Havva'nın Üç Kızı by Elif Shafak

Havva'nın Üç Kızı

Peri, a wealthy Turkish housewife, is on her way to a dinner party at a seaside mansion in Istanbul when a beggar snatches her handbag. As she wrestles to get it back, a photograph falls to the ground—an old polaroid of three young women and their university professor. A relic from a past—and a love—Peri had tried desperately to forget.The photograph takes Peri back to Oxford University, as an eighteen year old sent abroad for the first tim...

Details Havva'nın Üç Kızı

TitleHavva'nın Üç Kızı
Release DateJun 28th, 2016
PublisherDoğan Kitap
GenreFiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary, Cultural, Turkish

Reviews Havva'nın Üç Kızı

  • Elyse
    ZERO SPOILERS.....Am I just allowed to SCREAM to the world how TOTALLY ENJOYABLE THIS BOOK WAS TO READ? It’s soooooooooo GOOOD!!!!!! It’s incredibly- I mean INCREDIBLY ENGAGING and THOUGHT-PROVOKING!!!It’s just SOSOSOSOSO GOOD.... I’m dying to move right into ‘discussion’. Grab a ‘buddy’ - friend - group - and read this book ‘with them so that you will have the pleasure to discuss it. My poor husband! I’m chewing his ears off....
  • Tammy
    Peri, our central character, is a native of Istanbul who has a close relationship with her secular, hard drinking father and a tense relationship with her devout Muslim mother. The novel begins as the adult Peri makes her way to an ostentatious dinner party with her sullen teenage daughter. En route they have a dangerous and potentially deadly encounter that causes Peri to reflect upon what she is capable of doing. The rest of the novel alternate...
  • Sara M. Abudahab
    Elif Shafak never fails me. Every time I read something for Elif I love her even more, I can understand why some people don't enjoy her books, you have to pay attention to the details, to the conversations not to the events, and that's why she is my favorite author
  • Lucy Banks
    I received a copy of this book on Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review."I was always in that limbo between yes and no. No stranger to faith, no stranger to doubt..."4.5*I was really happy to receive Three Daughters of Eve on Netgalley, as I'd recently read an interview with the author and thought the book sounded fascinating. It certainly lived up to expectations. The book is set both in the past and the present, focusing on Peri as a stud...
  • Michael
    This is a compelling tale of a woman, Peri (Nazperi), who gets shaken out of her stable, well-adjusted mode of upper-class living in contemporary Istanbul by a random mugging event and by the responses she surprises herself by making. Here’s the effective hook in the first sentence of the book:It was an ordinary spring day in Istanbul, a long and leaden afternoon like so many others, when she discovered, with a hollowness in her stomach, that s...
  • Amira Mahmoud
    بادئ ذي بدء الأربعة نجوم هذه ليست تقييم حيادي بالمرة بل تقييم بناءًا على أسباب وظروف شخصية بحتة؛ فهذه ليست رواية استثنائية ولا هي رواية دسمة على الرغم من عدد صفحاتها الطويل للغاية بل هي رواية قليلة الأحداث تعتمد على الوصف والتحليل أكثر من أي شيء آخ...
  • Doug Bradshaw
    Now and then when you finish a book, you get that warm feeling inside, that feeling of love and gratitude for an author who has been able to draw you into the life of another person, to explore the background and thoughts of someone from a totally different culture and upbringing, in a way that can help explain and explore some of your own deep thoughts and idiosyncrasies regarding God, religion, deep cultural beliefs, the immature jealousies of ...
  • Ron Charles
    Elif Shafak’s new novel reveals such a timely confluence of today’s issues that it seems almost clairvoyant. Sexual harassment, Islamist terrorism, the rising tension between the faithful and the secular, and the gaping chasm between the rich and the poor — all play out in the pages of “Three Daughters of Eve.” That hyper-relevance is one of the reasons Shafak is so popular in her native Turkey and around the world. The author, who now ...