A Season of Daring Greatly by Ellen Emerson White

A Season of Daring Greatly

Eighteen-year-old Jill Cafferty just made history. Her high school’s star pitcher, she is now the first woman drafted by a major league baseball team. Only days after her high school graduation, she’ll join the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Class A Short Season team . . . but not everyone is happy to have her there.On top of the pressure heaped on every pitcher, Jill must deal with defying conventions and living up to impossible expectations, all whi...

Details A Season of Daring Greatly

TitleA Season of Daring Greatly
Release DateFeb 14th, 2017
PublisherGreenwillow Books
GenreYoung Adult, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary, Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Baseball

Reviews A Season of Daring Greatly

  • Sarah
    (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)This was a YA contemporary story about a girl playing for a major-league baseball team.Jill was an okay character, and she seemed to take things in her stride pretty well. She also didn’t let fame get to her, and came across as generally a nice person.The storyline in this was about Jill becoming the first woman to play major-league baseball, and all the p...
  • lov2laf
    So me and this author go way back. Way back as in I first read her when I was thirteen or fourteen…and I was enamored and hooked and in book hangover mode for years. When I think of her “President’s Daughter” series or “Life Without Friends”, I STILL have a strong emotional connection and remember the lead characters, Meg and Beverly, as if they were people I actually knew. Her books had the unique distinction of dealing with complex ...
  • Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner
    Being the first person to review the book on Goodreads is a big deal because if you end up not loving the story, others might think it's not worth their time either. I was super excited about A Season of Daring Greatly mostly because I can't wait for Pitch to premiere on Fox and because I love books about women playing sports. I knew I was going to read it the moment I read the blurb and I'm still glad I did but I sadly didn't love it. To me, the...
  • Angie
    Originally reviewed here @ AngievilleI think by now you're all familiar with my love for Ellen Emerson White's books. So you'll have no trouble understanding the level of excitement I've been living with ever since I heard she was writing a contemporary YA about the first girl to be drafted by a Major League Baseball team. Wild horses were having trouble keeping my anticipation within any sort of manageable proportions. It's difficult to believe...
  • Katie
    This was very good and solid. I really appreciated that the book dealt with the fact that the first female baseball player isn't just going to have to be good at baseball, she's going to have to be good at dealing with the pressure. And Jill and the people around her were very aware of it.It was also just a good BASEBALL book. The struggle of the minors, the fact that most of the people in the low minors aren't going to make it.I want more books!
  • Lynn
    Sometimes a particular book is JUST what you need at that particular time and that was the case with A Season of Daring Greatly for me. I'm a fan of baseball and also baseball books. I love an underdog story and a story with an engaging ensemble cast. I think I needed a book where a woman came out ahead in a male-dominated field. I got all these things and a huge amount of sheer enjoyment in A Season of Daring Greatly.Jill Cafferty is 6'2" tall, ...
  • Margaret
    This is a review of an ARC from Edelweiss.3.5 stars Jill Cafferty is a 17-year-old pitching phenom from Rhode Island. In another world, she'd be taking her scholarship to Stanford and enjoying life on the west coast for a few years. But then the long shot comes in - and she gets drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sent to a minor league team in Albany, Jill has to make all the adjustments that any new player deals with, while making history. This ...
  • Susann
    Such a treat to immerse myself in an Ellen Emerson White world. Yes, EEW's heroines have the same intellect + grit + show tunes knowledge, and her supporting characters are equally familiar. But I always fall in love with these characters, so that is more than fine with me. I raced through this and expect to re-read it soon. I enjoyed and appreciated the details of life in the minor leagues. As I was describing the story to my boyfriend, he thoug...
  • Lindsay
    I wanted to like this so much more than I did. Hoping some of the technical issues I had with it (POV, formatting, italics in weird spots, random capitalized letters) will be fixed in the finished copy. The story just didn't click for me. Jill was *okay* but I never truly connected with her. And for someone who wants to be a professional pitcher she didn't always act like it. I did like Marcus and Scott though. I wish more could've been developed...
  • Erin
    4.5 stars"You have intellect, and courage, and command. Play your own game, and don't worry about what anyone else is doing. That is what's going to give you a shot at making it. Comparing yourself to anyone else will just drive you crazy." Cafferty is an extremely good baseball player, theirs only one problem. She's a young women going into a male dominated world that isn't known for playing nicely to each other let alone a young women. Women an...
  • Elissa
    (I read the ARC version of this, even though it's been out for a bit, so some things may be different in the final version?)I'm not a baseball person. I don't particularly care about the sport and find it tedious to watch, so this book holding my interest for hours is kind of a big deal. Jill Cafferty, 18, is the first woman to get drafted for a minor league team. Jill has to deal with a whole media circus as well as animosity from fans of the ga...
  • Grace
    I really liked this! It was lacking that little bit to bump it up to five stars, but this is a very good book - and on the off chance EEW plans on adding to this universe, an even better first book. (I don't mean this in a bad way. It's a very nice standalone novel, but there's also the potential for a lot more of Jill's journey and I would personally really love to see that.)I really liked how much this captured the real uncertainties of the min...
  • Karla
    I've never seen so many comma splices in a book.
  • Shelley
    Jill is just about to graduate high school when she's drafted to the Pirates and heads off to the minors. At first, this was exactly what I wanted Pitch to be--funny, smart, showing the nitty gritty of how to build up to the majors. (By the end of the season, Pitch was exactly what I wanted it to be, too, though.) Then I got so caught up in the story and its own track that all comparisons went out the window. I loved Jill and her family, and her ...
  • Ashley
    The book was fine for me, but I think someone who actually knows/cares about baseball would like it a lot more. There were some things where I was like, okay, I know what all those words mean independently, but somehow when they are put together into this sentence I have no idea what is even going on. How does drafting work? What on earth is a pitch count? What are all these numbered seams? Four seamer? Two seamed? Is this something to do with th...
  • Joy
    Another great read from White, about the first woman pitching for MLB and her rookie season in a farm team. You don't need to be a die-hard sports fan to enjoy this book, as the characters are well-developed and the human angle to the story is ever-present. I didn't want it to end.
  • Julia
    (3/15/17) Fans of Ellen Emerson White will know and love Jill from the very first page. Fierce disciple, personally competitive, quiet wit, and an introvert's gentle charm. I am not a baseball fan, but the process nerd in me loved every last page of Jill's training, mental game, and team building. I watched half a season of Pitch, despite its flaws, only to have A Season of Daring Greatly show me how this premise could have been executed with gre...
  • Liz
    As if I wasn’t already missing baseball and wanting the season to start. I really enjoyed following Jill and the other players—their varying backgrounds and stories—were overwhelmingly good, too. (“Mother” really stood out there.)I loved the Williamsport details, too. They were accurate and it was nice to have a nod to that history.Ultimately, I enjoyed the ending but it also felt a little too open to me. Hopefully that means more of th...
  • Amy
    I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. The writing style is not my favorite - lots and lots of italics, and way too much description about the mechanics of practices and pitching and getting dressed for games.
  • A.J. Richard
    Great book for young adults! Inspirational, real, solid, and a must read for girls. Empowering. Authentic. If I had a daughter I would save it for her to read as a teen.
  • Kkharvey
    Short Summary: Jill Cafferty becomes the first female to be drafted to the MLB as a pitcher right out of high school. She deals with the trials and tribulations of becoming a new recruit with the added pressures of making history for her gender.What I liked: I really enjoyed Jill as a main character. She was well spoken, she was a great advocator for women in general without assuming that she spoke for all women. Her fears were real, her strength...
  • Slytherin Reader
    MY REVIEW AS OF HALFWAY THROUGH THE BOOKI really hope this is the beginning of a trend! Being a female athlete myself, I'm a sucker for a good YA book centered around sports. And there honestly needs to be more of them on shelves. Kids aspiring to be the next __(insert most famous athlete name here)___ of the __(insert sport here)__ world, need sports books. Huge props to Ellen Emerson White for contributing to what should be a YA writing movemen...
  • Charmaine
    What a great, inspirational story! Jill Cafferty is remarkable. Her story seemed absolutely realistic in such an unlikely scenario. I've never been a big baseball fan, but I already know I'd be obsessed with this kind of situation in real life. Jill, you're a rockstar and you absolutely MUST go into politics when you retire from professional sports! This book was a feminist manifesto hidden behind a fun and inspirational story. It brings up publi...
  • Susan
    I loved this book SO much. It was so good. I grew up going to minor league baseball games so this gave me the warm fuzzies. Be warned if you aren't a baseball fan you may not enjoy this. I thought it was excellent!
  • Kathleen
    As a teenager, I *loved* Ellen Emerson White. I read "The President's Daughter" series more times than I count, and I'm pretty sure I wrote her some fan letters. Though she's continued to write - a bunch of historical fiction, the "Santa Paws" series, and more - she was relegated to my past until I spotted this brand new YA book at the library.In A Season of Daring Greatly, Jill Cafferty is the first female major league baseball player. Drafted j...
  • Beth
    Great story about a girl recruited as the first woman in the MLB, who realistically starts on a minor league team. Even the baseball bits were interesting to me.I'd put in on the shelf next to Michael Grant's WWII stuff.
  • Susan Dunn
    I love this author! This one is new territory for White. 18-year-old Jill Cafferty is a star baseball player. Baseball - not softball. She makes history by being the first woman drafted by a major league baseball team, so instead of going off to college, Jill is sent to the minor leagues. This is a great portrayal of minor league ball, as well as another spirited and funny EEW female character.
  • Chelsey
    Being drafted in the third round of the MLB draft right out of high school is a big deal for anyone, but especially for Jill Cafferty, who is the first female player drafted into the major leagues. She's about to start the journey of a lifetime as she is sent to the Pirates' minor-league affiliate in upstate New York. Learning to deal with the media, fans, and her teammates and trainers will take enough effort, but can she do all of this while sh...