We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter

We Were the Lucky Ones

Reading Georgia Hunter s We Were the Lucky Ones is like being swung heart first into history. . . . A brave and mesmerizing debut, and a truly tremendous accomplishment. Paula McLain, New York Timesbestselling author of The Paris WifeAn extraordinary, propulsive novel based on the true story of a family of Polish Jews who are separated at the start of the Second World War, determined to survive and to reunite It is the spring of 1939 and three g...

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TitleWe Were the Lucky Ones
Release DateFeb 14th, 2017
Number of pages416 pages
GenreHistorical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II, Historical, Holocaust

Reviews We Were the Lucky Ones

  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 Any book about a Jewish family caught in the horrific web of the Holocaust is, by its very nature, going to be difficult reading. Heartbreaking. This is based on the lives of the author's family, something she didn't have a hint about until the age of nine. There are so many of these books, so many based on true events but what set this one apart is the scope of narrative. Starting in Radom, Poland, the Kurc family, mother, father, four adult...
  • Cheri
    !! NOW AVAILABLE !!This is the story of the Kurc family, a Jewish family living in Radom, Poland, in the beginning of March of 1939. The exception being one son, Addy, living in the heart of Toulouse, who returns twice a year to Radom for Rosh Hashanah and Passover. He loves his family, but there’s an energy to Montmartre with its artists and musicians, the clubs he can’t quite bring himself to leave. You wouldn’t think anyone had a care in...
  • Karen
    This is the story of the Kurc family, a Jewish family, the parents and their five adult children, beginning in 1939, in Radom, Poland.We follow them through the years just prior to, and during World War ll, one of them sent to Siberia, and others fleeing to different locations in Europe.This is a lovely yet difficult story of survival, and family love.Based on the life of the author's grandfather.Thank you to NetGalley, Viking, and author Georgia...
  • Lori
    What a fantastic debut novel! How the Kurc family survived the atrocities of WWII is an amazing true story of courage & determination. The thing that stood out to me about this novel was that the experiences of the members of this one family were so diverse. Only complaint was that being a large family it was difficult trying to keep track of who, when and where everyone was. I did notice, however, that the print version includes a character char...
  • Quirkyreader
    Five stars all around for this story. Thanks to the Penguin Random House publishing group for sending me this book as an ARC. As soon as it comes out go and grab a copy. It will be a roller coaster ride you will not forget. It is a story of survival in Poland during World War II. Much of Poland and the Jewish community was ravaged by the Nazi regime. What unfolds in this story is just mind blowing.
  • Susan
    This is the miraculous story about the Kurc family living in Poland before war breaks out and continues til the end of the war. The chapters alternate between characters when the family is separated and end up in different parts of the world. This is truly a remarkable story about survival against incredible odds and the fact that is is based on the author's own family is what makes this novel special. Georgia Hunter has written a story about hea...
  • Ann Marie
    Pre-order this book! Full review to follow.
  • Sarah at Sarah's Book Shelves
    Thank you to my friend, Georgia Hunter, Viking Books, and Netgalley for providing me with an advance copy of We Were the Lucky Ones.World War II "annihilated over 90% of Poland's Jews and [...] all but about 300 of the 30,000 Jews from Radom," Georgia Hunter's ancestors' home. Yet, her entire family survived. We Were the Lucky Ones is based on the story of how they did it. The Kurc family's experience during World War II, beginning in Poland and ...
  • Karen
    We Were the Lucky Ones By Georgia HunterThis story was based on the author's Grandfather and the Kurc's family experiences during World War II beginning in Poland in 1939. This was both a beautiful and heartbreaking story. It is told through different member's of the family alternating throughout the book. The prose is lovely and lush and crystalline. The family gets scattered in all across different countries in Europe. This debut novel stayed w...
  • Letty
    I read quite a lot of historical fiction that takes place during WWII. Even though reading about the horrors of war and the Holocaust can be so very heartbreaking, I feel it is important to remember those who fought in the war and to especially remember those who died so tragically. This story of three generations of the Kurc family is beautifully written and is indeed heart-rending. While it is considered historical fiction, it is based on autho...
  • Nicole Karlson
    This is a very special book. It's historical fiction, yet based on true events. It's about authors grandfather and his parents and siblings and their astonishing experiences during World War II. The author traveled the world researching this amazing story and her hard work is evident. I learned so much reading this, yet you can feel the authors love for her ancestors spilling from the pages. I've never read a book quite like this one, and it was ...
  • Marla
    This is such a wonderfully written story about a Jewish family struggling to survive during the war and the Holocaust. The book is a little hard to follow at first because there are so many family members and each chapter gives an update on what is happening to a different family member but once you get used to who everyone is, it's a lot easier to follow their plight. Any time I read about what the Jews went through during Hitler's reign and how...
  • RoseMary Achey
    What makes the Jewish Kurc Family living in Nazi occupied Poland during 1939 the Lucky Ones? Yes, they were lucky, but they also demonstrated true resilience, forethought and they were smart.While this was a well written novel, the Kurc family includes the matriarch, patriarch, 5 adult children and their spouses. That is 12 characters to keep straight, at times a challenge for my simple brain. The author is the granddaughter of one of the five Ku...
  • Tara
    Over the past few years, since I began keeping track of the books I read, I've noticed that the books I rate the highest are either nonfiction or, if they are fiction, involve a marginalized group of individuals, or both. Maybe this has to do with the type of work that I do, or the life experiences I've had, but these are the stories that seem to be the most impactful and stick with me for the longest period of time. Shortly after finishing We We...
  • John Sherman
    Meticulously researched and masterfully written, We Were the Lucky Ones transcends genres, gripping the reader with the suspense of a thriller and the poignancy of a much more personal narrative. Georgia Hunter writes with clarity and conviction, sharply bringing to life vivid characters who must draw on every ounce of ingenuity and grit they possess in the face of nearly insurmountable odds. Set amidst the Holocaust, the novel weaves together th...
  • Sissi
    What a very very special book indeed. I finished this last night and my heart cannot be still, it is frantically trying to make senses of it all, trying not to be torn into million pieces and trying to process all that is in the book to tell. This book has no doubt become one of my favourites of all time.You all know my favourite genre to read is historical fiction and especially the time period set in the Second World War. I do not say it lightl...
  • Paige P
    I do not think I could have gotten through this book, had it not been for the title. This novel is based on the history of the author's own Polish/Jewish family's harrowing experience during WWII. Although emotionally torturous to read and imagine, it is important to know what humans are capable of doing to other humans. And, it is equally important to understand the sacrifices and torture that one can endure to protect loved ones and to survive.
  • Good Book Fairy
    My Review: 4.5 stars - For more like this visit www.goodbookfairy.comWe Were The Lucky Ones is a courageous story about family and the miraculous journey they endured in the name of survival. I’ve read too many books to count about WW2 and/or the Holocaust from every POV possible: the survivor, the prisoner, the guard, the spy, the children, the emancipators, the compassionate, those that are hidden and those that keep people hidden. This one i...
  • Sue
    This is a wonderful historical fiction novel based on the true story of the author's family. As with all books about the Holocaust, it's difficult to read in parts but these are facts in our history that we don't want to forget if we don't want them to happen again.It's the story of the Kurc family, parents and five children who are Polish Jews and the story begins in the late 1930s. The Nazis are gaining power but the family continues to feel sa...
  • Laura
    www.snazzybooks.com This is a difficult but also an absorbing and very well written (and researched) novel.Focusing on a Jewish Polish family, the at the outbreak of, and during, World War 2, it really drives home the horrendous plight of people who were persecuted during this time, losing their belongings, jobs, homes and families. The novel is split into various parts as the family itself begins to split up (I really like novels with different ...
  • Darcia Helle
    I'm not sure where to start in summing up my feelings on this book. My emotions ran the gamut as I read. I felt like a used up, wet dishrag afterward; too soppy to move, too emotionally spent to speak. This book is powerful, aching heartbreak wrapped up in hope and love, and tied together with beautiful writing.One of the things that makes this book exceptional is the underlying truth of the story. I don't mean the truth of the Holocaust, which i...
  • Cindy
    Thank you to NetGalley and Viking Books for gifting me with this beautiful ARC. We Were The Lucky Ones was a privilege to read.Set in Poland, in the spring of 1939 the Kurc family is eagerly anticipating the Passover holiday and their time to celebrate with family. Although, there is change in the air as demotions and restrictions are being placed on all European Jews, no one can foresee what is to become. A mere six months later, Germany has inv...
  • Margie Couch
    In this week of Thanksgiving, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness, after reading We Were the Lucky Ones, that my family and I have not had to endure the unimaginable horrors of WWII, as described by the Author Georgia Hunter. In the interest of full disclosure, Georgia is my daughter in law, and I received an advance copy after sharing in her writing journey for several years. This story is based on her family's individual and joint struggle for s...
  • Debbie
    I received a copy of the book, We Were The Lucky Ones from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. I am so grateful to have had the chance to read Hunter's novel. It is absolutely beautiful. The subject matter is of course very emotional but her prose is poetic.Hunter does a fantastic job of recreating war-torn Poland, circa 1930. I felt like I was right there. I especially love how her character development is slow, and with each cha...
  • Barbara
    Amazingly this work of historical fiction is based on the author's own family. I read a lot of WWII and Holocaust based stories and this will definitely be in my top 15. I was completely tied up in the lives of the Kurc family. The story begins around the Seder table in Poland 1939 with war on the horizon. We follow three generations of this Jewish family that are torn apart and end up on different sides of the globe. One couple ends up in Siberi...
  • Renee
    At times riveting, at time touching, a thorough account of what happened to each member of this Jewish Polish family during the war years. (The story of real people turned into a novel.) The middle of the story definitely did not drag. But can the middle of a book be too harrowing? It became difficult to read/hear the excruciating details of each close call & time of suffering. However, the beautiful ending made up for that---which in some ways i...
  • Amie Wilson
    A heart-wrenching account of one family's experiences during the Holocaust. This story was a little different than other holocaust survivor memoirs that I have read. Many of the members of the large, Jewish, Kurc family are separated at the start of WWII and during the ensuing chaos, so the reader gets to experience different aspects of the war through their stories from Poland, Russia, South America and North Africa. An interesting account is gi...
  • Shannon (Mrsreadsbooks)
    This story is based on a Polish Jewish family, the Kurcs, who are separated at the beginning of WWII. The entire family is determined to not only survive, but to reunite with each other. In the spring of 1939, 3 generations of the Kurc family are doing their best to live their normal lives as the shadow of war grows closer and closer. Soon the horrors happening throughout Europe will come to Poland and the members of the Kurc family will be separ...
  • Marialyce
    Courage, resilience, love of family, and strength are the concepts so inherent in this amazing novel of the survival of one Jewish family living in Poland during World War 2. While the world fell apart around them, while their neighbors and friends were marched off to the camps, to the ovens, or to a life of intimidation, fear, and possible death, this one family managed through their own strength and the help of God to survive the war's devastat...
  • Tara Pradko
    I can't find words for how powerful this book is. Please read it and consider what our country is doing in refusing people refuge here.