The Traitor's Game (The Traitor's Game, #1) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The Traitor's Game (The Traitor's Game, #1)

Nothing is as it seems in the kingdom of Antora. Kestra Dallisor has spent three years in exile in the Lava Fields, but that won't stop her from being drawn back into her father's palace politics. He's the right hand man of the cruel king, Lord Endrick, which makes Kestra a valuable bargaining chip. A group of rebels knows this all too well - and they snatch Kestra from her carriage as she reluctantly travels home.The kidnappers want her to retri...

Details The Traitor's Game (The Traitor's Game, #1)

TitleThe Traitor's Game (The Traitor's Game, #1)
Release DateFeb 27th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews The Traitor's Game (The Traitor's Game, #1)

  • Hailey (HaileyinBookland)
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    Release date: February 27, 2018 "Life doesn't give us what we want. It gives us what we need and asks what we will do with it." Oh, this was so much fun. It reminded me a bit of Ruined by Amy Tintera meets The Winner's Trilogy with hints of The Cadet of Tildor, the Mistborn trilogy, Roar, Red Queen, The False Prince, and a lot of YA fantasy books where a wealthy, sheltered girl has to deal with the consequences that come with truth and then joins...
  • Jennifer Nielsen
    Yes, I'm biased, but I hope readers will love this book as much as I do. I adore Kestra's fire, intelligence, and desire to do the right thing - something that isn't always clear to her. I love Simon's dedication, courage, and devotion to the causes he cares about. And I'm fascinated by these two characters who are working their way toward the truth, but coming to it from completely different angles.If you read this and like it, then I also hope ...
  • Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔
    Rating ~2.5 While, there wasn’t anything particularly bad about this, there also wasn’t anything particularly good or memorable about it either. *Review to Come*
  • jv poore
    Today's the day! Another brilliantly beautiful book by Ms. Nielsen is available, and it is amazing.Abruptly abandoning her beloved Lava Fields, based solely on a demand from her paternal parental unit, is aggravating. The fact that it’s been three years and no reason was given for the reunion, is infuriating. When Kestra’s security carriage is attacked on the journey home, she flips from frustrated to fiercely furious, forgetting all about fe...
  • C.P. Cabaniss
    I really hate how this read ended up for me. The False Prince is one of my favorite novels, so I was very excited to get into another fantasy by Jennifer Nielsen. Unfortunately, this one did not work.DNF at page 266 of 388.I received a signed ARC of this at Yallfest in 2017.I was really excited to get into this book. I didn't even really know what it was about, aside from sparse descriptions, but it sounded like a lot of fun. And what I have appr...
  • Samantha
    Kestra is spoiled, reckless, whiny, headstrong, rude, selfish and by page 110 I loved her. She is a flawed character, due to upbringing, but by no means dumb. Her quick wit, cunningness is reminiscent of Meghan Whalen turner’s Queen’s Thief (though really no one can really compare to Gen). I did not enjoy this book as much as I did the False Prince, but it did have its moments. There were some good plot twists and the action rolled along pret...
  • Meekachii
    Maybe a 1.5 out of 5? I'm honestly disappointed in this book. I wanted so much to like it but had so many issues. the only saving grace for this book was the part right before the end, which I almost didn't make it to, because I came so close to DNFing this book. I was honestly shocked to find that this author has written so many other novels before this because I kept thinking throughout this book that it was written very poorly. The characters ...
  • Erin
    For more of my reviews, visit my blog As the Book Ends or follow me on my Bookstagram!I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewMy Rating: 3.5 StarsHappy Tuesday, chums! Who loves a good hate to love romance? Oh, yes, that’s me. It is absolutely my favorite trope. Of all time. The problem with this favorite trope of mine? It’s almost impossible to get just right. If the characters give in too soon, you won’t believe tha...
  • Alexa
    Well, to be honest: If I hadnt read this book all at once, this probably would have ended as a DNF for me. I kept reading through the first half to see if my predictions were right and as I said only finished it because I kept going then. I really wanted to like this book because people compared it to Ruined and The Winner's Curse, but for me, the whole concept didnt work at all. My two major issues with this book were a) the tropes and b) the im...
  • Vikki Herrett
    this book just keeps you turning from cover to cover . great plot and relatable characters , just keeps you wanting little more . loved this one .
  • Lila (Hardcover Haven)
    hahahahaha NOPE! i can't do it anymore--DNF at 30%this was so heavy-handed, cliche, and overdramatic that it became truly ridiculous. it was instalove TO THE MAX (!!!) with a near kiss at approximately 20%! not only that, but kestra begins to question her life-long, ingrained beliefs about politics after one incredibly MINOR brush with a girl in the market who tries to steal food. further, kestra's always super smug about being "smart," but i swe...
  • Evangeline
    I received an ARC of The Traitor’s Game at YALLfest, 2017.SPOILERS!!!! (Though honestly if you’ve read about 5 YA books you can predict this entire book)Hi, yes this book kinda sucked.I feel like the author sat down with a checklist of all the YA tropes that exist and just followed that checklist until the end.1. Celaena Sardothian protagonist ✔2. Broody love interest with dark past ✔3. Evil supreme leader who is evil because... evil. ✔...
  • Kayla
    This novel was one of my most highly anticipated of 2018’s releases and I’m so thrilled to be a part of the blog tour to celebrate it’s release! Scholastic was kind enough to send me a copy for review so I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you!This novel is packed with the classic elements of a great fantasy tale – mysterious family secrets, unknown family bloodlines, a prophecy depicting the future of a nation of people, an evil ov...
  • Mindy
    Jennifer A. Nielsen is easily one of my favorite authors and she has worked her magic again with this book. The Traitor's Game is absolutely amazing. The story is fast-paced, action packed, with a touch of romance. Kestra is a tough, smart heroine whose story will leave you guessing until the last page. She is a fantastic character. She is so brave and cunning. I appreciate strong characters like her. I also loved Simon and the point of view chan...
  • Talia Colley
    A fun book from start to finish. A very entertaining fantasy story for fans of Throne of Glass, Graceling, Snow Like Ashes, or any fantasy series set with kings, queens and castles and a butt-kicking princess who fights to save the kingdom. And with hidden magical weapons and long lost family secrets, this series has it all! Looking forward to the release of book #2!
  • Kristen
    3.5stars i thinkI will want to read the sequel for sure- really like where the story is going. Some of the pacing was uneven and my biggest issue was that this has two POVs and I couldn’t really tell them a part in places.
  • Jaina
    This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.Any of you who have followed this blog for long know that I am obsessed with Jennifer Nielsen's books. I've been snapping them up since The False Prince first came out, and I've loved all the series and standalones she's produced since then (especially A Night Divided !).In some ways, The Traitor's Game is fairly similar to Nielsen's earlier works. She is clearly fascinated by royalty/nobi...
  • Teresa Mary Rose
    More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand LivesI absolutely loved this book. This book reminds me why high fantasy will forever be my favorite genre. It had action and danger and romance and a quest. I constantly doubted the characters and I never knew who to trust. This book truly was a traitor’s game with so many moving pieces and there were traitors everywhere you looked.I have to start with some gushing over Kestra because that girl is a b...
  • Jordan (Her Paper Adventure)
    I’m giving The Traitor’s Game 3.5 stars. This is my first time rating a book that I’ve had to use half stars for and my reasons for doing so will be explained in more detail in this review, but basically some parts of this book fell so flat for me and were around the high two and low three star area and then there were some parts that had me clutching my copy in a death grip while my heart pounded in my chest!First the characters, I found t...
  • Cj
    I really wanted to like The Traitor's Game. It's not a terrible book by any means, it's just just too elementary to be interesting. The entire plot takes the course of four days, and yet somehow during that time an "epic romance" was supposed to have blossomed. This book attempts to tackle themes like the grey in between black and white, and the destructive nature of war--but just falls completely flat. It gets nowhere close to even scratching th...
  • Jamie Krakover
    As a Dallisor, Kestra is hated by many in Antora, even if she's spent the last three years in exile. But it also makes her valuable to those who wish to rise up against the evil Lord Endrick and the Dallisors that serve him. And when a group of rebels kidnaps Kestra and those closest to her she's forced to make a choice, help the rebels obtain a blade that could finish off Lord Endrick and her family's rule, or let the rebels kill her friends and...
  • Hypable Books
    Read our full review on Hypable!By far the most impressive thing about The Traitor’s Game is the incredibly vast, unique, and endlessly fascinating world that Nielsen has created in Antora. With its rich history, mystical secrets and diverse landscape, it feels more lived in than almost any fictional world I’ve visited in the past.I was first struck by this within the first few pages, as the skeletons in Antora’s closet began to reveal them...
  • LeilaniV
    This book was AMAZING! I really thought of Kestra, as Wonder Woman figure. She's brave, fearless and can kill thousands of men in mere minutes. Everyone think she's the daughter of a Dallisor, but what they don't know is the history of her real mother and the Olden Blade. There's a little romance, but I'd recommend this book to almost everyone. Especially, people who love drama and excitement.
  • Jenny
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