炎炎ノ消防隊 1 [Enen no Shouboutai 1] (Fire Force, #1) by Atsushi Ohkubo

炎炎ノ消防隊 1 [Enen no Shouboutai 1] (Fire Force, #1)

全人類は怯えていた──。何の変哲もない人が突如燃え出し、炎の怪物“焔ビト”となって、破壊の限りを尽くす“人体発火現象”。炎の恐怖に立ち向かう特殊消防隊は、現象の謎を解明し、人類を救うことが使命! とある理由から“悪魔”と呼ばれる、新入隊員の少年・シンラは、“ヒーロー”を目指し、仲間たちと共に、“焔ビト...

Details 炎炎ノ消防隊 1 [Enen no Shouboutai 1] (Fire Force, #1)

Title炎炎ノ消防隊 1 [Enen no Shouboutai 1] (Fire Force, #1)
Release DateFeb 17th, 2016
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Shonen, Comics, Young Adult

Reviews 炎炎ノ消防隊 1 [Enen no Shouboutai 1] (Fire Force, #1)

  • Shannon
    3.5 rounded up.I was incredibly surprised with how much I enjoyed this! I usually tend to enjoy both shounen and seinen, but the latter a great deal more. Shounen gets to be too "monster of the week" for me, although that isn't always the case. This is the same author who wrote Soul Eater and I enjoyed the anime for that, so I'm not sure why I didn't think this series would be interesting too. There's some ecchi and there are some of the usual qu...
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    Yoooo.......... Ooohh. Yeah, it stings. 2 stars, eh? Yeah.... Unfortunate, but this was an extremely mediocre, cliché and unoriginal first volume. It kind of reminds me of another series... *cough* Black Clover *cough* ... Too bad I forget which...One good thing about this series that I'll throw out there right off the bat: It's not another manga about kids in a super-special-magic academy, it's about what happens after their education when said...
  • Arsnoctis
    2.5 arrotondato per eccesso
  • Skjam!
    On an alternate Earth, the majority of Japanese people have been converted (at least on the surface) to the religion of the Sun God. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that the biggest threat to human life is now spontaneous combustion. The vast majority of people who burst into flames become rampaging monsters.However, a few become “second-generation” flame controllers who can manipulate fire but not create it, or “third...
  • Kate
    Reminds me a lot of Blue Exorcist
  • alicat
    Fun new story by the creator of Soul Eater. I could have done without the ecchi bits at the end, but I'm enjoying this new world and plot already. Looking forward to volume 2.
  • Mehsi
    OMG this was just sooooooo awesome! Excuse my fangirling, but OMG OMG!Soul Eater has ended, Soul Eater NOT has ended, but Atsushi Ohkubo just keeps on writing and making epic manga. This one is his newest, En En no Shōbōtai, and it was just such a delight. Instead of scythes, schools, and gaining souls, it is a Fire Brigade (a very special one with mostly people with abilities), humans are just bursting into flames, and then there is our main c...
  • Evelyn
    From the creator of Soul Eater: It's Fire Force!Humanity is under siege from a strange affliction: Spontaneous Human Combustion.When they combust, they become monsters called Infernals, wreak havoc, attack citizens, etc.Eventually humanity evolved to combat the Infernals. Some can control fire. Some can create their own fire and use it like a super power.The hero is one of the latter with a strange facial quirk and a nickname to match.I quite enj...
  • Amber
    I think this was a very solid first volume. I really enjoyed how fun and unique the story was. I will definitely be checking out the rest of this series. I would say my rating is more of a 4.5 stars, and I really wavered between giving it a five stars. I think there was only one thing that threw me off in this volume, the girl at the very end. Other than her the characters are awesome!
  • Amy
    I guess the mangaka's art style has improved? I love this one more than soul eater. I'm still wary with the protagonist, he is just nice, but I'm more interested in other characters, especially the captain. 3 stars! gonna continue this series.Re-read review:This has potential, in my opinion.
  • Crimson Splash
    A pretty good shonen manga with a unique premise, an interesting subversion of tropes, and well paneled fight scenes. Hopefully it stays this consistent.
  • Adam
    This was a fun read. A lot better than I expected, most especially considering Ohkubo had created Soul Eater... Which I was not a huge fan of. I will certainly continue to read this!
  • Noctober
    Good writing, good characters, fun art, original concept. Refreshing.
  • Thomas Maluck
    A new magic world from the creator of Soul Eater, but the pervy bits feel very out of place. Way to lose me, Ohkubo.
  • Stephanie
    Le début d'une histoire intéressante, avec une groupe des protagonistes excentrique - ce qui est logique, étant donné qu'ils se battent contre les "torches humains" - des victimes de la combustion spontanée. Dans ce monde, cependant, il y a plus que le science pour expliquer la combustion spontanée: en fait, dès que quelqu'un devient un torche humain, il devient comme un être vivant de feu, sans raison, sans logique, sans la plupart de se...
  • AnaisCouloigner
    Un shonen qui n'apporte pour l'instant rien de nouveau dans le monde du manga (j'attends de lire les prochains tomes pour - j'espère - changer d'avis). L'intrigue et surtout les dialogues m'auraient poussé à le conseiller à partir de 10 ans s'il n'y avait pas eu toutes ces allusions perverses et les images qui vont avec... Je suis TRES partagée !
  • Hana Eka
    Unik, lucu dan segar.Manga dari mangaka Soul Eater!Suka karena tokoh utamanya bukan anak nakal.Kadang punya senyum setan hanya karena gugup. Oh, boy xD9
  • Arthur
  • Dominique
    Love it!!!!
  • Kahlil Kinser
    Interesting characters but the story's pacing feels disjointed and off, a problem that continues through most of the series.
  • Eienblog
    Un shonen au sens le plus classique du terme, mais pas dénué d’intérêt.
  • Vi
    good story. too much ecchi. oh well.
  • Rita Mar
    love the art and I loved Soul Eater, but I'm just not clicking with this story.