The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

The Keeper of Lost Things

A charming, clever, and quietly moving debut novel of of endless possibilities and joyful discoveries that explores the promises we make and break, losing and finding ourselves, the objects that hold magic and meaning for our lives, and the surprising connections that bind us.Lime green plastic flower-shaped hair bobbles—Found, on the playing field, Derrywood Park, 2nd September.Bone china cup and saucer-Found, on a bench in Riveria Public Gard...

Details The Keeper of Lost Things

TitleThe Keeper of Lost Things
Release DateFeb 21st, 2017
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Fantasy

Reviews The Keeper of Lost Things

  • Paromjit
    This is a delightful, charming, and comic read set in London and Brighton which I adored. Laura is a divorced and broken woman for whom intimacy has proved to be a disappointment. She finds employment as housekeeper and assistant to writer Anthony Peardew, who experienced heartbreak with the loss of his beloved Therese on his wedding day. That event has coloured and haunted his entire life, with guilt over a broken promise, a lost communion medal...
  • Esil
    Charming, light and whimsical are the words I would use to describe The Keeper of Lost Things. Set in England, the story features two parallel stories that ultimately come together quite nicely. One story features middle aged Laura who inherits a house full of lost objects which she is tasked with reuniting with their owners. The other story features the lengthy unlikely friendship between Eunice and Bomber. What makes this one good are the detai...
  • Phrynne
    This book was a real pleasure to read. It had a bit of everything, romance, ghostly presences, magic, mystery and clever literary references being just some. I enjoyed all of the characters especially Sunshine with her quirky speech and odd ways. Two main stories alternate and meander gently through the book, interspersed with lovely anecdotes about the lost things. Some of these are quite sharp and counteract the general sweetness of the book. M...
  • Amanda
    "It had been in his pocket as he stood waiting for Therese on the corner of Great Russell Street. But she never came, and by the time he got home that day, he had lost them both. He went back to look for the medallion. He searched the streets and gutters, but he had known that it was a hopeless task. It was as though he had lost her twice. It was the invisible thread that would have connected him to her even after she was gone, but now it was bro...
  • Pauline
    The Keeper of Lost Things was very different from the books I usually read. It had a lot of different storylines and characters. Some of the characters were very likeable and my favourite character was Sunshine. I would like to thank NetGalley and John Murray Press for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
  • I read novels
    A ray of sunshine of a novel. Beautifully written. Every character I cared about. I highly recommend to contemporary readers as the whole story just pulls you in.
  • Alena
    I was so drawn to the premise of this book -- a man mourning the loss of the love of his life collects lost objects, hoping to reunite them with their owners, meanwhile writing short stories about each object. So much potential there.It started off with charm but quickly fell apart into disjointed parallel storylines, with so many plot contrivances I was groaning. Add the ancillary characters who were only there to move the plot and by the time t...
  • Mandy Radley
    I absolutely loved this book. A perfect read, especially when laid on a sun lounger. Highly recommended
  • Steve Walsh
    I was sent a copy of The Keeper of Lost Things by Goodreads, which means that it is a shame that I feel duty bound to put up a review of this book. I pretty much knew from paragraph one that I wasn’t going to like it. It is the worst book I have read in a long, long time, and certainly the worst book I have finished. The most complimentary word I can find to describe it is ‘cute’. Everything about it is cute, every stereotyped character is ...
  • Anne
    The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan is published in hardback by Two Roads Books on 26 January 2017, and is the author's debut novel.Every now and again, a book comes along that can make the reader laugh out loud and then cry within just a couple of pages. The Keeper of Lost Things is one of those books. I have been absolutely entranced by it for the past few days.Anthony Peardew is the keeper of lost things. He has spent most of his life pick...
  • G.J.
    This is a wonderful book, when I read the first few pages I was really not sure, I came across a couple of sentences which I thought "oh no, not dozens of adjectives to just describe one thing" BUT as the story progressed I settled into it and thoroughly enjoyed it. There are so many stories within the book but this doesn't distract from the pleasure of reading it, it enhances it . The variety of characters are by turn entertaining, amusing, irri...
  • Saoirse Milotte
    Laura has nothing left to lose when she applies for a job as a housekeeper and secretary for writer Anthony Peardew. Her marriage to her cheating childhood sweetheart has collapsed, her burning desire for children was never fulfilled and she has no education to speak of. Anthony’s house is like a balm on her soul, quiet, beautiful and filled with the bitter sweet memories of Anthony’s dead wife. There is only one room, the study, that she is ...
  • Nancy
    This is a debut novel for Ruth Hogan and it is really very good. The writing and story is enjoyable. The characters introduced are riveting, quirky, and engaging. I highly recommend this book and especially to book clubs. It would be a fun book to read and dissect. The main characters are interesting but Sunshine received far too little page space. She is an integral part to most of the humorous scenes but also the most pivotal. I really would ha...
  • Marcia
    I thought it was poorly written and incredibly insensitive about both Down's syndrome and Alzheimer's. Also just.... so much telling instead of showing, such obvious twists and turns, etc. Felt substanceless.
  • Maria João
    9 de 10*Que leitura tão agradável! Este livro chamou-me de imediato a atenção pela capa, confesso… Felizmente, a história que encerra é espelho desta capa: bonita, com alguns espinhos e muitos objectos perdidos.Comentário completo em:
  • Sam
    Well, where to start......this book brings down all the stars for me. I simply loved it from beginning to end. Anthony Peardew is the keeper of lost things, he rescues lost things and crafts tales about them. Laura, his assistant, is a bit of a lost thing herself. Anthony lives in a mansion and I wanted to move into that house and sit in the rose garden, with a drink that clinks. Sunshine, a magical, and simply beautiful, neighbour plays a starin...
  • Stephanie
    An eARC of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*This was generally an easy read, with some gorgeous writing, especially in the stories about the missing objects. I liked the characters, and the concepts in general, but I did feel like the relationships lacked a real tension that would give good emotional payoff at the end.The character of Sunshine was somewhat problematic for me. She's gorgeously written (I re...
  • Suzanne
    A very gentle book about a quiet house with old-fashioned manners and room to heal broken hearts. A young couple bought the house and planted a rose garden shortly before the wife died in an accident. The husband somehow lost a medal she had given him on the same day and the two incidents became entangled in his mind. For the next 30 years he picked up bits and pieces of lost items, in the hopes that he might save someone the heartbreak he has su...
  • Tracy Fenton
    Every now and then I like to take a break from the psychological thrillers and The Keeper of Lost Things has been described as a feel good book, so I was quite eager to read it.There are two wonderful and beautiful parallel stories running throughout the book, both filled with fabulous characters and subtly interwoven. I utterly loved Sunshine and her view on the world and each time she spoke her words of wisdom I couldn’t help smiling.The Keep...
  • Marialyce
    If you are a lover of wonderfully told stories where people truly love one another, then this book is ever so right for you. It is told with such tenderness of a love story immersed within two love stories. It is a story of requited love and love that was felt but never could be carried through. It was a story of people, a bit broken at times, but with the strength and love we all possess and probably should show more of. This was a feel good sto...
  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    "Time for the lovely cup of tea."I picked this one up because I loved the idea behind this story. Thankfully the execution gave me back that sense of wonder that is often lost between all the forgettable smut and violence I read. Everything was woven together beautifully, from the people in the present and the stories behind the items. It completely had me wrapped around its little finger. It made me sad, happy, it made me laugh and cry. And it r...
  • Karen
    Absolutely loved this book, it is well written, warm, funny and sad. A real treat
  • Lady Delacour
    What a JOY filled experience.This novel had everything I enjoy in it.Inherited house, short stories,love, humor, plus a Gothic element,and so much more!!!Jane Collingwood gave anexcellent performance.Other narrators were nice but,fell short next to her.And yes, I want more Ruth Hoganand Jane Collingwood!!!
  • Kate
    Gorgeous storytelling. I was hooked immediately. A review:
  • Aishling Murphy
    I so enjoyed this book, it's a real delight to read. I enjoyed the characters especially Sunshine..This book has a wonderful story line and I loved the way it takes you back 40 years to when Anthony lost a wonderful keepsake of his Fiancé... I would totally recommend this book.. it really is a good read
  • Claire
    3/5 stars (that's a "good" rating from me, by the way!)This review was originally posted on my book blog.I want to stress that I’ve given this book 3 stars – which for me is a “good” rating – because overall it was enjoyable. What follows may sound like I’ve listed everything I didn’t like about it, so I want to start by saying I’m not trying to put you off and I’m sure there will be many readers who will love this story!The bes...
  • Wendy
    I flocked to The Keeper of Lost Things like a ravenous magpie as the cover and synopsis projected instant, heartwarming appeal. Who can resist a curious story where discarded, random objects find a foster home with an author who collects ‘lost things’ while he walks each day? I just adored the care he took to label them with a description of the ‘find’ together with the date and its location before neatly storing it in its own drawer, wit...
  • Emma
    This book is a delight. From the opening paragraph which sets up the story wonderfully with a lost item waiting to be found. To the final pages. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I smiled. A lot. This was a sheer and utter pleasure to read.There are two stories running parallel to each other, interweaving and resulting a touching end to the book. There's the story of Laura as she tries to reconnect lost objects with owners. Dealing with her grief of...
  • Jim Puskas
    A thoroughly delightful piece of romantic nonsense. A cleverly constructed set of connected stories that in the end, do converge as they must for this affair to work out. It's a far-fetched tale that requires a fair bit of suspension of disbelief -- which as a reader I was happy to accept. A wonderful set of engaging characters, among whom I have to especially mention "dancing drome" Sunshine, probably the most endearing of the lot.For a first no...