A Dash of Trouble (Love Sugar Magic, #1) by Anna Meriano

A Dash of Trouble (Love Sugar Magic, #1)

Leonora Logroño’s family owns the most beloved bakery in Rose Hill, Texas, spending their days conjuring delicious cookies and cakes for any occasion. And no occasion is more important than the annual Dia de los Muertos festival.Leo hopes that this might be the year that she gets to help prepare for the big celebration—but, once again, she is told she’s too young. Sneaking out of school and down to the bakery, she discovers that her mother...

Details A Dash of Trouble (Love Sugar Magic, #1)

TitleA Dash of Trouble (Love Sugar Magic, #1)
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherWalden Pond Press
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic

Reviews A Dash of Trouble (Love Sugar Magic, #1)

  • Zoraida
    LOVE LOVE LOVE. A smart, clever debut. Perfect for fans of Wizards of Waverly Place and The Book of Life.
  • Marianne (Boricuan Bookworms)
    Loved loved loved. A family of brujas who channel their magic through baking, and the youngest member of the family learning how to deal with her newfound powers. So many hilarious moments, and a big focus on family and friendship. Some of the funny moments reminded me of one of my favorite tv shows when I was growing up: Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It comes out in 2018, and I can't wait to reread it when it does!
  • Donalyn
    An adorable and exciting debut. I can’t wait to get this one into the hands of kids.
  • Kaye
    Wonderful, warm and utterly brimming over with magic! This is a middle grade that is best served with your favorite sweet treat and a mug of hot chocolate, on a day when you can really sink into your sofa cushions and savor it.
  • Janani
    Absolutely loved this middle grade novel about Leo, a young Bruja who is navigating her newfound powers and family secrets. The dynamics of her large, loving, and hilarious family were an absolute delight to read, and I especially adored Leo's relationships with her sisters. I just want to hand this book to kids everywhere.
  • Roxanne (The Novel Sanctuary)
    Loved this so much! It was so sweet and I love the family, the magic, the culture, all of it! Definitely recommend.
  • Paula Stokes
    I was so lucky to read an early draft of this and THIS BOOK IS ADORABLE! It's funny and heartfelt and interesting and diverse and it taught me cool stuff without seeming like it was trying too hard. I almost never read MG, but I cannot wait to add this book to my collection. All the congrats for Anna, who wrote a book that I wanted to hug, but could not, because I read it on the screen. Soon, little pretty. SOON YOU WILL BE MINE! :D4.99 stars** M...
  • Ashley Elliott
    I love a good middle grade and this one was a delight. Leo and her family are brujas who own a bakery and bake magic into sweets. She’s eleven and wants to do all that her sisters do, there’s a good bit of snooping and sneaking around and accidental spells. All of it was fun and sweet and I love that there are recipes in the back. It gave me Coco vibes with the family element and both are set with Mexican main characters. It’s adorable.
  • Morgan (The Bookish Beagle)
    I loved absolutely every bit. Review to come.
  • Elke (BEroyal)
    This was super adorable! A sweet, heartfelt middle-grade story that made me want to eat so many cookies! I loved reading about this family of Brujas and their magical baking. It was so nice to have a book with a large, happy, funny, strange, loving family and I adored Leo's relationship with her sisters. There was a large focus on family dynamics and friendship, and it was just so whole and pure.The part where Leo's mom said being a Bruja isn't d...
  • Garren
    One of those perfect middle grade books about family and friends...and baking magic! It's about family legacy and honoring the dead. It's about Latina American identity and friendship. The cover illustration and the baking objects drawn at the start of every chapter are so wonderful.There's even a short English recipe list at the end to go with the magical Spanish recipes in the story. I'm thinking about baking something from it then booktalking ...
  • Amanda Rawson Hill
    Such a fun book with a big, happy family. i loved it so much. kids will really enjoy this one!
  • Heather
    I really need to stop reading books that make me hungry...
  • Estefany
    What an adorable story. I love stories about witches. Specially if they can cook. I’m to try some of the baking recipes ☺ What an adorable story. I love stories about witches. Specially if they can cook. I’m to try some of the baking recipes ☺️
  • Christina
    First of all, I love the cover and illustrations within the book by Mirelle Ortega.I liked that this featured a family full of sisters—and magic. Leo made questionable decisions, but she’s 11, learning her way in a new world of magic. I wanted to eat everything mentioned in this book, and was happy to see recipes in the back!Something that made me feel ‘hmmm’ was how a lot of the plot revolved around a boy that Leo’s friend likes and Le...
  • Sarena Nanua
    A delicious and fun read about family and friendship! 5*
  • Sean
    A story about a little bruja and her family that is just about perfect! Such a fun, beautiful read. Great representation, wonderful family dynamics, and such warmth. I just want to keep this book in my pocket so I can hand it out to kids everywhere. Super sweet. Highly recommend.
  • Cindy
    Every now and then a book comes along that is just so purely delightful that you can't help but grin while you read it. Anna Meriano's debut novel, A DASH OF TROUBLE, is 100% one of those books. Leo and her large, loving, wonderful family are characters that I already miss, and who I can't wait to meet again in the next book in the series. At times funny (I laughed out loud a TON as I read), at times heartstring-tugging, and at times tender, the ...
  • Kamilla Benko
    I fell in love from the very first page! If you're at all a fan of magical secrets, sisters, friends, and flying cookies, you're in for a treat. Anna Meriano's debut is full of heart and hilarity (I laughed out loud multiple times) and contains one of the best magical systems I've ever read. Five glorious sugar-filled stars!
  • Amy
    I loved this book! It was great to finally see a Hispanic family that looked like my own - with a protagonist that is Texan, Mexican-American and fully Hispanic without also being fluent in Spanish and/or a recent immigrant. That plus the fun magical realism, will surely appeal to Harry Potter fans. Already looking forward to a sequel!
  • Ruth
    A charming middle grade read with a lot of heart (and lots of cookies)!
  • Vicky the Cat Lady
    Read my full review for A Dash of Trouble on my blog! I'm continuing to make my way through my Riveted reading resolutions challenge and like the book I read before this one, Love Hate & Other Filters the protagonist here is a woman of colour~ although girl of colour may be more correct because this is a middle grade novel. Now it's spoiler free review time, friends! A Dash of Trouble is a playful romp in growing up and the power of friendsh...
  • Brenda
    Being the youngest, Leo wants to grow up so fast and do all the same things that her older sisters do, feel like she's able to contribute at the bakery, a feeling a younger or middle child could easily identify with. Leo so reminded me of all the things that I love about Matilda, she's mischievous and sneaky but also kind and caring to her friends. She may feel awkward and be looking for her place at school, but her family radiates with warmth, c...
  • Mandy Weeks
    "A charming and delectably sweet debut. Mischief, friendship, and a whole lot of heart—Love Sugar Magic has it all." —Zoraida Córdova, award-winning author of the Brooklyn Brujas seriesLeonora Logroño’s family owns the most beloved bakery in Rose Hill, Texas, spending their days conjuring delicious cookies and cakes for any occasion. And no occasion is more important than the annual Dia de los Muertos festival.Leo hopes that this might be...
  • Ashley O
    This book was rather adorable - I wasn't expecting that much considering it's a bit out of my targeted age range - then again I did read another middle grade book earlier this month. The premise was cute - having love, sugar and a bit of magic to make spells, it was unique and I enjoyed reading it very much - there were laugh out loud moments and some moments that stick out as favourites. Of course the spells gone awry were a given - I am curious...
  • Christiana
    A bit of a slow start, but easy to fall into given time. The family and friend dynamics were so well written and fun to read and Leo is easy to love and root for. I liked her adventurous spirit and how thoughtful she is. I liked reading about the day of the dead and of course all the recipes. One I’ll be giving out a lot for sure.
  • Kimberly
    I’ve been reading this book with my 8 year old daughter. Since it’s a children’s book I’m letting her rate it. She said it was amazing and that’s why she gives it 5 stars. It’s now her favorite book. I asked her what it is that she loves so much about it and she said the magic!
  • Christie Allred
    "Love Sugar Magic" fits right in with other magical baking middle-grade novels (I'm thinking of "Pie" by Sarah Weeks, "The Candy Shop War" by Brandon Mull, and "Bliss" by Kathryn Littlewood). It also reminds me of Amazon Prime's original, "Just Add Magic". I especially enjoyed discovering the sweet reason Leo's great-grandmother originally started baking and handing the tradition down to her daughters. There are a couple of reasons that I didn't ...
  • Jen Petro-Roy
    So good. An utterly fresh and charming middle grade debut.