Hooked by Brenda Rothert


From the author of the On the Line and Fire on Ice hockey romance series comes a sultry novel featuring a brooding NHL player who’s hell on skates—and the no-nonsense woman who forces him to clean up his act.   Miranda: Even though I’m broke, putting myself through college, and working two jobs, I’m trying to make the best of it. Meanwhile, Jake Birch, hockey’s hottest bad boy, lives in a luxury hotel in downtown Chicago—and still...

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Release DateDec 6th, 2016
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, New Adult, Hockey, Contemporary

Reviews Hooked

  • Pearl Angeli
    4 Swooning StarsI don't even know where to begin. Let's just say Hooked really hooked me. It was cute, sexy, and angsty in equal measure.Miranda Carr and Jake Birch's story is one that you can categorize as a fairytale kind of love story. Miranda is unlike any other girl. She's hardworking and goal-driven. Working in housekeeping at Dupont Tower as well as at Lucky's nightclub while studying at the same time to pursue a business degree is such a ...
  • Dali
    On sale for 99c (07/2017) http://amzn.to/2uiDmZX Sweet, fun and sexy great elements for a great read. “When I’m with you, everything else melts away. I don’t obsess about hockey or get irritated by anything. There’s just you, and that gorgeous smile I’m hooked on.” NHL star Jake Birch’s womanizing ways have caught up him and now he’s being strong-armed into dating the owner’s daughter or face the bench and it couldn’t have ...
  • ✰♊ Angie ♊✰
    Mmm-yeah... no.Nah... not great.This one fell short for me.It just wasn't working for me.I just couldn't get past some of the issues in this book.I kept getting tripped up on the ridiculousness.And I had to fight myself to finish it.(Or dance with myself, I guess.... What? You thought I'd mess up this stunning mug of mine?)But... there IS a bright side.....I'm so damn PUMPED for hockey season now!
  • Talia (Red Hot Ink)
    ARC generously offered by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review5 hunky hockey hottie ;) stars Cocky NHL player meets broken, humble woman. What's new under the sun, right? No, wrong. So, so wrong.Sure, the blurb may sound cliché, but there's nothing unoriginal or boring about this book.Let's proceed with order:Jake Birch: at first, he got me curling my nose because he was being super assholish, and got me: "ahem... am I supposed to fall for...
  • NiCoLeTa E.
    ***3,75 "Hooked On..." stars*** This is the second book of Brenda Rothert that i have read and sure, it won't be the last....I enjoyed and this story very much, but to be totally honest with you, there was something that it was bothering me in the story.... Some things were so abrupt and that left me confused at the end...I needed more explanation and more time for the solutions, i think!!!!Overall, it was a nice story with great heroes and intri...
  • Danielle ❤️ Pretty Mess Reading ❤️
    ****4 STARS****I think I'm going to have to get into hockey. I never followed it before but if this book is any indication the men alone are worth checking out!!!I enjoyed this book. Not too much drama but the right amount of chemistry, which is much appreircated. The plot is simple and expected....poor girl going through college, rich sports play and lots of really hot sex....not to shabby.Jake loves hockey, it's his life and willing to do anyth...
  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    Get this book!! It's sweet and a little bit dirty. It's got banter, drama, emotions, and a brooding and moody hero to boot.This story is about Jake. He's a successful hockey player. He's the Captain of his team and he's dealing with some emotional demons that usually have him acting as more of an A-hole than a gentleman. The heroine is Miranda, a young woman who's working two jobs to make ends meet while putting herself through Business school. ...
  • Alex ♈
    It was ok. Sexy, sassy and sweet (toward the end) read.I don’t want to be a party pooper, but (view spoiler)[ it wasn’t that good as the sweet movie, at least not for me(hide spoiler)]I would have rated the book higher if the hero wouldn’t had been so a*sholish at the beginning. My vengeful heart didn’t melt even after he miraculously transformed into the nice guy. The heroine was nice, I liked her sass and how hard-working she was. Safet...
  • Beatrice ~ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic
    I received an ARC from Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.It takes a lot for Miranda Carr to balance between studying in College and working two jobs as a hotel housekeeper by day and a bartender at night at the same time. Despite financially struggling, she's optimistic and industrious. She dreams to have a luxurious life and she'll not stop working until she reach her goal. Having a relationship isn't her priority .. at th...
  • Jen
    3.5 StarsWhat can i say? Hooked was an enjoyable reading experience but it probably won't stick with me in all honesty. Both Miranda and Jake left the crazy to other folks, luckily, so their relationship was able to proceed without a whole lot of drama. Miranda managed to endear herself to me by NOT using Jake as a sugar daddy and after reading the "let's get naked" times, I'm more than ready to hunt down my very own NHL player a la Jake. How har...
  • Perry ★TBBSisterhood Blog★
    4 Stars. Think Maid in Manhattan but the NHL version (And set in Chicago instead of NYC)This is my first Brenda Rothert book and wow! I'm thoroughly impressed! I literally just finished this book and I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face. It was such an enjoyable ride, beginning to end and I was hooked! (no pun intended).The premise intrigued me from the get go. I'm a sucker for hockey romances and cinderella type plots. This book delivers...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    Thank you to Brenda Rothert for the ARC, kindly provided by Loveswept Publishing for an honest reviewHooked by Brenda Rothert is such a sweet, endearing, and romantic story that captivates the reader with its character development and its dramatic love story. This story, featuring Jake and Miranda as the protagonists, hit the new adult shelves this upcoming holidays; December 6th!Like your every-so-often sports story, this one had me hooked! HA H...
  • Jess-i-ca ~Sometimes a Gif Witch~
    3.5 "Puck You" Hailey starsThe story centers around Miranda, a housekeeper at a hotel.and Jake, cocky hot hockey star who becomes attracted to Miranda when she is ahem, servicing his room.Over time as they are together the chemistry builds and their relationship blooms. But then we have the problem of Jake's relationship with the owner's daughter.... Hayley doesn't like the word, No. This was a quick, enjoyable read, a little predictable and che...
  • J. Grayland
    Jake Birch the cocky NHL player is forced to live at the Dupont hotel while his apartment is being renovate. Jack has some deep trust issues and emotionally has cut himself off from caring about anything besides playing hockey and getting laid, that is until he meets Miranda who is working two jobs to put herself through college and one of those jobs happens to be cleaning Jake's penthouse suite at the Dupont. Jake is drawn to Miranda's honesty a...
  • Carrie
    Miranda is an incredibly hard working busy woman that doesn't find the time to date since she works two full time jobs and is putting herself through school. While working her job as a maid at a high end hotel Miranda finds herself extremely irritated when she meets hockey's hottest bad boy, Jake Birch, in one of the suites while she's cleaning. However after finding herself telling Jake off with his numerous requests instead of getting her fired...
  • Tijuana *Book Twins Reviews*
    Hockey star Jake Birch realizes his dress shirt is missing from his hotel room. When he questions the spunky maid Miranda Carr, he gets a little more than he bargained for. Jake is handsome, rich, and cocky. Miranda is sarcastic, hard-working, and beautiful. They’re a match made in romance heaven.What I liked: I really liked both main characters and the emotional depth Rothbert delivers. On the surface you have a hot, rich athlete who falls for...
  • Irene
    4.5 starsI loved Hooked by Brenda Rothert!Sometimes you pick up a book and it's the perfect read for that moment, for me Hooked was that book.I loved the storyline, it entertained me and I loved the characters Jake and Miranda. They were likable, relatable and I found myself connecting with them both.I enjoyed watching their relationship develop, they made me laugh, they made me swoon, they frustrated me a little and then they made my heart swoon...
  • Michelle
    I was introduced to the writing of Brenda Rothert through her co-authorship of Dirty Work with Chelle Bliss, and when I saw that she had a new book and that it was a sports romance, I was in.Is it strange that I love hockey romances but have never seen a game? I can’t be the only one.Hooked is the Cinderella story of down and out woman who is working two jobs to put herself through college and her Prince Charming, team captain and womanizer, Ja...
  • Viollar
    ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest Review.This was a fast- sweet read. One that you read after you have read so many dark books and would like to get a mind-cleanse. The story guarantees a sexy alpha, a tough heroine and HEA.. there is also a little humor too.You certainly can't go wrong with this book.
  • Snow
    Surprise!4.25 "how deep is your love" starsIt was more than i expected...Review later ;)
  • Karen Mc
    "Every once in a while, in the middle of our ordinary lives, love gives us a fairy tale.”For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved fairy tales--from Cinderella to Beauty in the Beast to modern romances that feel like fairy tales. They are magical and mesmerizing, as they transport me to a wonderful fantasy world that sometimes feels very raw and real. Hooked by Brenda Rothert is a heated and heartfelt hockey romance, a fairy tale full of feel...
  • Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
    ***Full Review***5 I'M HOOKED CROWNSHooked by Brenda Rothert is a sweet and seductive, an enjoyable read that left this reader with a smile on her face.The characters drive the plot of this story and are pertinent to what makes the story so much fun. Jake is your stereo-typical sports hero when the reader first meets him: arrogant, a playboy, and temperamental. But his development and evolution as a character throughout the course of the story ma...
  • Vasiliki
    3.75 stars ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. This is the story of Miranda and Jake, two persons from totally different worlds.The story is really nicely written. A poor girl who works two jobs and studies, meets famous, rich and arrogant hockey player. Although it sounds familiar, it really wasn't. The plot didn't have any surprises or twists but they weren't needed eit...
  • Auntee
    So, I had this one languishing on the TBR pile, totally forgotten until I read a book blurb about it from Sawyer Bennett (one of my go-to hockey romance writers). If Sawyer liked it....And she was right! I totally loved it!At first I thought the hero, star hockey player for Chicago ,(hmmm...did the author name the team? I don't remember...) Jake Birch ,was a total asshat. Spoiled, entitled, grouchy...how the hell was he the team's captain. So wha...
  • Amy
    “You’re like….this freight train of amazing that just came flying toward me out of nowhere.”“When I’m with you, everything else just melts away. I don’t obsess over hockey or get irritated by anything. There’s just you, and that gorgeous smile I’m hooked on. I think I could have fun with you anywhere.”Hooked is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Jake and Miranda. Jake and Miranda couldn’t be more opposite...
  • Debbie I Heart YA Books
    Oh, how I love a strong heroine, and Miranda is one strong woman. For any woman who has ever wanted to take down the bad boy ego a notch, Miranda is the woman to love. I have to share a little teaser of the verbal lashing Miranda gave Jake the bad boy, womanizer: "Are you a friend of hers?" "No, but I might as well be. We have to stick together against the arrogant, thoughtless male sex." "Ah, so you're a man hater?" He leans a hip against the ki...
  • Kristiej
    This was my last book read in 2016 so here's lifting a glass of champagne as I finished the last page about 11:15 last night - nope no New Years plans. I've read quite a few of Brenda Rothert's books with mostly very good results, especially with her hockey books. And this one is another one I have good results with. It was earth shattering or filled with angst or anything but it was an excellent choice for the time I read it.Jake Birch is a play...
  • Grace
    3.5 starsThis story has been told before.The poor girl, struggling to make ends meet.The rich "player" who's just looking for fun.And a challenge.Even though the story wasn't new, it's still an enjoyable one, particularly under the hockey setting. While it may be too much to expect a guy to change his ways with one girl, the story still had a believable feel to it and I really liked both the H and h.Life is good for Jake Birch. He's the Captain o...
  • Janey
    Infamous NFL ice hockey captain Jake Birch has been walking the line closest to trouble lately in his successful career. He's no stranger to puck bunny hookups, in fact he'd prefer them, but it's marring his captaincy persona. Pull back, lay low and refrain from putting yourself out there, else management may have ideas of selling you..that's the directive Jake's been given.Miranda Carr is exhausted studying, bar tending in the evening, and then ...