Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

Hit Refresh

As told by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Hit Refresh is the story of corporate change and reinvention as well as the story of Nadella’s personal journey, one that is taking place today inside a storied technology company, and one that is coming in all of our lives as intelligent machines become more ambient and more ubiquitous. It’s about how people, organizations and societies can and must hit refresh—transform—in their persistent quest f...

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TitleHit Refresh
Release DateNov 15th, 2017
PublisherHarper Business
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Biography, Science, Technology, Management, Leadership, Cultural, Inspirational, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Hit Refresh

  • Sanjay
    Recommended for only Microsoft employees.
  • Caroline Berg
    Another reviewer says this is "Recommended for only Microsoft employees" but I disagree. This book isn't even for all Microsoft employees, for it leaves out a very large percentage us - the contractors. In fact, I wouldn't have read this book at all if my boss, who is a full-time employee and not a vendor contractor, hadn't picked up a number of these (the Employee Edition was given away on the Microsoft campus for free - but not to contractors) ...
  • Shaina Magat
    Really loved the first half of this book. Overall information was really good but it got a little too technical and regulation based in the back half.
  • Du Nguyen
    Why does Microsoft exist? And why do I exist in this new role? That was the questions Nadella asked of himself when he was offered and appointed as the CEO of Microsoft - only the third CEO in its 40-year history. Why am I writing this book is another question that I think Nadella should have asked himself.Hit Refresh is according to Nadella, not a biography, nor is it a book solely about himself. It's not really a book about technology although ...
  • Scott Lerch
    As a current Microsoft employee I now like Satya even more after reading his book: Hit Refresh. He comes across as more humble and thoughtful than any other current CEO in the tech sector, yet is just as driven and intelligent. I particularly like his mantra of having empathy for our customers and colleagues. Listen first and seek to understand before making any judgement, but be willing to challenge long held beliefs. Satya convinced me changing...
  • Graeme Roberts
    In the first half, I despaired of any value in this book, though I did enjoy hearing about Mr. Nadella's youth in India, his family, and his love of cricket, which would endear him to anyone from the Commonwealth, including me. Like all companies that have owned a powerful franchise (DOS/Windows and Office) Microsoft had lagged in innovation, and come too late to the Web and mobile, and almost too late for the Cloud. This is central to the very n...
  • Venky
    Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. These are the three most passionate exhortations one finds in "Hit Refresh" by Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft. An autobiography subtly disguised as an expression of the current cultural ethos prevailing inside the world's largest tech behemoth, "Hit Refresh" is an alarmingly thought provoking book. Emphasising his reluctance in writing a memoir ("I'll save that for my dotage"), Sa...
  • Pericles
    I'm a Microsoft employee, but this opinion is my own. This book describes three topics, at a high level: - Satya Nadella's career and personal life: from a student in India to becoming the CEO of Microsoft, and everything in between, including his personal challenges- Microsoft's transformation under Satya's tenure- Industry trends, policies, regulations and how tech companies should enable people to become more productiveSatya's story is encoura...
  • Frank
    It is difficult capture how one speaks in one's writing. Satya, however, does exactly that; he has a distinct composure when he speaks in public; he does not rush over sentences, or become overtly enthusiastic with his facial expressions; he conveys his emotions through the eloquence of his speech to the way his eyes "light up" when he is talking about his passions. If you've ever heard any of Satya's speeches, you can literally hear his voice wh...
  • Vartika
    A VERY long memo to Microsoft employees - I didn't get the sense that the book's purpose was anything more than explaining to the employees why Satya was a great CEO choice, how he is on top of knowing what will take Microsoft to the next level and how some of the initiatives he has taken since joining are all "first of its kind"/ "never heard of"/ "ones he has a knack for".I also didn't like the tone of superiority and 'look I have growth mindse...
  • Arunothia Marappan
    Satya's views on most things are very deep! He details his own personal evolution in an absolutely honest manner. I could connect with his emotions at many places and that made reading this book even more personal for me. And as a new hire at Microsoft, I found the book very informative and encouraging. I recommend it to all who want to be leaders in any technical field.
  • Gautam.R
    The book is about individual change, about the transformation happening inside Microsoft and It shows that being yourself, improving yourself by hitting the refresh button in your life would matter a lot.
  • Balakrishnan
    This is one of the coolest understandable memoir of world’s large corporation in the context of yesteryears glory, mistakes and to the promising tech’s future! Satya’s continual reference to his personal diaries make you connect better and well, bunch of literary annotations are more of a billboard stuff. A fascinating read to sum up!
  • Rajesh CNB
    For the first time in 2016 Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10. That was surprising to me as I had never seen Microsoft offer anything for free. But at that time I didn't pay much attention to the fact and happily upgraded to Windows 10 and encouraged others to do so as well. I checked out the new Internet Explorer and Bing for a month before I decided to switch back to Google Chrome and Google search. I now realize that unwittingly, I...
  • Ken Cyr
    Full Disclosure - I'm currently a Microsoft employee, so I couldn't help but to read this book through the eyes of an insider. This definitely skews my perspective... it's a conscious bias that I have :) The overall idea of the book was good, and it was great to gain insight into the mind of my current employer's CEO. However, I'm split on my review of this book for a few reasons. First, there is a lot in here that I completely agree with - parti...
  • Bharat
    Offers insights into the rise of Nadella and how he incorporated the lessons learned from his childrens' difficulties as he rose ladders in Microsoft along with his wife Anu. First half is easily the best part of the book and in the second half Nadella delves more into his vision, revamping process in Microsoft post Gates and Ballmer era. Throughout the book Microsoft's sheer internal operation machinery, peek into various departmental heads who ...
  • Ahmad
    A book by one the C.E.O. of a top company out at a right time. Get this book if you want to know:- what changes were initiated by Staya in Microsoft, especially culturally- questions that C.E.O.s of such companies should ask themselves and responsibilities they carry towards not just their employees, shareholders , but humanity, as a whole- know a little bit of Satya's own personal life and challenges (and we thought only our lives are difficult ...
  • Benjamin C Drake
    As a Microsoft employee and a user and curator of technology, I read this book to get a picture of what one CEO has to say about innovation, leadership, and change. The book provides some excellent historical context and narrative to help explain why certain decisions were made or why things played out the way they did as well as paint the picture of what, how, and why Microsoft is investing and embracing change (in technologies and mindsets alik...
  • Dan Francis
    Great insights into the new new Microsoft and the direction they are heading. It is interesting how Buddhist teachings like impermanence and empathy can blend with being the CEO of one of the worlds largest companies.
  • Arthur
    Mostly fluff. Cowritten with two people, one of whom is his PR person https://www.linkedin.com/in/jill-trac... Contains a surprising and almost worrying amount of bureaucratic HR platitudes. I was hoping for more concrete descriptions of Microsoft strategy.
  • Patrick Pilz
    If you work, as I do, somewhere in the Microsoft eco-system, you need to read this book. This book stays at the surface of Microsoft, of Satya Nadella and on Technology. It is written like a Manifesto for employees and partners on the direction Microsoft is talking, nothing more, nothing less.It does not have much generic to learn from, that is why I discounted two stars. Also, the book clocks net in at around 200 pages, before notes and further ...
  • Rahul Yadav
    Hit Refresh is a memoir by current CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella where he shares his past life growing up experiences in India and the lessons he learned throughout his career. In this book, the author is trying to show that how he is trying to change the culture inside the Microsoft as an organization to drive value to the consumers. He touched upon different scenarios ranging from privacy issue to regulatory requirement required in could serv...
  • Niti Gupta
    One of the best and fastest read books for this year. The book starts with Satya's personal journey and then slowly becomes journey of transformation that Microsoft has been under Satya's leadership. There are three reasons why I particularly loved it: 1) This is the first book on Microsoft per say. It opened up the culture and transformation that Microsoft is going through and will be going through under Satya's leadership. It showcases impact o...
  • Ryan Sloan
    I am not sure how to review this book. It was a pleasant read, but it wasn't the book I was expecting.I worked at Microsoft for a few years before Satya Nadella was appointed CEO to replace Steve Ballmer, and for a little while after he took the reins. Before he became CEO he was well-known in his role leading Cloud and Enterprise, and I always appreciated his thoughtfulness and intelligence. When the CEO announcement was made, I was excited. I i...
  • John
    I found Satya to be an articulate proponent of the role of the CEO as the Chief Culture Officer. He is working hard to flip the culture of Microsoft to one of shared collaboration rather than internally competitive groups. He wants to again reward innovation and risk taking. He also wants to look for opportunities for mutual collaboration with marketplace competitors. A defining moment for Satya was when, at a Microsoft conference, he pulled an i...
  • Igor Celik
    This book mainly comprised of two parts:1. The quest for cultural transformation. The quest and its causes can't be explained without exploring Satya's background and his personal experiences from early childhood in India, his parents contradicting views, love for cricket, the immigration to US, taking care of his son and rising the company ranks. I liked this part the most, because in my opinion it had the most soul as the technology and the...
  • Manuel Mathew
    Hit Refresh is more than 'a memoir of another CEO'. At the core, it is the step-by-step reiteration of a process that Microsoft underwent. But, it is more than that.The book was surprisingly philosophical. While the book shines light on the process of recommitting the tech-giant back to its initial objectives, it also challenges the readers to rediscover their true purpose in life and recommit themselves to it. And for those who are willing to ob...
  • Gideon
    Interesting pieces to this book but was not really sure what it was aiming to achieve. It is not really a biography. He touches his own story very lightly which is a pity since I would have loved to have known more about him and what got him to where he is now. Instead it is more about a combination of anecdotes on his experience leading Microsoft for three years combined with some insights on the future of technology and what it will hold.On the...
  • Gus
    The book has roughly two parts, both are easy to read, the latter one drier than the former one. The first part is mostly autobiographical and is a good opportunity to learn more about Satya’s journey from a privileged environment in India to becoming the CEO of Microsoft. Satya used those chapters to explain the lessons he learned along the way and the values that he is now trying to infuse in the company’s culture (empathy, growth mindset, ...
  • Mike
    I'm a Microsoft employee and I was given an annotated copy of the book to read. I have been at Microsoft long enough to watch Steve Ballmer bas the baton to Satya Nadella. It's been very fascinating to watch, and this book reveals more about the man and Microsoft's journey over under Satya's early tenure. Shortly after Staya assentation to the CEO position, I was watching a live stream where he was addressing some MS employees, and he was saying ...