Brand, Meet Story by Heather Pemberton Levy

Brand, Meet Story

Think of the last great article you read or the last great speech you heard. Chances are, if you remember one key message, you also remember one compelling story. That’s because the best content starts with a story. When it comes to marketing, the best business content starts with a story the audience cares about, not the brand’s message about what it wants to sell them.In Brand, Meet Story, Heather Pemberton Levy describes the Story Comes Fi...

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TitleBrand, Meet Story
Release DateSep 27th, 2016

Reviews Brand, Meet Story

  • Emily
    This has a lot of great ideas for driving customer engagement through content.
  • Cecilia
    I wanted to learn how to create better, more engaging content like they said this book would help me do. Not be told (emphasis on the 'telling' over 'showing') for 100 or so pages why storytelling works. I mean, unless you're completely oblivious to content marketing (in which case, are you marketing under a rock?), this is a waste of time.Also, the author told a lot of her own stories but couldn't get me to care about them. Very unoriginal and u...
  • Bridget Greci
    Did I miss something? the author says start with a story but doesn't start with her own.
  • William Brophy
    Read this book now!If you seriously are considering a content marketing strategy or already have one that isn't exactly working then you MUST read this book today! Its an easy read and chock full of examples to help you out. Don't forget to print out or hang up the appendix for reference next time you outline content!
  • Jay
    You might have had this happen to you. You are giving a presentation at work to persuade co-workers to install new software and change your work processes to use it. You start off describing the software, its features, how it looks. As you begin to answer questions, you realize that you are no longer in control of the meeting, and it degenerates into concerns about icon colors. You never get to discuss the impact this change would make on people,...
  • Joséphine (Word Revel)
    Brand, Meet Story is exactly that which the title promises. It's much shorter than I expected when I first stumbled across it but this book is proof that we don't always need long books to adequately cover a topic. Levy presents her ideas in a straightforward manner, employing her own methods in how she organises the book. Most ideas on content creation and how the audience relates weren't new to me but I liked how they were consolidated and link...