by Han Kang


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Release DateMay 25th, 2016
GenrePoetry, Literary Fiction, Fiction

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  • Eric Anderson
    It’s been thrilling to see the recent high acclaim and popularity for Han Kang’s powerful distinctive writing. She won the Man Booker International Prize in 2016 for “The Vegetarian” and her novel “Human Acts” is one of the most devastating portrayals of the victims and survivors of mass warfare that I’ve read. Even though she’s been publishing fiction in her native South Korea since 1995, Kang’s writing has only recently been m...
  • Suraj Kumar
    ‘The White Book’ is the haunting story of the narrator’s stay at Warsaw- a city with a violent past. While making out in this broken city, the narrator is reminded of her elder sister, who died after two hours of being born. Every white thing, that she encounters, brings alive the ghost of her sister.The author begins by providing a list of white things. Then she goes on to tell her story by focusing on each the things in the list. She tell...
  • Kevin (sumptuousbooks)
    Rating: 3,5 out of 5 starsSurprisingly found this one today in the bookstore. Quite different from Kang’s other books but still lovely. RTC soon
  • Oryx
    Got no words, dere ain't no words, for the underwhelming words, the words I just heard, in my head. (Some of the prose was sublime; the writing light and soft as a lullaby... but sometimes it switched like Iron & Wine skipping to Parkway Drive, the images unsettling as an infant child locking their jaw on razor wire.) I don't know what I'm saying. 3.678
  • Hannah
    Han Kang’s, The White Book, is an ode to stillness, to loss and to the pale, cool beauty of winter. Exploring boundaries between the cold and the warm, the past and the present, the dark and the light, The White Book is ultimately a meditation on life and death. Much more poetic in style than her other works yet her language, as ever, is achingly elegant, delicate and precise. I had imagined Ali Smith’s, ‘Winter’, to be my literary compan...
  • Nick
    Beautiful prose poetry. A meditation on life, death and the colour white. She's an extraordinary writer.