Snow Sisters! by Kerri Kokias

Snow Sisters!

Two sisters enjoy a snow day in their own unique ways. The first sister’s story presents itself on the left panel of each spread, and the second sister’s story unfolds on the right. In this uniquely structured book, both sisters’ stories are told with the exact same words, only in opposite order. Kerri Kokias has created a multilayered story using deceptively simple text, with the story truly being revealed in Teagan White’s sweetly detai...

Details Snow Sisters!

TitleSnow Sisters!
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
PublisherAlfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books

Reviews Snow Sisters!

  • Monica Clark-Robinson
    This book just made me so happy. It made me want hot chocolate, a snow day, and a sister, maybe in that order. It's just so sweet and lovely and nostalgic. I also really like how the sisters are uniquely drawn individuals and not just little copies of each other. Both the text and the illustrations are a delight. And now, after writing this review, I really, really want hot chocolate.
  • Hannah Holt
    This book opens with a simple reaction by two sisters: Snow! and Snow. From then on, words fall gently like snowflakes after the storm. The sparse text has a lovely mirror structure that creates great discussion points:How does one sister use blankets? How does the other?What are their strengths and weaknesses?Which sister are you more like?How are the sisters the same? How are they different?The snowy day provides a canvass for painting their un...
  • Dorothia Rohner
    Snow Sisters brought back fond memories of snowy days with my own sisters. The beautifully crafted, detailed illustrations paired with the poetic sparse text flow seamlessly as the story unfolds. I enjoyed how the words repeat, but illustrations show the differences in the sister’s personalities —one wild and messy, the other quiet and neat. I’m always delighted to read picture books that have unspoken truths layered in the story. Both auth...
  • Jen Betton
    Two sisters approach a snowy day in different ways - as shown through the sweet, richly detailed illustrations from Teagan White and the clever text by Kerri Kokias. This adorable story is a perfect mirror - the story reads the same back to front (except for one line at the end), which is not only really fun, but also parallels the two sisters' adventures during the day and the ways they mirror each other. Teagan White adds many fun details, givi...
  • Margaret
    This charmingly illustrated book is deceptively simple. Spare in text, it explores the themes of sibling differences and winter. The book shows how two sisters choose to experience a snowy day in their own individual ways before coming together in the end. We get a hint of their difference on the title page with the sisters’ different sleep styles and their differences expand from there. With a child in your lap, Snow Sisters would be a cozy wi...
  • Viviane Elbee
    We loved the illustrations in this sweet book about two very different sisters on a Snowy Day. It’s a very quick read with very little text, perfect for young toddlers. I read it to young elementary school kids. It also works for short story times.It can be used to discuss the winter season and snow activities (preschool & kindergarten curriculum). It has an interesting mirror story structure, though the text is minimal - the story is mainly in...
  • Jessica Petersen
    We loved following these two sisters on their snowy day adventures! My son noticed the way the second half of the text mirrors the first, but in reverse order, and he thought the illustrations (especially the animals, real and plush) were especially cute. I really liked the way the two sisters were different and did things in their own way, but came together with such obvious love. The whole book, from the text to the structure to the illustratio...
  • Joy Keller
    SNOW SISTERS is such a clever story! It tells the tale of two very different sisters and their different ideas for how to spend a snowy day. In the end, of course, the two come together in a sweet and satisfying way. Kokias's text is lovely, and White's illustrations are pretty enough that I'd love to frame every spread for my wall! My daughter enjoyed reading it over and over to compare the sisters and their snow day activities. I can't recommen...
  • Jessie Oliveros
    My daughters and I really enjoyed this book. It was fun to point out how the same words appeared on different pages but with completely different meanings (depending on which sister was leading the page). The structure of the story was fun and unique. The illustrations are cute with such attention to detail. My oldest daughter loved that she could easily read it (she struggles with reading). I'd recommend this book as a gift between sisters or lo...
  • Christy
    This picture book uses spare, imaginative prose paired with fun and colorful art to create a wonderful story of two sisters who are different in many ways but who find their commonalities one snowy day. It's so much fun to read and to trace the opposite-order words Kerri Kokias uses in building a complete story with minimal words. The book would make a great conversation starter with kids, about sisters and people with different tastes and prefer...
  • Shanda McCloskey
    This book is a lovely one! It’s written in a neat parallel way with sparse text. My little girls and I enjoyed seeking out the different personality trait clues in the pictures and relating to one sister or the other. The kitchen scenes were especially great! I also liked the author’s choices of words describing various snow activities. This is a sweet little read, especially when snuggling with your little girls!
  • Cheryl
    Snow. Snow. Two sisters enjoy snow days, but like individual snowflakes in their own special way. Beautiful illustrations add depth to this wonderful story and help readers feel the cold of the snow and the warmth of the home. Whether an outdoor fan or an indoor fan, make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this beautiful winter tale.
  • Jannie Ho
    A beautifully illustrated yet simple and quiet book perfect for a snowy day in to read while snuggling in bed. A lesson in accepting different ways of enjoying things while letting your personality shine through. The illustrations are so pretty- with the rich yet soft berry tone color palette to the two snow sisters being so well dressed! (I think I want their outfits!)
  • Ariel
    SNOW SISTERS perfectly captures a kid's (and even an adult's) delight at seeing snow outside, plus the warm and cozy feeling of being inside on a snowy day. The text manages to convey the sister's different personalities as repeated phrases mean different things to each one. The illustrations beautifully capture both the fun and peacefulness of a snowy day.
  • Gina Perry
    A sweet winter tale of how siblings can differ but still find ways to come together. The illustrations are magical and full of fun treasures to explore on re-reads. The sparse, lyrical text adds to the magic, and playfulness of their adventures. A great book for sisters or even a girl who wishes she had a sister.
  • Kate Narita
    This is a book that as soon as you finish it, you want to reread it again to see if you can figure out the magic that happened between the covers. The double-layered ladder text will take your breath away, and the illustrations are endearing. Make sure you have a copy of this book in hand, as well as materials for building the best fort ever, before your next snow day!
  • Jessica Furtado
    A book about sisters who are polar opposites, but also strikingly similar as they make their way through a snowy day. This reminds me so much of myself and my little sister that I may just have to gift this to her someday. Text is simple but fitting, and the illustrations are charming.
  • Melissa Stoller
    A perfect read for a snowy day or any day! The beautiful illustrations enhance the lovely story about two sisters who have different reactions to the snow, but realize they are still connected after all. And the sweet ending ties the clever story all together. Well done!
  • Tara Luebbe
    Sweet book about two very different sisters and how they spend their snow day. The illustrations perfectly capture the personalities of both girls. The text is simple and a child could easily read this by themselves.
  • Michelle Cusolito
    A sweet tale of two sisters enjoying a snowstorm, each in their own way. One ventures outside to explore while the other spends quiet time inside. The girls pass each other as they swap inside/outside time and eventually meet inside for some cozy together time.
  • Rachel Noble
    This beautiful book is stunning in it's simplicity and unique structure. We loved it! As we live in a tropical area, my children are fascinated by snow and it invoked lots of snowy questions and thoughts. It made us all crave snow! Lovely illustrations - a wonderful, wintery experience.
  • Gwen Ayler
    Two sisters who love snowy days and celebrate them in different ways. One sister heads outside to start the day in the snow while the other stays indoors then as one returns from the snow, the other heads out into it.
  • Emma Otheguy
    This book is so sweet. The text and illustrations perfectly evoke a cozy winter day and sibling friendships.
  • D. Field
    This was a cute book and shows nicely in the illustrations that sisters can be very different.
  • Katy
    A short but sweet book. As I have only one sibling - a sister who is quite different in personality from me - I connected with this.
  • LizzyBerry
    Super adorable!! Good for winter, snow or sister/sibling storytime
  • Kelly
    Simple and quick. Very cute.
  • Michelle Schaub
    Teagan White’s cozy illustrations fit Kerri Kokias’s simple, elegant words like a warm mitten in this wintertime celebration of siblings, differences, and of course snow!
  • Alison Goldberg
    A cozy and fun story about a snowy day. With adorable illustrations, this sweet picture book also celebrates the connections between sisters.
  • Erin
    I love the colors in this book