Absinthe of Malice (Sinners, #5) by Rhys Ford

Absinthe of Malice (Sinners, #5)

We’re getting the band back together.Those six words send a chill down Miki St. John’s spine, especially when they’re spoken with a nearly religious fervor by his brother-in-all-but-blood, Damien Mitchell. However, those words were nothing compared to what Damien says next.And we’re going on tour.When Crossroads Gin hits the road, Damien hopes it will draw them closer together. There’s something magical about being on tour, especially w...

Details Absinthe of Malice (Sinners, #5)

TitleAbsinthe of Malice (Sinners, #5)
Release DateJun 22nd, 2016
PublisherDreamspinner Press, LLC
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Contemporary, Music, Musicians, Mystery

Reviews Absinthe of Malice (Sinners, #5)

  • Mary
    You get a little bit of all the couples in this book, Conner and Forest, most likely to get a minivan and have adorable kids someday, Sionn and Damien, perfectly balanced, friends and lovers both, and Rafe and Quinn, who are still finding their way but who have a psychic cord that runs between them. I love them all but mostly, this is Miki and what he's lost and found and how he lives between his best friend and the love of his life, between his ...
  • Barbara➰
    These Morgan men sure do know how to make you swoon. I loved seeing all the couples and how they were there for each other whenever things got bad on the road. I do wish there had been more of my man Rafe. I have a soft spot for him and his struggles. I actually started this book a while back and put it aside. I’m glad I picked it back up. I love reconnecting with all the guys. And oh man, I sure do love Donal. Moving on to the next to see who...
  • DarienMoya
    3.5A STORY WAS ABSINTHESo the 5th book in the Sinners series and like the 4th book I didn’t like it a hell of a lot. While I understand the reason for this book because of course it’s the setup to the finale. There was just a whole lot of nothing IMO. The band is back on. Made up of the lovers of the Morgan family Miki St John and Damien decide to put the old band back together. No longer Sinners Gin but Crossroads Gin And their tour is one o...
  • BWT (Belen)
    I love the Sinners series. I love how each of the band members were broken in some way and have slowly begun to heal through the love of their men, family, and their own brotherhood. But this is Rhys Ford, and there's no easy lunch here. The boys are put through the ringer just like always.Absinthe of Malice finds Crossroads Gin hitting the road (without their men) in order to cement their bond. Damien's idea of a tour consists of traveling toget...
  • Susan
    If Crossroads Gin was a REAL band, I’d decorate my room with their magazine covers, I’d declare my love for Forest as my favorite (I’m a sucker for the drummer!), and I *just* might quit my job and hit the road following them on their first tour! Then again, the way danger follows these guys, might be best for my LIFE to just stay home and read about them instead!Rhys Ford’s “Sinners” series is a favorite of mine. And though I don’t...
  • BWT (Belen)
    4.5 StarsI've said it before, and it bears repeating, Tristan James has made this series exponentially better through his narration.He captures Miki and Kane's frustration and fear for what's happening around Miki and what's ahead. He perfectly dramatizes Damien's worry for Miki and Sionn's stalwart shoulder to lean on through thick and thin. He brilliantly presents how much Forest and Connor love and cherish each other. He emotes all the feeling...
  • Meep
    I really enjoyed this but a lot of that was from the thrill of revisiting each couple. I think it's one for fans, it wouldn't mean much if you haven't already travelled the series and gotten to know the boys.It's quilt-work made up from snapshots of the band touring, took me a little bit to adjust and realise we'd not be getting complete stories or one main plot here but short stops on the tour with a teaser there at the end - not a cliffhanger b...
  • Karen
    4.5 yummy stars rounded down because still no 1/2 stars here on GR and while this was one very yummy read it didn't quite fill the gap to 5 stars. Sometimes I just need a little comfort food... Once upon a time I had this great aspiration to be a bookstore owner and instead of the usual fiction, Scifi/fantasty, romance, geography, yadda, yadda, yadda book categories I was going to use food references because to me books are brain food. So I was ...
  • Jewel
    3.5 StarsI do adore this series, I do. And I love Rhys Ford's writing. But I do have to say that I was actually kind of bored reading Absinthe of Malice. The writing, itself, is fantastic, just like I would expect of this author, and the characters are those I've come to know and love, but I had some trouble getting into the story. It was overall very much focused on the band, and them getting their rhythm, which was ok, but that meant that roman...
  • Bitchie
    "Who'd want to kill Miki St John?" Famous last words, because apparently EVERYONE wants to kill poor Miki! Every time you turn around, something else is happening to the poor kid. Car wrecks, stabbings, more stabbings, this was truly a jinxed tour.While I did like seeing all the gang again, I wish the story had been a bit more balance. It's about the band coming together, but really, it's all about Miki and a bit about Damien. Connor and Forrest,...
  • Lori K
    Miki gets stabbed a couple of times and ponders life too much for my liking. It ends with nothing resolved about the attacks on Miki. A lot of sex, a lot of talking. A little stabbing. The end.
  • Natalie
    Review to come. My emotions and nerves are still vibrating right now!Sinners Gin was the very first Rhys Ford book I read, and I formed an immediate connection to the characters of Miki and Kane and that grew and expanded to include every new character in each subsequent book. THIS book was exceptional for me, as nearly all of these wonderful book people were gathered here. You really need to have read the Sinners series to get the impact of this...
  • Christy
    There's no possible way to explain the relief I felt when I discovered that this book is not the end of the 'Sinners' series. I'm so not ready to read that final book and I hope the author takes a really long time to write it. 'Absinthe of Malice' is many things - a journey, both emotional and physical, a redemption, a coming together, a fight to be for four men who've been to hell and back, and a battle with inner demons - but a finale it is not...
  • Karen
    Sadly for now...I've come to the end of the line... 'Absinthe of Malice' is the 5th and...nope, it's not the last book in the 'Sinner's' series...there's one more to go and unfortunately it doesn't have a release date yet but like all good things I know it's going to be worth the wait. And in the meantime, I've loved thoroughly and unashamedly delighted in this revisiting this this series from start to finish on audio and depending on when that l...
  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    To be honest, I didn’t expect another book in this series. Miki, along with his best friend Damien, are alive and whole after a horrific car accident that killed two of their former band members. They’ve finally healed and found love, and they’ve resurrected themselves as Crossroads Gin with Rafe and Forest joining the ranks. As they start their first tour together, making music and new fans should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it’s ...
  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    This entire book was like one big epilogue.Until it wasn't.OMG! I thought this was the end of the series. Um, just sayin', IT IS NOT. Even if Rhys Ford thought it was, IT IS NOT. Ok?The book was like a journey and not just a tour. Pieces of everyone, more of each and then OMG! What??
  • Adam
    4.25 stars!Rhys Ford stopped by at the blog, which you can check out HERE. There's a giveaway!The Sinners series is one my favourites. It’s over-the-top, full of drama, and just so romantic. I’ve loved watching the broken men of this series fall in love and build themselves back up.I wasn’t completely sold on Crossroads Gin, because I didn’t think the band members had much in common other than them all falling in love with men from the sa...
  • JR
    Damie wants the band to go on the road so that they can bond. Miki is skeptical, but agrees as do Rafe and Forest. The time spent in crappy motels, dives, and other venues that leave much to be desired, has each band member confronting their personal demons. But each member has a Morgan to provide much needed shelter from their personal agonies. This is the road trip from hell and the voyage of discovery, all wrapped in a very nice package. If th...
  • farmwifetwo
    Can I just write "Nalini Singh ditto". Except instead of finishing up the series as expected, it just had holes. Again, like Singh's there was no overall plot. It meandered here and there and then we had to have a few rounds of sex. There was some "suspense" that went no where until the very last line of the book which just added more questions. It was suppose to be a "bonding" book but the characters never "bonded". Nope, instead their boyfriend...
  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    4 StarsNot my favorite of the series, but I did love catching up with all of the guys. I tell you what though, the way that Rhys writes Miki's POV is simply poetic. Observations and conversation, feelings and thoughts all come out sounding like a songwriter would word them, with lots of evocative imagery, similes, metaphors and whatnot.That ending, though! OMG, seriously? When is the next one due out?Loved Greg's(oops!) Tristan's narration, as al...
  • Ulysses Dietz
    Absinthe of Malice(Sinners: Book 5)Rhys FordDreamspinner Press, June, 2016Cover by Reece NotleyISBN: 978-1-63477-325-63.5 starsI’ve been a fan of Rhys Ford’s books for years. In this fifth, but not final, episode we have the band going on the road for the first time. Crossroads Gin is comprised of the two survivors of the original Sinner’s Gin band: Miki St. John and Damien Mitchell, whose resurrections occupied the first two books in the s...
  • Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥
    Goodness gracious, book 5 in the old sinners and new sinners on the road touring as Crossroad Gin. I really wish people would leave Miki St. John along. Seriously, do they not have private security or common decency. I am starting to get pissed on Miki's behalf. This book is all about the guys coming together and bonding on the road. For Miki & Damie it's about returning to their roots. For Rafe it's his redemption. His Moby Dick if you can say t...
  • Debra
    For the first half of this story I was convinced it was going to be the last Sinners book. The new band is on the road and we get snippets of everyone's life and state of mind. The story starts off with a heavy focus on their life on the road, but slowly starts to delve into each individual bandmate. Miki is struggling some with being on the road, Damien is being haunted by memories of his past, Rafe is trying to stay clean and Forest is just hap...
  • UnusualChild{beppy}
    synopsis:damie, miki, forrest and rafe are hitting the road to see if they can make their new band work. and they aren't playing the big venues; damien has booked them in to small venues, some of them the same ones that he and miki played on their first go around as a band. trouble stalks them along the way, from physical altercations to mental ones. their respective partners do pop up, but aren't there the entire time.what i liked: i liked seein...
  • Trio
    I was disappointed by this one, it was just a 'day in the life' story that didn't really go anywhere and didn't accomplish much.I enjoyed Tristan James' narration, but the book still left me a little flat.
  • Bev
    Not my fave Rhys Ford series, but it was nice to catch up with the guys again...and the expectation of another story in the offing. 4 stars.
  • Santy
    Audiobook & Ebook Review As the blurb says, our guys go on an “old school” tour in this book. It was a VERY eventful tour in that they faced all manner of hiccups and situations, both good and bad. This story featured all our existing couples. Micky & Kane had the lion’s share of page time, Damien & Sionn a close second with my favourite couples Connor&Forrest and Rafe&Quinn sharing what was left. I didn’t mind too much about the unequal ...
  • Bonnie
    The Sinners Gin series started with Miki St. John, a gifted musician with a troubled, painful past that lost his band at the height of their career to a horrible traffic accident. Kane Morgan is a San Francisco police detective that is renting a workspace next door to a converted warehouse where Miki had shut himself away after losing everything important in his life. The series goes on with Miki's band mate and brother in all but blood Damien Mi...
  • ItsAboutTheBook
    Review can be read at It's About The Book I don’t want to sound like a squealing fangirl, but I’ve gotta get it out of my system. The words, man! Rhys Ford’s style of writing is totally unlike any other I’ve read. It’s like music to my eyes because the words ebb and flow like the sounds of a song, encompassing me. You’re not reading this book, you’re surrounded by it.That’s what I’m going to say and I’m sticking to it.Of cour...
  • Cat
    ***Songs and Sin***This is an amalgamation of sorts, a coming together of all four couples from the first four books. Set in various locations across the United States, Miki, Damie, Forest, and Rafe are putting the Crossroads Gin name out there and making things happen. Damie’s insistence on traveling in a beat up van with no roadies and staying in motels that even bugs don’t want creates some friction, but what’s a good story without it?We...