The Hunger by Alma Katsu

The Hunger

Evil is invisible, and it is everywhere. Tamsen Donner must be a witch. That is the only way to explain the series of misfortunes that have plagued the wagon train known as the Donner Party. Depleted rations, bitter quarrels, and the mysterious death of a little boy have driven the pioneers to the brink of madness. They cannot escape the feeling that someone--or something--is stalking them. Whether it was a curse from the beautiful Tamsen, the ch...

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TitleThe Hunger
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherG.P. Putnam’s Sons
GenreHorror, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Adult

Reviews The Hunger

  • Debra
    "Maybe it takes one demon to keep the others away." He paused. His eyes glistened with tears now. "Lucifer had been an angel first. I always remember that."Is it okay to say that I devoured this book?Seriously, I picked this book up after I had read "The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing saga of the Donner party" (It's wonderful and I highly recommend it.) I was worried that I would not like this book as much. I had read some positive review...
  • Carrie
    The Hunger by Alma Katsu is a fictional novel that is centered around one of histories most famous events when it came to settling the western U.S. This story gives a new imaginative supernatural twist to just what may have happened to the Donner party on their trek across the country.The book uses the real characters and events from that time to give the story that realistic feel while also adding in it’s own elements to make a whole new versi...
  • Tammy
    This is a re-imagining of the tragedy of the Donner Party. There is terror and horror contained within these pages. The characters both real and fictious are fully developed with backstories that enhance the tale. You will want to keep the lights bright when reading this one.
  • Scarlett
    4.5 Hungy, hungy starsThe Pioneer wagon train that was DOOMED….and a HUNGER that was lurking within!“Evil was invisible, and it was everywhere.” ― Alma KatsuAlma Katsu did an amazing job when combining actual history and blending in fictional elements intrinsically. Researching The Donner/Reed parties that attempted the migration west through uncharted regions of the Sierra Mountains with little choice for survival is a brilliant setting ...
  • Juli
    In April 1846, 90 settlers left Springfield, Ill headed for California. The Donner Party was led by Jacob and George Donner. At first they followed the established route -- The California Trail -- reaching Wyoming without incident. It was at that point that they took the advice of a trail guide, Langsford Hastings, who offered a quicker route. This route proved to be dangerous and nearly impossible to navigate. The Donner Party wasted precious ti...
  • Sadie Mother Horror
    Thank you to Glasstown Ent. for giving the Night Worms a copy of this book to all seven of us for an honest review.I'm a native of Northern California. I grew up in a historical mining town. For history lessons in primary school, we read books like, Patty Reed's Doll and played a computer game called Oregon Trail where you and your family had to make your way to California in a covered wagon. I often died before reaching the elusive Sutter's Fort...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum tragedy of the Donner Party is retold with a supernatural twist in The Hunger, a dark mix of historical fiction and horror. For context, in the May of 1846 a wagon train led by George Donner and James Reed set out from Independence, Missouri like so many other pioneer families hoping to settle a new life in California. Instead of following the typical route, however, th...
  • Jack +Books & Bourbon+
    It’s books like these that make me mad, mad, mad. Not mad because the book was bad or poorly written (it wasn’t), not mad because of the liberties taken by the author (they enhance the story, so are acceptable), and not mad because a favorite character died (this is about the Donner party, people die). No, I’m mad because I didn’t think of this concept first. I mean, come on, a group of settlers/pioneers who get trapped in the mountains a...
  • Blair
    In The Hunger, Alma Katsu takes a real historical event – the dreadful fate of the Donner Party – and reimagines it as a horror story. (Of course, you could say it's already a horror story, but in this case it's the supernatural kind.) We follow a large cast of characters as they head out on a journey from Missouri to California in 1846. They're beset by bad luck from the start, and their inept 'leaders' repeatedly ignore warnings to avoid th...
  • Ann Girdharry
    This book is partly based on a historical event and partly fiction. I didn’t know anything about the history of the pioneering settlers on which this story was based and so this book was pure fiction for me. A group of ninety settlers are heading west on a trail across America. They want to get from the east coast to California and are in covered wagons, with horses, mules and oxen accompanying them. There are families, lone men and some lone w...
  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐STARSARC BOOK REVIEW.Release Date-6/3/18"The Hunger" By Alma Katsu was such an immersing read with such diverse interesting characters you couldn't help but become hooked and transfixed by the storyline.With its rich tapestry of history, you actually felt transported back into another place and time.Taking the story of the 90 men, women, and children of the Donner Party, one of the deadliest and most disastrous western Journey's in Am...
  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    Any Oregon child studied the Oregon Trail as part of Oregon history, in 4th grade and 8th grade. In 4th grade we played the Oregon Trail computer game in the Intel-provided computer lab, and in 8th grade we did more of a LARP version of the game. My group named itself the Dumber Party, in tribute to the Donner Party. I was Mary Dumber, the only female of the group.Do I even have to say that we were obsessed with the Donner Party? Surviving the tr...
  • Michael Hicks
    With The Hunger, Alma Katsu does for the doomed Donner party what Dan Simmons did for the Franklin Expedition in his massive work, The Terror, giving the ill-fated cross-country voyage a supernatural twist while maintaining historical authenticity (well, to a degree anyway). In May 1846, a group of American pioneers set out for California in a wagon train led by George Donner and James Reed. Their journey was beset by a number of problems and del...
  • Mindi
    A big thank you to Glasstown Ent. for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.I'm a huge fan of historical fiction with a paranormal twist. Books like Dan Simmons' The Terror and The Abominable are some of my favorites in the genre, and both have a paranormal threat on top of an already dire situation. When I heard that Katsu was coming out with a book about The Donner Party facing a paranormal entity, I practically squealed in delig...
  • Amy
    I wasn’t familiar with the Donner Party but I liked the idea of a historical reimagining that blended fact and fiction with a supernatural twist and when I read a bit about the real life Donner Party I was both horrified and fascinated. That basically sums up my emotional state while read The Hunger I was creeped out one minute and totally engaged the next, I really enjoyed this one.This is divided into sections by month and follows the Donner ...
  • Susan
    Set between June 1846 and April 1847, this novel is based upon the true story of, “the Donner Party,” which involved a wagon train heading to California, which ended in tragedy. Shockingly, the actual members of the wagon train relied on a book published at the time, “The Emigrants Guide to Oregon and California,” by an author named Landsford W. Hastings, which advertised a shortcut the author had actually never tested out.The author weav...
  • Cody | codysbookshelf
    Thanks to the publisher for supplying the Nightworms with hardcover copies of this book, free of charge, in exchange for honest reviews!Alma Katsu’s The Hunger is one of the most hyped books of the season and with good reason: this twist on the infamous Donner Party is chilling, and well-told. Through a proper mixture of fact and fiction, Katsu brings to life the Donner Party and the period in which it traveled west, to California, in the mid-1...
  • Kimberly
    THE HUNGER, by Alma Katsu, is a well written, original take on what "could" have happened to the infamous Donner Party. While everyone has heard of the fatal 1846 attempt at crossing to California, and what the members succumbed to in order to survive, this novel takes it on a different note altogether. ". . . Snow kept secrets . . . " Katsu bases her novel on giving us great details on the various members of the Donner-Reed party, including a fa...
  • Rob Twinem
    The hardcover of this book, due for release in early march, shows a horse drawn wagon heading out into uncharted territory. This represented the pioneering spirit of American settlers heading west for California who felt confident in the knowledge that they were destined to occupy this territory irrespective of the affect their actions might have on the indigenous native American tribes who already populated these regions. The Hunger recalls one ...
  • Emily
    "He told her of a hunger that lodged not in his stomach, but his blood, an excavating hunger that festered like an unclean wound." (148)2.5⭐The story of The Hunger is a fascinating concept, and I have been so excited for this book for months. As you can tell from my rating, this book was pretty hyped, and I ended up disappointed. The Hunger is a slow-burn story, but the sense of dread that carries out from the beginning is so well done. I was e...
  • The Book Review Café
    The Hunger by Alma Katsu is part historical fiction and part supernatural/horror. Based on a true story the author has masterfully blurred the lines between fact and fiction, even the fictional parts seemed very credible which made this book even more chilling to read. Based on the Donner party’s tragic crossing of America in the 1840s, it follows a group of settlers who head across the unrelenting plains in search of new beginnings but find th...
  • Lou
    This is another one of those books that walks the tightrope between crime thriller and horror - of late, I have really enjoyed these type of stories. It is based on the Donner party tragedy where a party of pioneers travelling across the American West searching for a better life experience a nightmare. Most Americans have heard this tale, but being British, I had not come across it before. I looked it up and was instantly fascinated by it. This i...
  • Liz Barnsley
    The Hunger was an interesting read for me, for the most part very excellent -taking the well known story of the Donner party tragedy and adding in speculative supernatural and horror, this is a slow burn towards terror, which is much more of a character drama than it is any kind of thriller until right at the end. At that point though you might want to engage the axe proof duvet.A group of travellers run into issue after issue, a child disappears...
  • Mariana
    Hay sucesos de la vida real tan sórdidos y perturbadores que inspiran obras de ficción en las cuales intentamos entender qué demonios pasó o ponerle una cara a ese horror que las personas en cuestión tuvieron que enfrentar."The Hunger" está basado en un hecho real ocurrido en 1846. La Expedición Donner, conformada por aproximadamente 80 pioneros intentó llegar desde Wyoming hasta California. Siguiendo una ruta relativamente nueva, los pio...
  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)
    An unsettling, eerie and atmospheric tale of survival. Do you know anything about the history of the Donner Party? I remembered some of it so I did a little research on it before I read Alma's fictionalized version. She does an OUTSTANDING job and I loved reading the end where she explained some of the differentiation.Let me just say that I'm glad I was not living through the pioneering era of the world. Granted, had I lived during that time I wo...
  • John
    This was about the Donner Party wagon train leading up to the famous "survival by cannibalism" incident. I kept waiting for some "horror", then got a glimpse at about 90%, but then it switched to some woman's love life! That about sums up this book, in my opinion.
  • Barb (Boxermommyreads)
    So I'll start by saying that a lot of my favorite bloggers loved "The Hunger" and I'm so glad they did. I also think I kind of set myself up for disappointment with this one because I wanted it to be horrific and terrifying and as the terror was more subtle and atmospheric (which I usually like) I felt a let-down. Also, I've seen "The Hunger" described as a "slow burn" type of novel but for me, it was more like "smoldering." So basically this is ...
  • Susan Hampson
    Oh wow this is some pretty cool reading. I had been unaware of this tragic pioneer crossing of the ill-fated wagon train from Springfield, Illinois to California in 1846. What begins as a new beginning for 90 men, women and children ends in one of the most terrible tragedies in America’s history.This is a jaw dropping story to start with, but soon transformed from fact into a seamless mix of fact and fiction by author Alma Katsu. This lady has ...