Extinction Aftermath (The Extinction Cycle, #6) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Extinction Aftermath (The Extinction Cycle, #6)

Team Ghost returns for the thrilling sixth installment of the bestselling, award-winning & top-rated Extinction Cycle series. A new monster emerges...Newly christened as the leader of Delta Force Team Ghost, Master Sergeant Joe Fitzpatrick arrives in Normandy over seventy years after Allied Forces joined the fight against the Nazis. The war to free survivors and eradicate pockets of adult Variants and their offspring is underway by the Unified Eu...

Details Extinction Aftermath (The Extinction Cycle, #6)

TitleExtinction Aftermath (The Extinction Cycle, #6)
Release DateOct 6th, 2016
PublisherNicholas Sansbury Smith
GenreHorror, Zombies, Fiction, War, Military, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews Extinction Aftermath (The Extinction Cycle, #6)

  • Michael Hicks
    Odds are, if you’re reading a review of this sixth installment in Nick Smith’s popular Extinction Cycle series, you’re already a fan and I won’t be able to tell you much you don’t already know. If you’ve not yet picked up any of these books, and provided that military horror thriller creature features are your bag, then you’ll want to stop here and proceed directly to the first book in this series, Extinction Horizon.Extinction Afte...
  • Karen
    I give this 4.5 stars with the half taken off because I found it to be a little to wordy. I love Nick's writing but he can go on sometimes and make me wish he could use fewer words to describe his situations. I am also not a fan of cliff hangers but sometimes you deal just because you know it will be resolved eventually. My people are still moving forward and continuing to grow and thrive, the location has also grown in its scope though not alway...
  • Kate
    Okay-just when you think the world has hope of defeating the monsters, more diabolical twists and turns leave you hanging on the edge of your seat! This one is just like all the amazing others-tons of action and suspense, you are rooting for your favorites and stunned by all the horror. I literally have pre-ordered Extinction War because I cannot wait to read the next one!
  • Cheryl
    The EXTINCTION CYCLE carries on - crazier than everI was thrilled when I heard a few months ago that author Nick Smith was going to continue with the EXTINCTION CYCLE series. I had finished with book 5 of the series - EXTINCTION END - and was already having withdrawal symptoms - and definitely wanting to know more about what happened to the world.This book started with the action on page one and it did NOT let up. It kept my pulse racing, that's ...
  • Aletia
    This book exceeds any expectations I may have had. Reading Extinction Aftermath on my Kindle reader, I was so engrossed in the story, and the writing, that when it was time to stop reading I went to look for a bookmark :D I like the new monsters, but I'm sad that some people can't remain safe in their family life. I hate the evil that is out there, but I really enjoy reading how NSS puts it in play. I'm excited to see if we save Europe, and what ...
  • Katrin
    Bei der Reihe sollte einem auch keiner ans Herz wachsen. :(
  • Sabrina
    The Extinction Cycle continues and it rocks!As Beckham recovers, the Delta Ghost team keeps up the fight. But the Variants have their own surprises for the surviving human race....and survivors might not just be fighting the monsters created....This is a fantastic sixth book in the Extinction Cycle series. The life-altering obstacles, the unimaginable danger, and the frantic pace make this a definite 'stay up late for another chapter' book. One n...
  • BookLoversLife
    Wow, I'm speechless!!!! I have read and loved every single one of these books and couldn't wait for this one, well the author has surpassed himself with it. It was breathtakingly brilliant. So many emotions while reading!!!!So this one sees Team Ghost, with Fitz at the helm, taking their efforts to Europe. They have made contact with some people in France and set off to help, but Europe is overrun with not only Juveniles, but Adult Variants. Plus...
  • Loretta
    Nicholas Sansbury Smith has done it again. Team Ghost has returned and is ready for duty. Extinction Aftermath is then next thrilling and addictive instalment in the Extinction cycle series. I was so excited to find out that Nicholas Sansbury Smith would be writing another book in his brilliant Extinction Cycle series. I made sure that I pre-ordered myself a copy quick smart. This series is in my top series of all time and I have adored each addi...
  • Nikki
    Go figure I’d give another Sansbury Smith novel 5 stars. I just love his blend of sci-fi and horror and his ability to be so descriptive but not to the point of boredom. I was a little nervous starting this book given that I’ve gotten so close to the Beckham and Lovato as the main characters of the story, and Beckham being the leader of Team Ghost. In this installment we see Fitz take of the mantel and provide a whole new Ghost team to get be...