Haunted Is Always in Fashion (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #4) by Rose Pressey

Haunted Is Always in Fashion (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #4)

It’s time for this vintage fashion expert to put on her detective hat... As the owner of It’s Vintage, Y’All in Sugar Creek, Georgia, Cookie Chanel has agreed to share her expertise with author Juliana McDaniel. But on her way to town, Juliana is shot dead, and that was all she wrote. Cookie picks up the thread of the story with help from her psychic cat and a couple of inquisitive ghosts. To unmask this killer, she’ll have to lift the l...

Details Haunted Is Always in Fashion (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #4)

TitleHaunted Is Always in Fashion (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #4)
Release DateNov 29th, 2016
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery, Fantasy, Paranormal

Reviews Haunted Is Always in Fashion (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #4)

  • Janet Robel
    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Cookie Chanel and her ghostly sidekick Charlotte are back in another fun adventure with unusual fashion tips. This series is so entertaining with loads of laughs that I just loved it! While I'm not into vintage fashion, the characters are so well-written with the mystery being the main focal point, that it doesn't detract from the story in any way. Charlotte is su...
  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    As the owner of It’s Vintage, Y’All in Sugar Creek, Georgia, Cookie Chanel is thrilled that author Juliana McDaniel wants to meet with her regarding her upcoming book on Vintage Fashion. On her way to meet Cookie, Juliana is shot and killed. When Cookie arrives at the roadblock where the incident occurs, she manages to meet up with Juliana's ghost. Of course Cookie can not turn down Juliana's request to find out what happened to her.Cookie an...
  • Doward Wilson
    I want to introduce you to Cookie Chanel! She lives in Sugar Creek, Georgia and owns a vintage clothing boutique called, It's Vintage, Y'All. When she attended the estate sale of Charlotte Meadows, a wealthy socialite, to find some vintage designer clothing, Charlotte's ghost attaches to her and becomes her friend and business partner. Charlotte just wanted Cookie to find out who murdered her and why! This time Cookie is meeting with author, Juli...
  • Krissys
    Haunted Is Always in Fashion (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #4) by Rose Pressey    As the owner of It’s Vintage, Y’All in Sugar Creek, Georgia, Cookie Chanel has agreed to share her expertise with author Juliana McDaniel.  But on her way to town, Juliana is shot dead, and that was all she wrote.  Cookie picks up the thread of the story with help from her psychic cat and a couple of inquisitive ghosts.  To unmask this killer, she’ll have t...
  • Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies
    Coco Chanel loves vintage clothing. Incredibly, one of her best friends, Charlotte, is a ghost. After she was untimely murdered, Charlotte came back to haunt Coco and now she helps her solve homicides. Sugar Creek, Georgia is home to this ghost whisperer, and Coco soon meets a new friend---newly murdered Juliana McDaniel. For unknown reasons, the vintage items Juliana was carrying in her car are being sought by her boyfriend and, apparently, he'l...
  • Lisa Morin
    It's always a pleasure to read a book in the Haunted Vintage Series by Rose Pressey.Cookie Chanel loves all things vintage and she has even grown to love her ghostly sidekick Charlotte. When author Juliana McDaniel wants to get Cookie's expert advice on vintage clothing, Cookie is flattered and pleased. Unfortunately, Juliana never makes it to the meeting, at least not her life form. Having another ghost following her should make her crazy, howev...
  • Samantha
    I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I was so excited for this book. It's really sweet, cute, and easy read. I absolutely look forward to the next one. However, I gave it 3 stars and it should be more like 3.5 but wasn't quite enough to round up to 4 stars. The main characters were super sweet and I loved them, but I feel like the majority of the book was just repeating the same scene over and over again. Following som...
  • Kendrea Parsons
    This is actually the first book in this series that I've read. It was a light and fun read. I actually was able to read it all in one sitting. I didn't want to put it down. The mystery was one that kept me guessing. I wasn't a fan of the fashion tips parts. I felt it took away from the momentum of the story. That's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. I'll likely go back and read the first three books in the series at some point. I look forw...
  • Sandie Laughner
    I really like this series!!
  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    Cookie Chanel was on her way to meet author Juliana McDaniel for a research interview about vintage clothing. Unfortunately, Juliana met a tragic death on a car accident, and before she knew it, the It's Vintage Ya'll owner was talking to Juliana's ghost. With her ghost companion Charlotte Meadows, best friend tarot card reader Heather, and Ouija board fanatic Wind Song the cat, they're bound to discover an ugly family secret and haunting mystery...
  • Dawn
    Cute and funny with a smidgen of sadness! When Cookie left to meet with a client, Juliana, she never expected to come across a murder scene. She expected the murder victim to be Juliana even less. While Cookie, her friend Heather, her ghost friend Charlotte, and also her physic cat try to solve this murder so Juliana can move on things get more and more complicated and dangerous. Cookie is dating Dylan and it also looks likes she has another male...
  • DelAnne Frazee
    Title: Haunted Is Always in Fashion - A Haunted Vintage Mystery Book 4 Author: Rose Pressey Published: 11-29-2016 Publisher: Kensington Books Pages: 304 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Amateur Slueths, Cozy Mystery; Paranormal; ISBN: 13: 9781496705532 ASIN: B01CMGS420 Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 3.5 Stars I received a copy of "Haunted Is Always in Fashion" from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my ho...
  • Latisha Bramlett
    I received a copy free of charge from Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review. I enjoyed the story the author had to tell. The characters are related and you find yourself caring what happens. Cookie Chanel owns a vintage clothing shop. She loves anything vintage, from her store to her clothing to her home, even her car is vintage. She can also see ghosts. The ghosts come to her for help in solving their murder. Cookie even has a cat, Wi...
  • Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    I do enjoy this series. I am a bit weary of the repetitive 'Tips' that are from earlier books. Funny the first time around but the second...now the 4th. I do acknowledge that first time readers will not understand this past sentence...The main characters are jewels. The interaction between the living and dead are great. I wish Cookie Chanel would tell her boyfriend, Dylan that she has this ability and see his 'reaction.' Perhaps soon it will be w...
  • Kassandra Lea
    While I enjoyed the story and the vibrant characters, I did run into a few issues.I'm sure others have noticed a name typo within about 4 or 5 sentences. Tricia becomes Trisha once and goes back. It happens, biggie.Now, their first visit to Fatima was fine, but the second trip/conversation? It's like the first time never happened. There's no reference to it and the conversation goes almost exactly the same.There is also a point when she schedules...
  • Jamie
    Yet another love triangle? I have been reading cozy's for quite some time and that seems to be the norm, however, I did read this fairly quickly, it was hard to put down at times. Wind Song the cat is Cookie's Grandmother? I'm looking forward to reading the next book to see how that all pans out!!
  • Tina Jensen
    Fun story! Light reading! LOVE WIND SONG (the cat!!!)
  • JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book)
    Cookie Chanel owns a vintage clothing shop in Sugar Creek, Georgia. She also "owns" a ghost, Charlotte Meadows, who was murdered, and is the first ghost Cookie encountered. Now Charlotte has decided to stay, offering sassy comments even if Cookie doesn't always like it. She also has a beautiful white cat named Wind Song that appeared one day and communicates in several ways, including otherworldly. Life for this Southern girl has definitely gotte...
  • Sarah Peterman
    Book needs some serious editing. The author writes about things happening, then chapter’s later writes about things happening over again as if for the first time. Example, in Chapter Four Cookie and Fatima meet each other at Fatima's store to talk about the cat. Heather opened the door and I stepped inside first. The woman waiting at the counter was staring at me. “You must be Cookie Chanel,” she said with her raspy voice." Then at in Chapt...
  • Kristina
    Haunted is Always in Fashion by Rose Pressey is the fourth book A Haunted Vintage Mystery series. Cassandra “Cookie” Chanel can see ghosts (a recently discovered ability). Cookie is heading to an appointment with Juliana McDaniel and Charlotte Meadows (the ghost that refuses to cross over) is tagging along (as usual). Along the way, Cookie encounters traffic that has come to a standstill. Cookie gets out of the car to see what is going on and...
  • Juli
    **I voluntarily read an Advanced Readers Copy of this novel from Kensington Books via NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.**Although my idea of fashion is comfy sweats, a team jersey during football season and mom-jeans, I very much enjoy the Haunted Fashion Mystery series by Rose Pressey. The newest installment in this fun, quirky mystery series, Haunted Is Always In Fashion, just came out this month!The basics: An a...
  • cola_bear
    4.5 StarsLIGHT SPOILERS!The Good: Cookie is still her lovable, getting-into-trouble self :) I do think that she's grown some in this book, and I liked that she finally acknowledged that if she keeps seeing Dylan, she's going to have to tell him the truth about her ability to see ghosts and why she knows things about the victim/is getting so caught up in murder investigations. As always, Charlotte- the first ghost Cookie ever encountered- is very ...
  • Karen Snyder
    Love this series. Can't wait for the next one to come out!
  • Up-in
    This is the 4th book in the series. I really enjoy the series and all the characters.In this book Cookie Chanel is on her way to a meeting with Juliana McDaniel who is going to interview her about vintage clothing for a book she's writing, comes across a car accident. Cookie goes to the car to see if she can help anyone and runs into Juliana's ghost. Juliana joins Cookies other friendly ghost Charlotte and they decide Cookie must find out what ha...
  • RO G'ma
    This is the fourth book in Rose Pressey’s Haunted Vintage Mystery series. There is excellent background information and the characters well developed which allows this book to be read as a stand-alone. This was an enjoyable and fun read. The clothing descriptions were interesting but a little too detailed for my taste; however, they fit perfectly with Cookie owning a vintage clothing shop. Ms. Pressey is a talented author who left me wanting mo...
  • Brenda
    Haunted is Always in Fashion is the 4th installment in the A Haunted Vintage Mystery series featuring Cassandra "Cookie" Chanel, owner of It's Vintage Y'all in Sugar Creek, Georgia. Cookie is enjoying life now that she has comes to terms with the fact that she can see ghosts and that Charlotte Meadows will be sticking around as her ghostly sidekick.Cookie is excited to be meeting with Juliana McDaniel, a well known fashion author who wants to int...
  • Anne
    I liked Haunted much more than I did the first book in the series. Cookie has accepted her situation and seems to be making the best of it.The story line is pretty simple here and the cast of potential suspects is very limited, however, some interesting things happen to Cookie as she investigates. Heather comes along for the ride a couple of times, but I still think she's under developed and under used. We also get to visit Cookie's parents, but ...
  • JoAn
    Haunted Is Always in Fashion by Rose Pressey is the fourth book in her Haunted Vintage Mystery series; and was another fun read. This time there were two mysteries that Cookie was trying to solve. There's the murder mystery of Julianna McDaniel and the mystery of where did Wind Song, Cookie's beautiful white cat, come from and how did she find Cookie. Luckily, Cookie is up for the challenge and gets the answers for both the mysteries.Cookie's bec...
  • Susan Harper
    Having read 'The Halloween LaVeau' series by Rose Pressey (which I loved) I was very excited to receive a free copy of Haunted is always in fashion, in exchange of a honest review. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed in this book. This was my first introduction to Cookie who owns a vintage clothing store. Cookie can see ghosts. She has a ghostly companion called Charlotte and a pet cat 'wind song'who can read tarot cards (yes you did r...