Sinless (Eye of the Beholder #1) by Sarah Tarkoff

Sinless (Eye of the Beholder #1)

In Grace Luther’s world, morality is physically enforced. Those who are "good" are blessed with beauty, while those who are not suffer horrifying consequences—disfigurement, or even death. When the cleric’s daughter stumbles onto information that proves her world is more complicated than it seems, she finds herself at the center of an epic battle where good and evil are not so easily distinguished. Despite all her efforts to live a normal t...

Details Sinless (Eye of the Beholder #1)

TitleSinless (Eye of the Beholder #1)
Release DateJan 9th, 2018
PublisherHarper Voyager
GenreFantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews Sinless (Eye of the Beholder #1)

  • Shelley
    *Source* Edelweiss*Genre* Young Adult, Dystopian*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*Sinless, by author Sarah Tarkoff, is the first installment in what appears to be a trilogy called Eye of the Beholder. Set in the year 2031, where a supposed Revelation took place 7 years before that brought about the arrival of the Great Spirit, Grace Luther’s world is a place where morality is physically enforced. Those who are “good” are blessed with beauty, while thos...
  • Leigh
    A compelling tale that grips you from the very first page. Not only is this story fascinating and Grace an endearing character, this is a book that incites high emotions. Faith is expected to be a journey of individuals. Each person finding their own way in a dark, confusing cacophony of swirling religions and beliefs that covers our world. Part of growing up is learning the difference between right and wrong and determining our own sense of just...
  • Nadia
    There is definite Young Adult Crossover potential here. Dystopian novels can be bleak, with major consequences and this debut novel skyrockets with great influence. Humanity always searches for constant passage; even though with this genres of novels, there isn't a beautiful endpoint, it seeks to plummet into a reasonable future.
  • Jennifer Jamieson
    Grace barely remembers what life was like before Great Spirit was there to personally ensure every person on earth lived a rightous life. Since Great Spirit let their will be known via the Prophets, the righteous, pious and good are rewarded with beauty and health. Any wrongful act is Punished immediately, and Punishment can consist of everything from just looking a little dull and ill to outright swelling of the skin and death. In this world, yo...