactly as epic as i think an Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy/Shield crossover should be. The best part was the pairing of Rocket, Groot, Nova & Ms. Marvel. That part was pretty cool - just not cool enough to raise the rest of the book to 3 stars.
  • Linda
    A crossover! Hooah!I liked it. I liked seeing all those heroes fighting together. It was good to see a book with some of the lesser used heroes. I liked seeing Hydra thrown into the mix. Now I need to read the next part. The art was good. I think everyone was drawn well with lots of definition. All in all, a good job. Recommended!
  • Julian Orozco, Jr.
    Awesome readLots of action from the beginning to the end. I liked the way Coulson inquired with all the Avengers through their coms and linked the whole team around the earth. Action packed, if you're an Avengers fan you'll like this read.
  • Patrick Willis
    Avengers Alliance I was able to get this pretty cheap during a graphic novel kindle sale a little while back. Very entertaining to read! Very quick read too! I wish it wasn’t over so quickly and that it came with even more “chapters.”
  • Sarah
    All the whole 4 chapter snippets were as usual Marvelous Marvels.I liked chapter 4 the most and the Black Panther is hot and stunning with enhanced senses..Loved to see Groot and squirrel girl."Chew on some plasma traces you colorblind maggots" - loved this :-P:-)
  • Gilmar
    Action packedOne thing I like about Marvel is the constant action and this comic is no exception. Great graphics and story.
  • Leanell Zsiga
    WoW!!!This is the first time I've read a comic book in over 50 years!!! Love this new media. Really enjoyed and easy to read.
  • craig hurdle
    Very short cartoon but not to bad to readI am interested to see what the other comics are like to read makes a difference reading in color compared to my old kindle
  • Debra Abshier
    Like comicsI enjoyed comics when I was a teenager. Now they are even better digitalized. And conveniently stores on my kindle fire. Nice!
  • bob burch
    great graphics!!excellent story! can't wait to read more. great idea to pair Avengers with Guardians of the Galaxy! where was Hulk and Thor?
  • Sakthi
    Nice! The quantity of the book must be high. Try to make more books. Good work author, thank you for making free books!
  • Damarius lavar woods
    Good book love itI liked when cap in hulkeye was fighting I put the rating as 10Awesome bookI love it cold book
  • Aritri Datta
    Awesome Awesome is the only word. The graphics are extensive and beautiful. Seeing all characters together is a treat. Great comics!
  • David Dean
    Awesome!!!!!I gave 5 stars because it was an excellent read and i can't wait to buy and read the next one!!
  • Neha
    AwesomeAwesome awesome and just awesome... So many superheroes I didn't even know about. Well never heard of them. I feel like I'm growing backwards now !!!
  • Pandian Pndn
    How to review? This is not a fare deal, without reading this book how you will review it? How to review it ?