The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison

The Butterfly Garden

Near an isolated mansion lies a beautiful garden.In this garden grow luscious flowers, shady trees…and a collection of precious “butterflies”—young women who have been kidnapped and intricately tattooed to resemble their namesakes. Overseeing it all is the Gardener, a brutal, twisted man obsessed with capturing and preserving his lovely specimens.When the garden is discovered, a survivor is brought in for questioning. FBI agents Victor Ha...

Details The Butterfly Garden

TitleThe Butterfly Garden
Release DateJun 1st, 2016
PublisherThomas & Mercer
Number of pages288 pages
GenreThriller, Mystery, Horror, Fiction, Crime, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Butterfly Garden

  • Emily May
    At night the Garden was a place of shadows and moonlight, where you could more clearly hear all the illusions that went into making it what it was. The Butterfly Garden was a book I knew nothing about. I haven't been highly anticipating it for months and it only made it on to my "to read" shelf a few days ago. But it popped up in my GR feed and everything about it called to me. It exuded a dark creepiness that drew me in. It promised a story of ...
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    I feel confident stating that this book will not be for everyone; I even feel fairly confident that this book won’t be for most people. It is dark, graphic, twisted, and touches on almost every taboo subject I can think of. Not since I read Karin Slaughter’s Pretty Girls last year has a book disturbed me so completely.So why in the world would anyone want to read this book might you ask? This was the most uniquely crafted story I think I have...
  • Lola Reviewer
    Hallelujah! I’m done! I’m done! I finally finished reading this book. Finally.I thought it would never ever ever end. First things first. The author does create an original story with a one-of-a-kind world-building and type of narration.I’ll let that sink in, because it’s true and not to be overlooked.AND. The beginning and ending are extremely thrilling. This author sure knows how to wrap up a story. I was especially happy to have all of...
  • Leah Bayer
    This is the stupidest goddamn book. If you can suspend every inch of disbelief in your body and go into The Butterfly Garden accepting that it's in some kind of alternate fantasy world where women lack free will of any kind then maybe it's an okay book. Let's take a brief quiz to see how you'd do!You wake up in a garden prison constructed by a madman who kidnapped you and is going to kill you on your 21st birthday. Do you (a) try to escape or (b)...
  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    Suppose you woke up and wasn't at home? You are in a very strange new place. You are disoriented from being drugged and then a girl with a huge butterfly tattoo on her back tells you that this is your new home. A garden that is overseen by The Gardener. The Gardener has chosen you to be one of his "Butterflies."Before we go farther let's discuss what exactly that means. The Gardener is a sick, sick man. He captures women and brings them to this g...
  • Candace
    Check out more of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.comWhew! This was one of the creepiest stories that I've read in a long time. It was just so damn sick that I can't wrap my mind around it. This one was disturbing and bizarre, but I loved it!This story is told from the POV of Maya, a young woman that has just been rescued from a serial killer, and the FBI agents that are interrogating her. Maya refuses to be rushed as she recounts her tale, to ...
  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ (of badger and SNAKE)
    For more than a year now I've been making little pictures for my reviews, and this is the first time it doesn't feel right, especially if using a butterfly. Thinking about letting my mind wander around that particular insect makes me sick, if I'm completely honest. I'd rather not express my thoughts that way because it would feel a little like corrupting myself. Those who read The Butterfly Garden know. The only art I can think of is a huge, cove...
  • Laura
    I found myself engrossed by the writing and story in the beginning. I needed to know what happened to these girls called “butterflies.” I needed to know how they finally got away. I needed to know how they came to be in the garden. I’m a sucker for an excellent thriller. This one had the makings of one filled with originality and horror. The creepiness finds its way deep under your skin tearing through to your soul. Unfortunately it didn’...
    "But my wings couldn’t move and I couldn’t fly, I couldn’t even cry. All that was left to me was the terrorand the agony and the sorrow." Wow! this was like totally fucked up!HOLD UP A SECOND! THIS IS... THIS IS YA?!? I'M DONE. I NEED SOMETHING FUNNY AND CUTE NOW!!Not very long ago Captive in the Dark was the craziest book i knew of. I couldn't even imagine any other book being able to beat the creepiness of that story. Then came You, and J...
  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    The Gardener likes to collect butterflies for his collection...This book left me speechless! One of my favourite reads of 2016 so far and a book I will never ever forget reading. The synopsis just sucked me in and from reading the very first paragraph I knew my choice to delve into this novel was a good one. Time just flew by and I lost track of my life as I read this exceptional novel. This one got me on so many levels. I can't rave enough.Let's...
  • Kayla Overbey
    Due to a VERY slow day at work, I started and finished this book in one day! It was captivating, brilliant, and nauseating. I loved the writing, and the story felt so original. Kudos to the author.Why did I knock off a star? One big reason: I didn't like the ending. It all seemed too wrapped up, and the "surprise" just felt unnecessary. It didn't add anything for me other than a confused, "seriously?" feeling. After everything, THAT was the secre...
  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    Once or twice a year, if I am lucky, a get to read a book that really touches some inner part of me. The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison is such a book.I had not heard of Dot Hutchison before picking up The Butterfly Garden. Now I want to read every word she has ever written, and every word she is going to write in the future. Once I started reading, I could not put it down.Despite the beautiful title, the subject matter is quite dark, horrific...
  • Councillor
    "What choices are you making, Desmond?""I don't think I'm making any choices right now.""Then you're automatically making the wrong ones. [...] Not making a choice is a choice. Neutrality is a concept, not a fact. No one actually gets to live their lives that way." Imagine the following scenario: You are living your normal life; as complicated and difficult as it may be, at least you are living your life in freedom. Until one day everything chang...
  • Nenia *The Flagrant Liberal* Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestHuge thank yous to the author and publisher for putting this book up on Netgalley. It's probably one of the best books I've received for review from that site this year. I'm rather desperate to get my hands on A WOUNDED NAME now. Authors who excel at doom and gloom are so few and far betweenBut Hutchison does. Oh, boy, she does. I would be very surprised if Hutchison never read John Fowles's ...
  • Fabi
    The Butterfly Garden is a chillingly brilliant concept. Major kudos to the author. But...Where is an editor when you need one?!On the surface, this is a gripping tale of survival. I understand why so many people are finding it riveting. But it didn't work for me. I realize this will be a wildly unpopular review but I'm going to try to spell out the reasons why I found it impossible to immerse myself in the story.First of all, I don't usually read...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    This book was my kindle first May pick and it's very disturbing. *TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE*--->EXCERPT<---In terror she spoke, letting sink her wings till they trialed in the dust--in agony sobbed, letting sink her plumes till they trailed in the dust--till they sorrowfully trailed in the dust.But my wings couldn't move and I couldn't fly, and I couldn't even cry. All that was left to me was the terror and the agony and the sorrow.This story is abou...
  • Destini Mia~ ♕ Sassy Lassie
    "Where are we?""The Garden." This book fucked me up. Take a look at me anytime while I was reading The Butterfly Garden and you'd find me like this: with a hand over my gaping mouth, eyes bugging out, and a greenish tint to my face. I'm still here like, what the shit did I just read?Well let me tell you what I just read. A dark, twisted story about girls savaged by a delusional captor who *trigger warning* stamps, rapes, and then kills them (not...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: actually heard about The Butterfly Garden from one of my real life friends (I know I know shocking to hear I have friends, but have no fear there’s only like three of them). Per usual I was late for the party and ended up FIFTY-SECOND on the waiting list. Thank Jeebus I don’t age in dog years! Fastforward six months and I finally got it.The story is about a woman named Maya, a sur...
  • Stephanie
    4 star thriller. Unique, twisted story of a mass kidnapper / rapist / serial killer. Not for everyone! I was intrigued by the title, The Butterfly Garden -- and all of the buzz that I saw around this book from some of my Goodreads friends. I noticed that the ratings were a bit dispersed -- with some readers awarding 4/5 stars (many of my friends) and others 1/2 stars. I am so glad that I picked up this book because I found it to be a creepy, di...
  • Brenda
    This book had me absolutely mesmerized! Right from the first chapter all the way to the end, I was held captive. The Garden sounded absolutely idyllic except for its purpose. Everything sounded beautiful except for The Gardener.I really don't want to touch on the plot or the characters. Go into this book ignorant. Don't even read the blurb. Let it seep under your skin, into your heart, and into your mind. I loved the characters, especially the st...
  • Sue
    THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN by Dot Hutchison is a compelling read that deals with rape, captivity but an overall tale of strength and survival…in the hands of an EVIL man known as the Gardener. The imagery is vivid and enables you to sense the atmosphere of the beautiful garden and butterflies. But the Gardener is evil and takes teenage girls, until they reach the ripe age of twenty-one when he can preserve them …if they last that long! The Gardener...
  • Jan
    Could not put this down!!I became obsessed with the plight of these 'Butterflies' and the twisted, psychopathic monster they called The Gardener. I just saw that the rights for movie development were purchased-hell yes! This would make one heck of a box offer thriller.More review to come....So, now that I've had a couple of days to percolate on this book, my rating stands. I found myself thinking about this story more than once over the weekend w...
  • 'Cila
    "Some people stay broken. Some pick up the pieces and put them back together with all the sharp edges showing." I had heard fantastic things about this book, so when I passed by it in my local Barnes and Noble I couldn’t but help picking it up; as I was checking out the cashier smiles and informs me that the author is in the store, initially I thought I had heard her wrong, but she then proceeds to pick up the speaker and ask *Dot Hutchison* to...
  • Petra
    I think almost everybody I know who has read this rated it 4 or 5 stars, so take my personal ramblings with a pinch of salt. It's no big secret that I generally struggle with books that require you to suspend disbelief, and this required an enormous amount of that. The final nail in the coffin was the totally ridiculous twist at the end. It was all so implausible.To me, a lot of this was like reading a young adult fantasy story. There are girls b...
  • Charmaine
    Oh boy... Wow. It's really all over... Currently switching between feeling numb and being utterly overwhelmed with emotion. Definitely need a night to process this, but there's no denying that this is in my top reads of 2017 and we're only 2 months in. And now for the actual review: The Butterfly Garden is understandably dark, twisted, and downright vile at times. You know this before reading it of course, but it doesn't quite prepare you for the...
  • Megan Johnson
    This book was one of the best I have read. It had so many twists and turns in it that you couldn't help but keep reading the book! This book was one creepy book! I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but if you don't have a good stomach, I wouldn't read this book..Honestly, this is one of the hardest books I've had to review. You really can't say much without giving away the entire book! The one thing I will say is take notes! You will forget shit...
  • Amber
    Entertaining read until the end... the ending was ridiculous.
  • Wendy
    Kudos to Dot Hutchison for this disturbingly unique and mesmerizing story!This is the terrifying tale of a "gardener" who captures and preserves young women as his "butterflies". He creates a garden and once his victims arrive they are held captive until their time expires.A Wonderfully Creepy Read!
  • Angel Erin
    2016-05-23 you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for providing a free ebook copy of The Butterfly Garden By: Dot Hutchison in exchange for an honest review. I devoured The Butterfly Garden in one sitting. I was captivated as soon as I started. This book is so damn dark, intense, and twisted! I LOVED it. Some of the plot did seem a bit far fetched, but it didn't bother me at all. Even though some things are unreal...
  • Sara
    It probably goes without saying that the very worst thing a thriller can be is boring. The Butterfly Garden should have been anything but boring if the summary was anything to go by. Law enforcement has just come upon a blazing inferno that is destroying what is left of "The Garden." A collection of beautiful women some dead, some clinging to life, have emerged from the fire to reveal they've been kept in captivity for years used and abused by a ...