The Continent (The Continent, #1) by Keira Drake

The Continent (The Continent, #1)

For her sixteenth birthday, Vaela Sun receives the most coveted gift in all the Spire—a trip to the Continent. It seems an unlikely destination for a holiday: a cold, desolate land where two “uncivilized” nations remain perpetually locked in combat. Most citizens lucky enough to tour the Continent do so to observe the spectacle and violence of battle, a thing long vanished in the peaceful realm of the Spire. For Vaela, the war holds little ...

Details The Continent (The Continent, #1)

TitleThe Continent (The Continent, #1)
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
Publisher Harlequin TEEN
Number of pages350 pages
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews The Continent (The Continent, #1)

  • KitCait Reads
    I received an arc copy of this book on a giveaway so I spent no money and I still want a refund or a brain wipe to erase it from my memory. The inside cover has a small scrawl from Kiera Drake saying that she hopes I enjoy my “trip to the continent”. Sorry to say, I very much did not enjoy it. I basically spent a couple of hours reading almost every racist stereotype in existence. DEAR GOD, how was this even published?There are two warring si...
  • Anna
    [EDIT 3/21/17]Since lots of people are still liking this review, I wanted to note that the publisher did push back publication to work out some of these issues. As the author wasn't very receptive of criticism, I don't have high hopes, but it's something that might keep racist descriptions out of the hands of teenagers. Regardless, I probably won't be reading this. There are other writers who actually take criticism without fighting back as well ...
  • Celeste_pewter
    ETA: Review here:***Yes, I did read it. I read it - after putting it down a month ago, when the first chapter failed to capture my interest - simply so I can provide information for anyone who seems to think that this book shows us how to be ~better~ as humans and isn't a white savior book. (Yes, I saw that comment elsewhere.) And yes, the book is a mess. Outside of some truly terrible writing - a la The S...
  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    EDIT: Harlequin Teen updated their Tumblr with this message. Such great news they're delaying publication to keep the themes correct. things escalated on Twitter, some screen grabs of how racist this book is, other people's early reviews, I'm sure I don't want to read it anymore. Having the slur "savages" in a book is a big FUCK NO. And I'm sorry if I'm swearing, but yes I am a bit angry at the mo...
  • Kathleen
    My first hint should have been the fact this is a Harlequin Teen novel. Romance novels make me roll my eyes too much but a YA romance makes me roll them so hard they get stuck to the back of my head. The Continent is a perfect example of an eye-rolling, face-in-palm planting, groaning out loud “why am I still reading this?” YA romance. Vaela Sun of the Spire is celebrating her sixteenth birthday. The Spire is a technologically advanced countr...
  • Enqi ✨ (High Lady of the Night Court)
    I'm not going to read this book and I don't think I ever will.I'm sick of the white saviour narrative. And the book portrays Native Americans/Asians as savages and perpetuates all the stereotypes surrounding Asians. As an Asian myself, this just makes me unbelievably angry. I genuinely hate the "almond-shaped eyes" description - this is arguably the biggest pitfall for white authors. (I've never seen any Asian or non-white writers use this desc...
  • Aslee
    It's racist trash, and I'm getting really sick and tired of my genre being fucking corrupted by bullshit like this-- A black groundskeeper, a pack of "savage" men obviously based on First Nations people, and a wise, calm ninja "with almond eyes".And, of course, the lily-white MC. Look, as a white writer and critic, it is my moral obligation to tell the rest of y'all that this is not acceptable and, in fact, is just bad writing. So, you're being a...
  • Anna Priemaza
    Note: There are important discussions happening currently about representation in this book and whether it is harmful. Please take some time to read and listen to those conversations without letting yourself get defensive or argumentative. It's so important that we listen to marginalized voices.--------Previous review:The best word I can think of to describe this book is POWERFUL. Because it's powerful on every level.It's powerful on a sentence l...
  • Iz
    Because apparently POC are "savages" :)This book reminds me of an actual person who was surprised I could use a fork and a spoon, as well as eat on a plate, because we can't possibly be civilized.
  • Emma
    After what several trusted authors/reviewers/book people have said on Twitter today, there is no way I'll be reading this book.
  • Denisa
    Apparently this book is Super Fucking Racist. Calling natives "red skinned", calling them "savages". From what I've heard, the main character is a white girl who's going to save these native people. How did this book get published? *side eyes this book so hard*
  • Shauna (b00kstorebabe)
    White savior narrative & calling people savages is racist and awful.
  • Angel Erin
    2016-05-04 you to NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for providing a free ebook copy of The Continent By: Keira Drake in exchange for an honest review. One thing I pride myself on when reviewing a book is honesty. I think that is the MOST important part of reviewing ANYTHING. So in the spirit of honesty I will tell you that I had NetGalley request regret with The Continent. #RequestRegretThat has never happened to me ...
  • Chelsea Sedoti
    I want to tour the Continent. Nevermind that I hate being cold, and just reading about the Continent’s unforgiving, snow-covered landscape was enough to make me shiver. Nevermind that I despise airplanes, and touring the Continent would mean being on a plane all day. Nevermind that I don’t particularly want to watch two nations destroy each other in a bloody war. Forget all that, because as I was reading THE CONTINENT, I desperately wanted to...
  • Jaime (Two Chicks on Books)
    Wow this book was so beautiful! Such heartbreak and beauty in one amazing story! I loved Vaela she was such an awesome heroine and man Noro! Can I have a Noro for myself *swoons* I can't wait for book 2!!!!!
  • Liana
    how about we stop publishing racist books that present native Americans as 'savages' , use the white saviour narrative and oh, only have extremely stereotypical Asian characters?
  • Stacy Fetters
    "You must reserve your pain for quiet moments. You must not let it soften you, but rather you must become sharpened by its edges, made stronger by its grip. When it claws at your heart, you must roar back. This is not a place for softness."If that quote doesn't reach inside of you and squeeze your soul then you are in deep trouble.Borrowed an arc from JT!! He received it at ALA Orlando!! Thanks!! I didn't know what I was getting myself into with ...
  • Kaylee
    I don't normally do this type of thing, but the fact that this book was written and published is beyond me.I don't want to read racist books that portrays Native Americans and Asians as "savages" and portrays the white protagonist as the white savior. The fact that the publishers saw nothing wrong with this book is absolutely ridiculous.I've never heard of this book before all of this drama started. I am glad I've never heard of it before. Books ...
  • Laura Pohl
    OK, so I've read few enough of the book to know it's just an awful mess.Seriously? Reducing POC to stereotypes? Calling a race that's so obviously based on Native Americans 'savages'? The racism in this book is not even subtle. It has deep hate for Native Americans, and it's incredibly fetishizing of Japanese as well (fetishization is also a form of racism, in case you were wondering). It's a bunch of stereotypes, POC seen through the eyes of a w...
  • Kuzu
    I didn't read the whole book, because I read excerpts courtesy of acquaintances who had access to the ARC, and the racial politics were ASTONISHINGLY retrograde and offensive, to the point that there's no chance it could redeem itself in the rest of the story. The summary alone raises a few red flags (one fears a white savior narrative; the privileged cartographer as a protagonist has uncomfortable colonial undertones), but the treatment of peopl...
  • Weezie
    I'm not sure how this book even got published. White savior complex, PoC willing to do anything to protect the precious white girl, and calling Native/Indigenous people 'savages' and 'red skins'.Keira Drake, I'm not your savage and you can suck it.
  • Mary
    Bro. No. Nuh uh.
  • Sierra Abrams
    look at that cover JUST LOOK AT IT'S GLORY
  • L.
    This isn't a review, but if for some reason, I ever read this book, I'm sure the rating won't change so the rating can be at 1 star. I'd just like to point out a few things. When I read the synopsis I KNEW that the "savage people" would be Native Americans. Why? Because white people only see Native people as being savages. And would you look at that: the other reviewers have let me know that I was right. Now, knowing this, I thought that perhaps ...
  • Sarah
    Nope. Nopenopenope. I have seen enough commentary on and read enough of this book to know that it is a racist dumpster fire that I will not be supporting or recommending to anyone. This book is beyond problematic. Its stereotypes are so simplistic, offensive, & generalizing of PoC that there is no reasonable defense for it— white savior narratives are incredibly racist as it is, but this is beyond when it grossly stereotypes other peoples and r...
  • Jessica
    How did such racist fuckery get so many 5 star reviews?
  • Gwen Cole
    This book was such a joy to read. I read it in two days and would've finished sooner if I wasn't so busy. But never busy enough to stop reading this book. From beginning to end, the plot and pacing will have you yearning for more, and the characters! Oh man, I just want to put them all in a padded room and make sure they're all safe and happy for the rest of time. This is another book I'll be screaming about to everyone on its release day. Thank ...
  • Mila BlackSheep BS
    Jeez, I leave Goodreads for a couple of days and I come back to yet another author being horribly racist.
  • Hanna
    This publisher needs to hire more diverse editors and really look inward, because I've read white savior books from the 80s that were less offensive (but still offensive!) than this.
  • Madison
    The Continent is an interesting sort of fantasy novel - no magic, but set in a new and strange world that is half old-world traditions and some of today's technology where peace reigns and half a land torn apart by war, where the inhabitants fight the elements and each other to survive.Vaela lives a safe and privileged life in the Spire, where there has been no wars for many years. She is a cartographer and thrilled when her parents gift her with...
  • Amy White Gilman
    I loved this book!!! It was nonstop action and romance. What I liked most was the message. Is it wrong to live in a bubble of peace and watch others war? It is it wrong to ally oneself with a warring nation? Basically, do you sit back and do nothing or do you act? These are hard questions that every politician must answer no matter the country. I love a book that can make me think as well as make my heart happy. The Continent is the story of one ...
  • Anya
    Racist af, ugh.
  • Christaaay - Christy Luis Reviews
    4.5 STARS "Snow and ice, miles and miles of treacherous wilderness…Let’s be honest—it’s not the scenery that has every citizen in the Spire clamoring to see the Continent. It’s the war.” Premise : Vaela Sun is going to the Continent. Citizens of the Spire, a peaceful federation of nations, rarely get a chance to visit the mysterious Continent, but it is the focus of much curiosity and speculation, for it is home to a curious anachroni...