The Library at the Edge of the World (Finfarran #1) by Felicity Hayes-McCoy

The Library at the Edge of the World (Finfarran #1)

A warm, feel-good novel about the importance of finding a place where you belong - perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy.Local librarian Hanna Casey is wondering where it all went wrong ... Driving her mobile library van through Finfarran's farms and villages, she tries not to think of the sophisticated London life she abandoned when she left her cheating husband. Or that she's now stuck in her crotchety mum's spare bedroom.With her daughter Jazz trav...

Details The Library at the Edge of the World (Finfarran #1)

TitleThe Library at the Edge of the World (Finfarran #1)
Release DateNov 14th, 2017
PublisherHachette Books Ireland
GenreFiction, Cultural, Ireland, Writing, Books About Books, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Adult Fiction, Audiobook

Reviews The Library at the Edge of the World (Finfarran #1)

  • Dale Harcombe
    Who could resist a book with the title of a library at the edge of the world? Not me. The story revolves around Hanna Casey. After separating from her cheating husband, Hanna, in her early fifties, ends up living with her mother on the outskirts of a town in Ireland where she grew up. Her daughter Jazz has a job with an airline company and spends her time flying around the world, coming back every now and then to visit her mother and grandmother ...
  • Laurie
    This was a bit hard to get into and rather slow-going at times; a lot of characters to keep track of and not all of them were fun to spend time with. I was especially annoyed that the main character, a trained librarian, was opposed to providing her community with the most basic of library programming and services -- she was against book clubs, for heaven's sake. No wonder her library was threatened with closing. Maybe libraries are different in ...
  • Desiree
    It sure is a feel good book and I especially enjoyed the setting in a small town Ireland. It sounds like a lovely community. The ending is okay as all goes well, but I feel like there are some few loose ends that need to be tied. I guess there will be a sequel to this. I can’t seem to connect to Hanna most of the time and I don’t think it’s because of the age. There are also a lot of characters that it got so confusing to follow who is who....
  • Hannah (Lemonade Library)
    Putting this one down early. I cannot stand the main character! I thought with us both being librarians I would really enjoy this but she seems to really hate her job! Perhaps it all changes in the end but I don’t care to find out.
  • Kate Olson
    Oh, what an absolutely wonderful book for every book lover on earth! I adored this story of a public library, a woman starting over, family, friends and community set in rural Ireland. The setting is fabulous, the people make my heart happy and the storyline of a librarian saving a library makes this school librarian jump for joy. Thanks a million to the publisher for sending me a complimentary review copy of this title! Now, if all of that makes...
  • Madeleine (Top Shelf Text)
    Note: Top Shelf Text received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own!I've been feeling stuck when browsing my shelves for my next read, so I've gravitated towards books that are more inside my reading comfort zone. The Library at the Edge of the World was a perfect choice for me this month as I navigate this season of life & reading. As the title suggests, this is a book for book lovers, b...
  • Pamela
    Delightful read with many endearing moments. I found the characters nicely rounded and the dialogue fully believable. There is so much growth in the main character and the community overall, from the story's onset to its conclusion, it made for a satisfying, believable tale. And of course, the topic of libraries being on budget chopping blocks is quite timely. The downside, which is really minor quibbles: at times the flow seemed to meander and t...
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Hanna Casey is a librarian on Ireland's remote southwestern coast and has returned home after living for some time in England. You see her husband has cheated on her, so she has returned home to start her life over in Ireland. Hanna isn't your regular librarian though. She drives the library van all throughout the coast to the small Irish villages. Hanna currently lives at home with her mother and although she appreciates her, she knows it's time...
  • Tracy
    4.5 starsWhen I was a student 20 years ago I went to Ireland and subsequently became obsessed with All Things Irish. As an avid reader my reading choices were also influenced, and I read everything I could find by Marian Keyes and Maeve Binchy (20 years ago chick lit was HUGE).Fast forward to 2017. I received an ARC of The Library at the Edge of the World (thanks Netgalley) and hoped it would bring back some of that old Irish magic. It did.I foun...
  • Stephanie
    It was a bit predictable, but I didn't mind. Especially when was as warm as a knitted throw around your shoulders. The characters were familiar to me, and well developed. I found myself commiserating with them. This was time well spent.
  • Christie
    Not as good as Binchy and the main character had some inconsistencies that bothered me a bit, but this was still a feel-good story for when I was sick :)
  • Susanne
    My new local bookshop (Whitelam Books) offered a "blind date with a book" table in February -- and serendipity was clearly at work because the brown bag I purchased contained this novel about a librarian, set in Ireland! The story is set in the fictional "Finfarra Peninsula" in the rural west of Ireland, and could easily have been the Dingle Peninsula where my husband's huge extended family lives. What fun! The bold adventure proved more poignant...
  • Karina
    Brought book on vacation thinking it would be a good poolside book. The title, set in Ireland did nothing for me. Was too slow, repetitive, and would not get to the point! I love Maeve Binchy books. Did not remind me of her. The characters hardly interacted enough for me to appreciate it more and was not interested in lives of characters. Too boring. Had to quit on pg 245...
  • Shannon
    Fans of Maeve Binchy and Patrick Taylor, rejoice! There's a new Irish author in print and she's taken the best of both these others and added some style and depth of her own to create a really interesting, authentic read.Divorcee Hanna Casey is the head librarian back in her old home town of Lissbeg, Ireland, but after five years, she is feeling restless, unfulfilled and tired of living with her mother. Hanna's daughter, Jazz, is now an adult and...
  • Mike
    After separating from her husband, Hanna Casey returns to her mother's home in Ireland and soon finds herself in the middle of a battle to save her rural hometown. A pleasant story about a town coming together and the ragtag locals who stand up to 'city hall'. Unfortunately none of the characters really grew on me and the main character, Hanna, was borderline unlikable. However, it does offer a compelling view of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland and its...
  • Patty Shlonsky
    “She told herself that a letter was nothing but words on paper. But a librarian should know better than anyone how written words, moving through time and space, could change a person’s life.”After the end of a lengthy marriage and many years living a sophisticated life in London, Hanna Casey finds herself moving in with her widowed mother in the small Irish town of Lissberg (fictional), with 16 year old daughter Jazz (Jasmine) in tow. Hanna...
  • John
    Recently Hannah Casey has questioned her decision of leaving London and her adulterous husband and returning to her childhood home on the fictional beautiful Finfarran peninsula with her testy mother. Now that she employed as the local librarian, she hopes to renovate and move into an abandoned ancestor's cliffside home. However, recent news that she may be losing her job may put an end to the dreams. This novel was an easy and pleasant read popu...
  • Cherie
    It ended the same way it started, in an old house overlooking the sea. I enjoyed the cast of characters and the story line was very interesting.Emma Lowe was the narrator of the story. Well done!
  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)
    This was a cute, heartwarming story about a community trying to save its local library and the characters involved. Gets bonus points for multiple references to one of my favorite authors, Saki.
  • Shorty
    A quick, easy summer read.
  • Amy
    I have mixed feelings about this book. The writing was well done, but there was very little storyline until the end. Most of the book was about the history of the location and the characters, and a lot of it was very unnecessary to the story. The ending was a bit disappointing, because the way it came about is very implausible, the kind of ending that could only happen in a book, and the kind of ending I wouldn't expect from this kind of book.
  • MsArdychan
    Please note: I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This did not influence the opinions of my review in any way.I recently did a writing exercise in preparation for NaNoWriMo where we listed things we like to see in books. Mine included a small town setting, strong female characters, a central meeting place, and an underdog. All those wonderful aspects are part of The Library At The Edge Of The World, by Felicit...
  • Deyanne
    This is a strong testimonial to the importance of place and especially home. Obviously the author loves Ireland and that love permeates the novel. While the story was shallow and predictable, the charm for me came in the descriptions of nature. It was nice to be transported away to a rugged rural setting where a community pulls together for the "greater good" and the preservation of the culture that they hold dear. The importance of words and boo...
  • Kim
    Such an enjoyable read. I really loved meeting all of the characters in this book and wish the author would write more about the inhabitants of this lovely Irish town (and surrounding area). My favorite was Fury O'Shea what a name! All in all a great relaxing book that would make a perfect lazy day read. Lose yourself in this lovely Irish town.
  • Alva
    This is a gorgeous Irish story about Hanna, Mary, Jazz, Fury and their supporting cast in fictional Finfarran. A sparkling tale of determination and goodness with a real sense of family and home. Wonderful storytelling by Felicity Hayes-McCoy who's working on a sequel and I for one can't wait!
  • Becky
    I once read that the greatest compliment a reviewer can give a book is that they feel they have “stepped into” the book. If that’s true, I now live in Ireland!
  • Gaele
    Some twenty-odd years earlier, Hanna Casey fled the oppressing and limiting Finfarran peninsula heading for London and dreams to work with art, maintaining library collections. But, a whirlwind romance and subsequent pregnancy led to a marriage. With the loss of that pregnancy and a decade-later birth of her daughter, she thought her life complete. But, when the realization came that her now ex-husband had a long-standing affair with a family fri...
  • Mrs. Tongate
    I'm always a sucker for a librarian or a bookstore read. After reading, I now just want to live in Ireland, have goats, and a house on a cliff with ocean view. Since I'm not headed to Ireland, I guess Kentucky Soaps and Such in Stanford, Ky. will have to do with their goat milk products. Sweet read!Story behind: Author conceived the idea over lemon drizzle cake that an Irish librarian gives up her career for love and 25 years later, discovers tha...
  • Mary
    I picked up this book because it had a book on the cover, it had Library in the title and the description mentioned Ireland - how could I resist? And I'm glad I didn't.Hanna is the head librarian living in a little village on the West Coast of Ireland. She's divorced from a slime who made her feel like she didn't deserve a divorce settlement so she's living with her mother, her very negative, opinionated mother. Her daughter blames her for the di...
  • Carol (Reading Ladies)
    Character driven with a lovely sense of place, Library at the Edge of the World is a well written yet slow paced read. By the time a reader sees any engaging plot development one is 60% into the book. This was more time than I usually give a story and I was experiencing impatience and boredom......thus 3 stars. The last couple of chapters has some engaging action and I would rate the last part of the book 3.5 stars. Although I appreciate well dev...