The Kremlin's Candidate (Red Sparrow Trilogy #3) by Jason Matthews

The Kremlin's Candidate (Red Sparrow Trilogy #3)

In the final, thrilling installment of the Red Sparrow Trilogy, Russian counterintelligence chief Dominika Egorova and her lover, CIA agent Nate Nash, must find a Russian agent about to be appointed to a very high office in the US government.With a plot ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, Jason Matthews’s high-powered, seductive third novel not only continues the dangerous entanglements of Dominika and Nate but reveals with chilling authenticit...

Details The Kremlin's Candidate (Red Sparrow Trilogy #3)

TitleThe Kremlin's Candidate (Red Sparrow Trilogy #3)
Release DateFeb 13th, 2018
GenreFiction, Spy Thriller, Espionage, Cultural, Russia, Thriller, Mystery

Reviews The Kremlin's Candidate (Red Sparrow Trilogy #3)

  • Christine
    The Kremlin’s Candidate concludes the fabulous Red Sparrow spy trilogy. I have spent the last week in the company of Nate and Dominika, slowly falling in love with this complex and global tale of espionage. Red Sparrow and Palace of Treason must be read before The Kremlin’s Candidate. They all follow on beautifully from each other and establish a base of characters in the Russian intelligence service and the American CIA.I must admit that I f...
  • Greville Waterman
    I put this book down with great regret and - without giving away any spoilers - not a few tears as well.This is the final part of the great trilogy of novels relating the relationship between Nate (or Neyt), Nash and Colonel Dominika Egorova, the FSB Counter Intelligence chief who has been a CIA asset for many years.The author's working knowledge of the espionage game is again apparent and shines through and the book is relentless in its exciteme...
  • Ron S
    Retired CIA officer Jason Matthews wraps up his Red Sparrow trilogy centered around Russian counterintelligence agent Dominika Egorova. The first two books received high critical praise and comparisons to le Carre; the plot is plausible, the characters compelling. Unfortunately, the seeming sheer implausibility of the current U.S. political climate is such that fiction with authenticity seems dull by comparison. A movie version of Red Sparrow, th...
  • Darren
    I won this as a arc as part of a good reads giveaway. I enjoyed reading it. It is my first book by this author. It is the third book in this series. I will have to look up the other two from my local library as I didn't read them yet. It had a good story to it. I look forward to reading the other two books in this trilogy.
  • ashley | citygirlscapes
    ( 3.5 - 4 ) Review to come.
  • Steve
    Jason Matthews has concluded the Red Sparrow trilogy in a masterly way, producing a pulse-quickening plot, some compelling new characters and a denouement that is satisfying if a bit morose.In addition to his previously demonstrated mastery of spy tradecraft and the Russian idiom, Matthews throws in some choice Mandarin phrases and some Sparrow techniques that would make Dr. Ruth blush. Best of all, Vladimir Valdimirovich Putin is firmly placed i...
  • Marissa
    Goodreads Win Advance Reader’s EditionAn exciting spy thriller where you are not sure who works for who.We meet Dominika a Russian Sparrow spy who is secretly working for the Americans and the CI. She lives a perilous existence since one little misstep would land her back in Russia dead. Along the way, she falls for an American spy who is supposedly spying for the Russians.Enter a world of high power intelligence where you cannot trust anyone c...
  • Boris Feldman
    Third in a Russian spy series. The story is quite engaging. The editing is atrocious. I read this as an ARC and am hopeful that someone at the publisher will intervene and slice the excess prose and gratuitous Putin boudoir scenes like a counter-man at a goyische deli stripping the fat off a pastrami brisket.