Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2) by Spencer Kope

Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2)

A series of bizarre murders, the victims nearly unidentifiable, forces “Steps” Craig to match wits with the most cold-blooded killer he’s ever encountered.A pair of severed feet, stored in a portable ice chest—a cooler—is found in the house of a Federal judge in El Paso. The victim is unknown and unidentifiable. The reason the killer went to such trouble—breaking into the judge’s house—and what message he intends to send are both ...

Details Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2)

TitleWhispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2)
Release DateApr 17th, 2018
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy, Paranormal

Reviews Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2)

  • Selena
    I received a free electronic copy of Whispers of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #2) by Spencer Kope from NetGalley for my honest review. This is the first book I have ever read by Spencer Kope. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. Very quick read as you don't want to put it down. This is a story about a series of strange and gruesome murders in which the victims are almost unrecognizable. Magnus Craig (Steps) is called to track down th...
  • Timothy
    A year ago, I discovered a thriller by a new author, Spencer Kope. The book was "Collecting the Dead" and was one of the best and most unique thrillers of the last 10 years. I considered myself fortunate due to the fact that I took a chance on a book that just sounded interesting. I have regular correspondence with Mr. Kope an he is also a very nice guy. So, imagine my happiness while searching NetGalley for some titles and there before my eyes w...
  • Cheryl
    Book two in this series is another winner FBI Operations Specialist Magnus "Steps" and his partner Special Agent Jimmy Donovan are in a special section of the FBI developed just for them - the FBIs Special Tracking Unit, based out of Bellingham, Washington. They have their own private jet they've named Betsy and they travel all over the U.S. looking for missing persons, bodies, and killers.In this second book of the series (after COLLECTING THE D...
  • Maranda
    Police canines put their nose to the ground to lead them to the feet of their quest. Magnus Craig known as "STEPS" takes off his glasses to follow the neon color "Shine" that is left behind by everyone. All Individuals have their own signature color and texture making FBI Craig the perfect tracker of criminals at large. Kope has a vivid imagination and skill with characters that makes this a fascinating and quick read. Successful FBI team that ar...
  • Rowena Hoseason
    There’s a serial killer at work, whose weird signature involves severed feet, delivered in iceboxes to defence lawyers. It’s a job for one of the FBI’s special units – a very special unit, one which comes with an extra-sensory twist. Steps, the lead character, is a tracker. But he doesn’t use forensics or personality profiling – instead he has a paranormal ability to see the unique aura which surrounds every person. This is the second...
  • Kathy Martin
    The latest case for Steps Craig and his partner Jimmy Donovan is a puzzler. They are called to El Paso because a Federal Judge has found a cooler with feet in it in his living room. Steps sees everyone in different colors which is very helpful in his investigations but needs to be kept secret. He can use his ability to see the shine of a killer and, by seeing the shine on multiple victims, know if the killer is a serial killer. However, his abili...
  • Emily
    I couldn’t put this book down once I started it. I’m truly impressed with this book. It was well written, well developed, and it easily brought someone into the story and world of Steps and Jimmy even if they hadn’t read the first book. It was super easy to follow, it kept me on edge and I constantly wanted more about what was going on with IBK. All of the stand-alone IBK scenes were so well-written and suspenseful that I didn’t want them...
  • Elizabeth
    series of bizarre murders, the victims nearly unidentifiable, forces “Steps” Craig to match wits with the most cold-blooded killer he’s ever encountered.A pair of severed feet, stored in a portable ice chest—a cooler—is found in the house of a Federal judge in El Paso. The victim is unknown and unidentifiable. The reason the killer went to such trouble—breaking into the judge’s house—and what message he intends to send are both my...
  • Linda
    I love the unusual concept of being able to see a killer and victim's aura, or "shine" as Magnus calls it to track a killer and bring him to justice.In this case, as you learn the circumstances that turns a normal, caring person into a serial killer you may find yourself sympathizing with him and understanding why he did what he did.The ending is a nail biter and I anxiously await the next one in this remarkable series.Recommended!
  • Kathy
    4.5 stars.Whispers of the Dead by Spencer Kope is an innovative mystery starring a protagonist with an unusual skill that is utilized while solving murders. This second installment in the Special Tracking Unit series can stand on its own, but I highly recommend Collecting the Dead as well.Tracker Magnus "Steps" Craig and his partner Special Agent Jimmy Donovan are two members of the FBI's Special Tracking Unit. Steps has an unusual ability to "se...
  • Janie
    Beginning with the first in the series, the premise of the Special Tracking Unit is compelling: An FBI tracker who sees the aura of people left through physical contact with the places and things touched. Makes for one amazing story line.This second in the series, Whispers of the Dead, is an excellent and entertaining continuation of the first book. Magnus "Steps" and his family and friends are again caught up in a thrilling mystery suspense. The...
  • Laura
    I admit that I wasn’t sure for the first few pages whether I’d even finish the chapter, much less the book. There was something about Steps, the main character, that I just couldn’t warm to. He seemed too odd, his language too formal, his relationship with his partner just too weird. But I read a few more pages - and then I was hooked.FBI agents in a special Tracking Unit, “Steps” Craig and his partner, Jimmy Donovan, are called in on a...
  • Alyssa Marie
    This was a rather quick read and was fast-paced, and I enjoyed the crime aspect of the whole novel. Although it's second in a series, I didn't feel left out of the story since I didn't read the first installment. I really enjoy when a series does this. Whispers of the Dead was very well-written about a series of bizarre murders, with "Steps" being called in to track the killer. His abilities go far beyond basic tracking, as he can see the "shine"...
  • Sue Plant
    would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this intriguing book wow steps has a talent...he can see shine...and it tells its own story of our daily lives, and through this talent he can track and find out who what and where has been murdered or lost or even kidnapped... and along the way him and his buddy work tracking people downnot many people know this talent of steps only his one work buddy jimmy,the rest of the crew ...
  • Karen
    Terrific read. Loved it and am eagerly awaiting the next installment in this great series.
  • Susan
    When a pair of feet are discovered in a cooler, in judge's house in El Paso the Special Tracking Unit of the FBI have a new case. The victim is unknown, the motive unknown but Magnus 'Steps' Craig has a unique ability which helps him track people.A good well-written murder mystery, believable dialogue and well-drawn characters.A NetGalley Book
  • Karsyn
    Received from NetGalley for my honest reviewCompleted 3/20/18336 page ebookI don't know why it took me so long to read this one after I got it from NetGalley, and thanks to A who pushed me to finally read it. I LOVE this series and I just wish there was more out already so I can read more.The only negative thing I have to say about this book is that the murders revolved around feet. And OMG I HATE feet!! Like with a passion. So that part of the b...
  • Jean
    Whispers of the Dead is the 2nd book in the Special Tracking Unit series. I loved the first book, Collecting the Dead, so I was excited to read this book. This book did not disappoint. Such a unique plot with great characters. It pulled me in from the beginning and held my interest throughout the story. Operations Specialist Magnus "Steps" Craig is a tracker with a special gift. He the ability that allows him to see whatever a person has touched ...
  • Natalie
    Review published in Library Journal: February 1, 2018
  • Nancy McFarlane
    I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in the Special Tracking Unit series. It was a great mystery and the special talents of Steps really made it interesting.
  • Cathy Cole
    In 2016, Spencer Kope wowed me with his first Special Tracking Unit mystery, Collecting the Dead, and I'm thrilled to say that he hasn't taken his foot off the gas for Whispers of the Dead. There's a razor-sharp investigation here, as well as a fast pace, and a group of characters who are more like family than mere work colleagues.The way Kope puts the clues and the investigation together is completely absorbing, partly due to Steps' special gift...
  • Jessica
    Thanks to Minotaur Books for the advanced ebook copy in exchange for my honest review. Once again, I fall victim to not checking ahead and seeing if this is part of a series. However, this book definitely read just fine without having read the previous one in the series (at least this time I'm only one behind!). WHISPERS OF THE DEAD is book two in the Special Tracking Unit series. I didn't feel too lost without reading book one - but I will be go...
  • Susan
    It is now official - Spencer Kope is one of my favorite authors. Last year I read his first book, "Collecting the Dead," and declared it one of the best books I read in 2017. I just finished "Whispers of the Dead" and believe, even this early in the year, that this will be one of favorites in 2018. FBI agent and tracker extraordinaire Magnus "Steps" Craig is back with his partner Jimmy Donovan in another nail-biting thriller as they try to find t...
  • JaKe
    Really good read. As good as the first. Last hundred pages flew.
  • Shannon
    well this is book two in this series. loved the first, loved the second and there is only supposed to be three. makes me sad. this is such a fun series. keeps you guessing and can't put it down!!!!
  • Janie
    AwesomeI hope Mr Kope has started on his next book and that he continues this series. I could hardly put this down, same as "Collecting the Dead." Awesome. Please don't stop!
  • Al Stoess
    Interesting concept of "shine". Author writes an interesting book if a bit long.